Best EATSperiences of 2016


We have been blogging since 2014 (as EATS Jakarta) up until now (as EATSplorations). And in our 2 years of blogging, we finally have thought of writing about our most memorable EATSperiences. So before 2016 ends, we would like to share with you all our Best EATSperience of 2016! Yes, this is just plainly based on our EATSperiences this 2016 here in Manila. The restaurants featured in this post are the EATSperiences that we loved all throughout the year. Are you ready to find out which restaurants made it to our Best EATSperiences of 2016? Here it goes, enjoy!

10. Empingao

Empingao is what inspired us to write again since we returned to the Philippines. The place and the food just sparked that love for writing about our EATSperiences again. Until now, we can still taste the bold flavors of the dishes that we tried. We hope to visit Empingao once again. Hopefully, on a date night.

Read more about our Empingao EATSperience:

9. Mentore and Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

You might be wondering why UCC cafes such as Mentore and Eight Coffee Bar by UCC are included in our Best EATSperiences of 2016. Well, simply because they serve probably one of the best underrated food in the Metro. People usually go to UCC just to unwind after a good meal and only a few people know that the place actually has good food. They show great respect to local favorites and local ingredients like the Adlai, by making dishes to help out local farmers in Mindanao.

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8. House of Lasagna

This might be another surprise to most of you but House of Lasagna was another revelation to us this 2016. The place might look like just an ordinary restaurant from the outside but once you get a hold of their hot, meaty, and cheesy lasagna you will be surprised. Their fried chicken is off the charts too!

Read more about our House of Lasagna EATSperience:

7. llao llao Natural Frozen Yogurt

This frozen yogurt from Spain deserves a spot in our Best EATSperiences of 2016 because we loved it ever since our days in Jakarta. If you are a frozen yogurt person, you will surely love llao llao’s natural frozen yogurt together with their extensive line of toppings and sauces. Healthy never tasted this good!

Read more about our llao llao EATSperience:

6. Atelier Vivanda

We love steak so much and a good piece of steak here in Manila can get really expensive at times. Thanks to our Atelier Vivanda EATSperience, we were able to try one of the best cuts of steak we have ever had together with their tasty potato sides. In this EATSperience, we also shared the table with good friends which made it even more memorable.

Read more about our Atelier Vivanda EATSperience:

4. The Great Eatscape Series in SM Aura

We have learned to love food crawls, thanks to our friend, Alexis of ForkSpoonManila! Yes, The Great Eatscape food crawls in SM Aura is one of the best EATSperiences for us not just because of the food, but also because of the friendships we have forged along the way. This was a great opportunity for us to get to know other people more while at the same time trying out different cuisines and restaurants.

Read more about our Great Eatscape EATSperiences:, and

4. Fowlbread

It’s plain and simple, CHICKEN SANDWICH! In our opinion, Fowlbread is the home of the best chicken sandwich in town. It really is. We instantly fell in love with it. The huge, crispy, and tender chicken fillet. The sinful yet so tasty fried chicken skin. The garlic fries. Don’t forget their noodles and potstickers too! Fowlbread is the real deal.

Read more about our Fowlbread EATSperience:

3. Yakumi

Our Yakumi EATSperience was simply memorable. It was a great EATSperience for all three of us. Baby Eats had lots of fun going around the restaurant because of all the smiles she received from the servers and chefs. We were really happy with the high quality of great tasting food that they were cooking up. Also, it was a great time for us to meet other Zomato foodies and partners. All in all, truly a great EATSperience!

Read more about our Yakumi EATSperience:

2. Tra Vinh

This might be another surprise to most people, but Tra Vinh was also truly one of the best EATSperiences we have had this year. Thanks to a friend of ours for opening our eyes to this one of a kind discovery along the busy streets of Banawe. We tried so many dishes in Tra Vinh and it’s safe to say that we loved it all. From the Vietnamese Pancake, to the different kinds of spring rolls, to the best Vietnamese noodles in town, down to dessert. Everything was just amazing!

Read more about our Tra Vinh EATSperience:

1. Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar

Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar City of Dreams

Number 1 for us this 2016 was our Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar EATSperience. We probably tasted the best piece of steak we have ever had so far, the A3 Wagyu that literally melts in your mouth. The sides were also amazing. One of the amazing sides was the Lobster Mac and Cheese. It was filled with lobster chunks and had great richness from the cheese and lobster broth. Aside from the fantastic food, the service was top-notch too. Just the right components working so well together in making Ruby Jack’s an awesome restaurant.

Read more about our Ruby Jack’s EATSperience:

These restaurants made us love blogging even more, and sharing our EATSperiences with you all is fulfilling for us, the EATSplorations family. How about you, what are your top restaurants for the year 2016? The year 2016 has given us not just a food-filled year but it also gave us a channel to meet new people and to make new friends. We are looking forward to what 2017 has to offer, and we are excited to continue sharing with you all, as we Eat and Explore and give you a glimpse of what the EATSplorations family will be experiencing. Till our next post! A Blessed 2017 to you all!


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  1. Travihn for the win! If it’s not only far from us, I would be there with my family every week. I never knew Mentore serves good plates, time for a visit. Cheers to more good food! -Joy of

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