The Great Eatscape – Cibo, SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura

We had a great time last week because we got some much needed rest and we got to spend more time with our baby. Also, there was another run of The Great Eatscape by ForkSpoonManila and SM Aura Premier. If you read our five-part series about this food-filled event, you know what to expect in this series. The day was indeed full of fun, food, laughter and friendship as we got to catch-up with friends and were able to meet new ones. Our first stop was at Cibo. An Italian restaurant by Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2016, Margarita Fores. Cibo has been a household name for Italian comfort food in the Metro over the years. It has provided a unique dining EATSperience for diners who adore pizza, pasta and many more Italian favorites. Sounds good so far? Keep going to find out more about our first Great Eatscape stop of this series, enjoy!

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura

Cibo was packed with food and lifestyle enthusiasts that day. Thanks to ForkSpoonManila and SM Aura Premier! Our first stop looked really promising as we were all welcomed by Cibo’s huge glass window panel that provided a lovely natural light ready to complement their beautiful dishes. Get ready to hear from both Mr. Eats and Mrs. Eats as we share our own personal opinions about Cibo. Mangiamo (“let’s eat” in Italian)!

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura

Starting things off with…

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura
Spinaci Zola
(spinach and gorgonzola dip)
The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura
Crema di Zucca – Pancetta
(summer squash, cream, slab bacon)

[Mr. Eats] These two dishes signify how simple food can be outstanding. Yes, simple and outstanding may not match but in Cibo they do get along pretty well. The Spinaci Zola was awesome as usual. Really creamy and filled with so much flavor. I forgot how many pieces of toast I got because of how tasty it was. As for the Crema di Zucca, I finished it right away because it was oozing with freshness and it was super smooth. What a comforting start my Cibo EATSperience!

[Mrs. Eats] I always find Italian food a work of art. Simple ingredients can turn into a delectable dish. Just like the two starters that we had for our Cibo EATSperience. The Spinaci Zola was creamy in texture, and the freshness from the spinach and the cheese were really present. It made me eat a lot of toasts to go with it. As for the Crema di Zucca, it was not only myself who enjoyed it a lot, but also Baby Eats! It was smooth and thick with the right amount of sweetness. I would love to order this again especially for our baby.

Moving on to the mains…

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura
Tagliata di Manzo – Aglio Rosmarino
(sliced roasted beef tenderloin, focaccia, with garlic and rosemary)
The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura
Penne Al Telefono
(stewed tomatoes, mozzarella, white cheese, basil and cream)

[Mr. Eats] I loved these two dishes so much! The Tagliata di Manzo was cooked beautifully. Its aroma alone made it so irresistible! It was simple yet it had a great character coming from the roasted tenderloin. The dish was made even more special by the fragrant combination of roasted garlic and rosemary topping. The Penne Al Telefono was a work of art. Pasta was cooked perfectly. All the components of the sauce worked really well in making one rich and creamy pasta dish.

[Mrs. Eats] The two mains filled up my hungry tummy. The Tagliata di Manzo was tender and the sweetness from the roasted garlic complemented the flavor of the beef. The Penne Al Telefono is a recommendation for people who loves to have a lot of cheese in their pasta, just like me. I loved the creaminess that the mozzarella and the white cheese gave. And the stewed tomatoes gave the right balance that it needed.

Closing things out with…

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura
Tiramisu Croccante

[Mr. Eats] Tiramisu for dessert. This is how you end a meal at Cibo. Classic Italian dessert after a great Italian meal from start to finish. I loved how each layer of flavor was light enough to just complement each other in creating this wonderful dessert. Well done, Cibo!

[Mrs. Eats] A big dessert fan right here. I’ve always enjoyed having Tiramisu for dessert. But Cibo made me love their Tiramisu Croccante more because it had a good balance of all the ingredients used. The sweetness was just right and it was a melt-in-your-mouth type of dessert. I would love to have this when we dine again at Cibo.

The Great Eatscape Cibo SM Aura

Cibo was a great first stop for this edition of The Great Eatscape. It set the tone really well by giving us their bestsellers. This EATSperience just made us realize more, that, when it comes to food, simple is still the way to go. Also, the quality of ingredients plays a huge part in making superb dishes. After our Cibo EATSperience, we also realized that we need to visit it more often and just simply appreciate its awesomeness. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Stay tuned for the second installment of our Great Eatscape EATSperience!

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Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Opening Hours:

10am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000-1500 php for two

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