The Broken Oven at The Gardens, Loyola Grand Villas

Ever since we came back home here in Manila in 2016, one of the things that we looked forward to was meeting new people through our blog. And during the early months of being in Manila, we met a guy who was very new to the food business. Starting of with food deliveries, to having a stall at Industrie, and now having his own place for The Broken Oven. Marco Olives, the home cook behind this amazing food brand has grown a lot in just 2 years time. We felt like we have journeyed with him because the growth of The Broken Oven is almost the same age as that of our little girl. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about this food brand that we have come to love, as we were able to see and feel the passion of Marco Olives for his baby—The Broken Oven at The Gardens, Loyola Grand Villas. Lechon belly, Chicken and Waffles and S’mores Milkshake. Hungry yet? Just naming a few of the many dishes to love about The Broken Oven. Keep reading and find out more! Enjoy!
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