Hi there! We are EATSplorations. A food-loving family of three. Mr. Eats is Mark and Mrs. Eats is Bianca, together with our little princess, Sabine. We used be the family behind EATS Jakarta (eatsjakarta.com) but we recently made our way back to our hometown, Manila.


To get to know us more, here are some information about us and EATSplorations:

Why EATSplorations?

  • EATSplorations because we love to EAT (food) and EXPLORE (adventures)! As simple as that.

Why write about food and adventures?

  • Since we started dating up until now, we discovered that food is one of the common things that we both love. We love food so much that we decided to share our EATSperiences to others. We would also like to write about our adventures as a family in the very near future as weΒ discover more of what this beautiful world has to offer.

What’s our writing style?

  • We go almost everywhere as a couple that is why we also write as a couple. Mr. and Mrs style. We share our personal insights and our personal opinions for each EATSperience may have a lot of similarities and may also have differences. Because of this, we hope every EATSperience that we share is worth your while.

That’s it for now! We hope you will follow us in all our EATSperiences and adventures!

Mr. and Mrs. Eats