Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC – SM Aura

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

Hello everyone! We finally have the time to relax and catch up on our eating list, thanks to our school break. We have had some memorable EATSperiences this October and before it ends, we would like to share one of our more memorable EATSperience of the month. That EATSperience was at Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC in SM Aura. Since our return to Manila, we have EATSperienced lots of good dining choices in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) more specifically in SM Aura. Hopefully our Mentore Coffee and Bar EATSperience will also open your eyes to an alternative dining spot whenever you are in and around SM Aura. We won’t keep you waiting so here goes our Mentore EATSperience, enjoy!

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

Our “coffee only” stereotype of UCC has gone away since our Eight Coffee Bar by UCC EATSperience a couple of months ago. Because of that, we realized that they are more than just great coffee and pastries. And yes, they do serve great-tasting savory dishes too. The place has both indoor and outdoor dining areas. For photo and ambiance fanatics like us, it is better to stay outdoors where you can enjoy the God-given beauty of natural light and simply enjoy the BGC skyline. Indoor dining is more comfortable though because of the cold air-conditioning in SM Aura.

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

We started things off with…

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Chorizo and Peppers Quesadillas
Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Mussel Relleno
(chopped mussels mixed with shrimp, squid, garlic and bechamel sauce then deep-fried, served with spicy marinara)
Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Twisted Gambas
(prawns in garlic and pesto cream)

Mr. Eats: This was one awesome way to start things off at Mentore! Three very different dishes yet all were equally appetizing. The quesadillas were something new for me because it was packed with chorizo and it looked like a kebab because of its size. The Twisted Gambas tasted really fresh, rich and had a little bit of a kick from the green chili. My favorite among the three was the Mussel Relleno because I am big fan of mussels and this one was perfectly executed. It looked really beautiful on the outside and tasted really good on the inside.

Mrs. Eats: Since our Eight Coffee Bar by Ucc Eatsperience, I have been really confident that food by UCC is really good. Our Mentore Eatsperience was another proof that they serve mouthwatering dishes. I enjoyed all three appetizers and each had its own liking factor. The Quesadillas had a generous amount of chorizo and I found the chorizo not too salty, which I really liked. The Mussel Relleno was creamy and the mussels were fresh. As for the Twisted Gambas, the garlic and pesto cream made it really tasty and different from the usual spicy gambas. My favorite among the three? The Twisted Gambas!

Now, let’s move on to the…

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Mentore Salpicao Pasta
(linguine with grilled steak cubes in bechamel sauce)
Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Coffee Rubbed Ribs
(full rack of grilled sumiyaki coffee rubbed ribs with sumiyaki barbecue sauce)

Mr. Eats: These two were both good in their own different ways. The salpicao pasta was really filling because of the abundance of linguini, bechamel sauce and steak cubes. It was like the best of both worlds. On the other hand, the Coffee Rubbed Ribs was really something new for me. Never been a coffee drinker and I never thought coffee and ribs would work but it did. I didn’t even taste any bitterness from the sumiyaki coffee by UCC. Instead, the whole dish was silky smooth and was still more on the barbecue flavor side of things. Well done, Mentore!

Mrs. Eats: Salpicao is usually good to pair with rice, however, Mentore served it with pasta. And I loved it! Generous amount of tender steak cubes and the bechamel sauce made it really creamy. On the other hand, the coffee rubbed ribs was really good too! The ribs were tender and I liked the sweetness that both the coffee and the bbq sauce gave. I would love to have these two dishes again.

Next up, Mentore’s newest Adlai based dishes…

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Grilled Salmon
(grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce over Adlai pesto)
Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Negra Paella
(squid ink Adlai paella with seafood and crab fat aioli)

Mr. Eats: I loved these two dishes because I really fell in love with Adlai since first tasting it in Eight Coffee Bar by UCC back in August. The Grilled Salmon was simply perfect. Extremely juicy and flavorful because of its well-executed lemon butter sauce and Adlai pesto. The Negra Paella was also good because of the taste and texture of the Adlai in squid ink and fresh seafood. Make sure you try both Adlai based dishes just to have something unique and to also support our local farmers from Mindanao.

Mrs. Eats: We have come to know Adlai because of UCC and we are glad they introduced it to us. A healthier option still gave us a satisfying meal. The Salmon was fresh and flaky and the adlai pesto complemented it well. The Negra Paella was really good too. The crab fat aioli and the seafood made it even better. UCC keeps on making their adlai dishes really interesting and full of flavor.

Last but not the least, dessert…

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Mango Caramel Mille Clair
(Japanese-style waffle crepe)
Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura
Strawberries and Cream Mille Clair
(Japanese-style waffle crepe)

Mr. Eats: What a lovely way to end a great meal! I almost did not eat this because it was just too beautiful. Both Mille Clair’s were yummy! However, I prefer the mango caramel more because its both sweet and tart at the same time. Every bite just had more to it. This Mentore dessert is a must try for all dessert lovers out there!

Mrs. Eats: Did my husband just say this is a must-try for all dessert lovers out there? I definitely agree! Because I am one of those people who loves desserts! The waffle crepe was perfectly cooked! It was both crispy and chewy as it was drenched in their sauces. The vanilla ice cream gave balance to the sweetness of the waffle crepe and the fruits. I will definitely come back to have this delectable dessert again!

Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC SM Aura

It’s good to know that there’s another food option in SM Aura that provides an extensive menu with a lot of character. Mentore might not be your first choice when it comes to lunch and dinner but at least now you know that they are more than just any other cafe in the Metro. You will never run out of options here and their menu can cater to diners of all ages too. Dining with friends, family and even colleagues will surely be a delight at Mentore Coffee and Bar. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Mentore Coffee and Bar by UCC

Second Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

+632 553 2242

Facebook / Instagram

Opening Hours:

10am to 10pm (Mon-Thu)

10am to 11pm (Fri-Sun)

Budget: 1000-1500 php for two

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