Atelier Vivanda Manila – BGC, Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Going out on a weekday is such a rare occasion for us. Having invitations on weekdays and having to work at the same time can be really tough especially when a great event comes by. Good thing this past Monday was National Heroes Day. Therefore, it was a holiday! Because of that, we were able to finally say YES to a weekday lunch invite from a foodie friend of ours, Gerry of Dude4Food. You have no idea how happy we were when the invitation fell on a holiday. Anyways, it was not a regular restaurant too. We had the chance to EATSperience the world-class French bistro, Atelier Vivanda by Michelin-starred Chef Akrame Benallal. Our first ever EATSperience in a restaurant by a Michelin-starred chef. How cool is that, right? We can’t wait to share our EATSperience to all of you so here it goes, enjoy!

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig


Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

The place was perfect! We loved the natural light passing through their glass panels and their well curated fixtures.It really had the works! We were already in awe even before the meal began.

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Business lunches? Romantic dates? Family gatherings? Atelier Vivanda Manila was made for all of those and more. Whoever you will take to this place will surely be impressed. We were even able to take our baby with us during this EATSperience. They were gracious enough to let us park her stroller on the first floor while the three of us were having a great time with our friends on the second floor.

Before we proceed to the eating part, we would like to show one of Atelier Vivanda Manila’s most prized possessions… The Holstein Beef!

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig
Weighing in at 1-1.2kg and is priced at a whopping 7,900 pesos

Atelier Vivanda Manila’s Holstein Beef is dry aged for 50 days. Can you imagine how flavorful this one is? With its price tag alone, it better be excellent. Maybe someday we will get to try this bad boy.

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig
Sliced Smoked Beef Aged for 50 days
(P980 per 100g)

This one was a perfect melt in your mouth starter. Just pure beefy goodness! If we may recommend, make sure you try this if it’s your first time at Atelier Vivanda Manila. You won’t regret it.

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig
Pommes Darphin (top – similar to hash browns and rosti) and Pommes Dauphines (bottom – creamy potato balls)
Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig
Gratin Dauphinois
(Potato Gratin)

Mr. Eats: Atelier Vivanda Manila has excellent potato based sides. All three were simple yet it came with so much flavor and brought so much happiness to my starving tummy. Given the chance to have one side out of the three over and over again, I would choose the Pommes Dauphines (potato balls) because I have never had anything like it before and it was perfectly executed. Well done!

Mrs. Eats: I love potatoes therefore, I enjoyed all the potato side dishes that were served to us. Just like my hubby, the Pommes Dauphines won my heart among the others. It was crusty and crunchy on the outside and creamy and fluffy on the inside. Their homemade tomato ketchup made it even better. This indeed is a must-try!

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig
USDA Prime Bone-In Tomahawk
Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig

Mr. Eats: Our EATSperience was all about these bad boys and they were beautifully seared by Atelier Vivanda Manila. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper just to simply complement the natural flavors of the beef. These cuts might be over the budget but trying it once in your lifetime won’t hurt. The EATSperience will surely be worth every penny.

Mrs. Eats: Melt in your mouth steak. Both steaks were really tender and each were seasoned in a such way that it didn’t overpower the flavor of the beef. If you love steaks, Atelier Vivanda Manila is the place for you.

Atelier Vivanda Manila BGC Taguig
Cold Pineapple Soup

Mr. Eats: One of the memorable dishes of this EATSperience for me. It may look strange but this Cold Pineapple Soup was surprisingly good. I would recommend this if you want a refreshing dessert to cleanse your palette after all the steak and sides you’ve eaten.

Mrs. Eats: At first I thought it was just like the juice from the pineapple. To my surprise, I enjoyed every spoonful of it. It had a good balance of sweet and sour and it was really refreshing. Perfect way to end a bountiful meal.

Our first and hopefully not the last EATSperience at Atelier Vivanda Manila was memorable in a lot of ways. Beautiful ambiance, good food and great company. All those made our EATSperience really amazing. World-class quality dining EATSperience indeed! Will we dine here again? Why not! Of course, when budget permits us. Maybe on our anniversary next year so that we can still save up for that coveted Holstein Beef. Well, this is just the end of part one of our Atelier Vivanda EATSperience. We have a couple more posts to share about them so stay tuned!

Atelier Vivanda Manila

U-A8 Forbes Town Center, Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



Opening Hours:

11am to 11pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 4500 php and above for two


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