Eight Coffee Bar by UCC – Rockwell, Makati

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati

This past weekend, we visited and EATSperienced Eight Coffee Bar by UCC in Rockwell, Makati. It is located in 8 Rockwell and is just a few steps away from Power Plant Mall. Eight Coffee Bar by UCC is one of the many cafes under the UCC group here in the Philippines. UCC serves great coffee, pastries and savory dishes. Yes, they do serve savory dishes! Aside from being a few weeks old, we would like to share with you our Eight Coffee Bar by UCC EATSperience because of their new items on the menu that feature Adlai. It is locally grown and cultivated, a healthier and more nutritious substitute for rice and corn, high in fiber and gluten free, and also has sugar lowering properties. How about that for an alternative carbohydrate? That’s why we are so delighted to share this EATSperience with you! Are you ready to find out more about Eight Coffee Bar by UCC and their Adlai based dishes? Here it goes, enjoy!

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Eight Coffee Bar by UCC at 8 Rockwell’s 2nd Floor

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC has both indoor and outdoor dining area. If you want to have a relaxing breakfast or lunch, we would suggest that you pick a spot indoors. If you are into natural light and would like to enjoy some light breeze, then pick the outdoor dining (preferably towards sunset and into the night). Aside from their NEW Adlai dishes, they still serve their classic UCC menu, no need to worry.

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Ready to order?

Tara, let’s eat some Adlai! 😀

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Adlai Pesto Salad
(Adlai, Grilled Chicken, Mixed Greens, Sliced Onions, Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumber, Drizzled with Pesto Paste and served with Japanese Dressing)

Mr. Eats: Really really tasty and refreshing! I loved the mix of all its ingredients. The Adlai worked really well with all the components of this dish. It served as the much needed healthy carbohydrate in this already extremely healthy dish. Perfect for health buffs!

Mrs. Eats: If you want something light yet good enough to fill you up, this one’s for you! Perfect dish to start an Adlai filled meal for us. It was refreshing and an oriental flavor from the Japanese dressing blended well with all the components.

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Truffled Adlai Mushroom Risotto
(Buttered Adlai, Medley of Mushrooms, Chicken Stock and Parmesan Shavings)

Mr. Eats: What an amazing creation! I think this dish was made for Adlai. It had the perfect texture and flavor for the risotto. I never thought it would work so well but it sure did! If I would eat risotto anytime soon, I would surely head straight to Eight Coffee Bar by UCC and order this.

Mrs. Eats: I love anything with truffle! And this Truffled Adlai Mushroom Risotto was no different. It was really tasty in flavor and the texture was smooth and creamy. I will definitely come back for this!

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Adlai Seafood Paella
(Saffron Adlai, Prawns, Scallops, Squid, Mussels, Chorizo, Chicken and Garbanzos)

Mr. Eats: Another lovely Adlai creation! If there’s a really local version of paella, this is the one. Super fragrant dish! I also love the generous amount of seafood and all the other toppings on this one. It may be priced higher than the other Adlai dishes, but it surely is worth every penny. Must try for paella lovers!

Mrs. Eats: Upon seeing this dish I knew I would enjoy it. And I sure did! The paella was aromatic and every ingredient was fresh too! This can surely satisfy both a seafood-lover and a paella-lover!

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Champorado Adlai Arancini
(Chocolate Stewed Adlai Balls, Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream)

Mr. Eats: Italian inspired dish with a Filipino twist! Chocolate is always good but if I would change something, I would add more chocolate for that strong cocoa flavor. Apart from that, everything on this plate worked really well in giving justice to this indigenous find.

Mrs. Eats: Champorado balls? The description of this dish made me giddy! I love champorado and I like the cocoa flavor strong. I enjoyed how champorado was presented this way, however, I would love it more if the cocoa flavor was strong. But good take on this one UCC!

Other things that we had that deserve special mention…

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Threesome Breakfast
(Longganisa, Tocino and Tapa all in one plate)

The ultimate Pinoy breakfast plate!

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Roast Beef
(US Roast Beef, Dutch Bread, Lettuce, Caramelized, Onions, Alfalfa Sprouts, House Gravy, Fries and Coleslaw)

Super meaty and extremely filling!

Eight by UCC Adlai Menu Rockwell Makati
Mentaiko Fries

Potato wedges from heaven! Love the rich and creamy mentaiko sauce. 😀

We were really full after our Eight Coffee Bar by UCC EATSperience. It was an awesome day of food, laughter and friendship. We were really impressed with how they used Adlai in creating such tasty dishes. We are glad that UCC is able to tap the local farmers and help them out by sourcing this indigenous wonder. We hope that more and more local farmers will get to benefit from UCC’s creativity and generosity. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

2/F 8 Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive, Makati City

+632 771 27 18



Opening Hours:

7am to 12mn (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000-1500 php for two


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