[NEW] Mextiza Pasta by ArmyNavy

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy

Since its inception in 2009, ArmyNavy has become one of the top eateries that serve burger and burrito in Metro Manila. Over the years, ArmyNavy has expanded its reach with outlets across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. How about that for a story of great quality food and success! Over the years, our ArmyNavy favorites has always been their FreedomFries, Steak Burrito and LiberTea. Those three items have always brought satisfaction to our tummies every time we visit an ArmyNavy outlet. Last week, we visited ArmyNavy once again to have not only our favorites but also to try their NEWEST offerings, the Mextiza Pasta! Yes, ArmyNavy now has pasta! That’s awesome news, right? Finally, the Mextiza Pasta has graced the menu of ArmyNavy and we are excited to share our EATSperience to all of you!

Mextiza Pasta Army Navy
Standing tall and proud along the busy streets of Jupiter in Makati City

Mextiza Pasta Army Navy


Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Which one is your favorite?

Aside from serving up great quality burger and burrito, ArmyNavy has been known for their FreedomFries, Tacos, Libertea (house blend iced tea) and many more. ArmyNavy has always been known for the no fuzz dining EATSperience that they give their diners. Eating at ArmyNavy has always been as easy as 1, 2, 3! What has always impressed us is their–clean as you go mission in making not only their restaurants clean but also educating their diners that a clean environment is everybody’s responsibility. Talk about a complete dining EATSperience!

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Orders complete!

Our very own troop of ArmyNavy dishes ready to be deployed! 😉

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Feast for two! 😀
Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy

Mr. Eats: Thin-cut and super crispy fries! That’s what ArmyNavy’s Freedom Fries is all about. It may look small but it always gives me a great EATSperience. I will always have this on my to-order list at ArmyNavy.

Mrs. Eats: Mr.Eats and I are big fans of french fries and ArmyNavy’s Freedom Fries has always been on our favorite list. Thin, crispy and well-seasoned!

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Onion Rings

Mr. Eats: Super crispy batter on the outside and lightly seasoned REAL onion rings on the inside. This made me think twice on which side am I at. FreedomFries or Onion Rings? Well, I just chose to have them both. Must-try for Onion Rings fanatic!

Mrs. Eats: Like what Mr.Eats said— a must-try for Onion Ring fanatics, he sure knows how to make his wife happy. I loved that it was indeed crispy and not oily. And the batter was light that the onion rings were still dominant. We will always have this on our list.

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
QUErida Mia Charlie Bravo
(open-faced quesadilla with lots of cheese and bacon)

Mr. Eats: Well, well, well… I have always been a fan of thin-crust pizza but ArmyNavy’s QUErida Mia might have changed the game for me. Super thin and crispy because of the tortilla and made more special by the generous amount of CHEESE and BACON. I repeat generous amount of CHEESE and BACON. If that didn’t make your tummy grumble, I don’t know what will. One of the awesome surprises of this EATSperience!

Mrs. Eats: Say Cheese! This Charlie Bravo was a good start to a great meal. Loads of cheese and bacon that it made me want to finish the whole plate. It was that good! And I will definitely come back for this!

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Steak Burrito

Mr. Eats: Just the right size and amount of filling in this famous burrito by ArmyNavy. I loved every bit of filling that it had especially the perfectly cooked steak and super fragrant rice. The salsa and the sauce makes every bite taste even better and refreshing. Simple has always been amazing in my book.

Mrs. Eats: Good enough to fill-up my hungry tummy. The steak was tender and the filling made this burrito really tasty. Not to mention, the sauce made it even tastier.

It’s now time to show you ArmyNavy’s NEWEST items on their menu, the Mextiza Pasta! ArmyNavy made four pasta creations that feature two traditional pasta dishes like Carbonara and Pasta and Meatballs. The other two are more non-traditional as they both have Mexican influences, the Enchilada Pasta and Guacamole Pasta.

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Pasta and Meatballs

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy

Mr. Eats: I was surprised on how huge the serving was. This one is definitely good for sharing. I loved how tangy the sauce was, how al dente the noodles were, and how tasty the meatballs were. I was pleasantly surprised with ArmyNavy’s Pasta and Meatballs. What a great addition to the already packed menu of ArmyNavy!

Mrs. Eats: This pasta dish will surely fill-up 2-3 hungry tummies. The huge meatballs were cooked perfectly and it was smothered with a classic spaghetti sauce with spices. This can satisfy one’s craving for Pasta and Meatballs.

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy
Enchilada Pasta

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy

Mr. Eats: I have always been a big fan of Mexican or Tex-Mex food because of the different layers of flavors and textures it has. When I saw Enchilada Pasta on the menu, I didn’t think twice. I knew I had to try it out. Thank heavens, ArmyNavy executed it PERFECTLY. What a beautiful pasta dish! I loved how creamy and flavorful every bite was out of this work of pasta art. Believe me, Enchilada Pasta really works! You have to try it to believe it. Take my word for it.

Mrs. Eats: It is as delicious as how it looks. A innovative take on your famous Enchilada put on a pasta. The sour cream made it even creamier and all the components of this pasta dish blended well. This is a must-try!

Mextiza Pasta ArmyNavy

We really came in hungry. Ordered lots of food to EATSperience both old and new. ArmyNavy is still a food force to be reckoned with. Their classics still taste the same as before. The place still looks great. The Mextiza Pasta lived up to our expectations. Both Pasta and Meatballs and Enchilada Pasta tasted really awesome. They both deserve to be in the same rank as the Steak Burrito, FreedomFries and other ArmyNavy staples. Whoever decided to put these new items on the menu, pat your back because you made the right choice! If you guys are curious to try these new items, rush to the nearest ArmyNavy outlet and make sure to try one of their Mextiza Pasta. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Mission accomplished indeed.

ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito

74 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

+632 333 3131





Open 24 Hours (Mon-Sun)

*Check their website for the opening hours of other stores

Budget: 500-1000 php for two


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