Arla Goodness Station – SM Aura

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

Hello everyone! Allow us to greet all of you first, A Happy New Year! We have been so busy during the Holiday Season that we weren’t able to share a one of a kind EATSperience that we had. Not to mention, a very cheesy EATSperience! To cut the long story short, we were able to EATSperience the Arla Goodness Station Pop-up at SM Aura. Arla has a wide range of organic dairy products, and in their Pop-up, a curated menu of their nutritious and budget-friendly sets will surely satisfy hungry diners. Keep reading to learn more about our Arla EATSperience!

Arla Goodness Station at SM Aura

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

The Arla Goodness Station in SM Aura is their first pop-up of many. It aims to promote Arla’s line of organic dairy products here in the Philippines, through a number of dishes that feature their awesome products.

Behind the EATS action!

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

The staff of Arla Goodness Station together with Chef Deo Tayag were very busy that day. We could see, hear and of course, smell the goodness coming from their small yet packed pop-up kitchen.

Time to EAT!

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

Before the eating began, Arla’s Chef Deo gave an introduction about each set that we will be trying out. He is the one behind all the recipes, from the salads, soups, and sandwiches. He also made sure that all sets have their own Arla product as the star to make sure that the goodness is definitely in it.

Set 1: Roasted Tomato Soup + Greek Salad + Three Cheese Panini for only 250 pesos

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura
Roasted Tomato Soup with Arla Cheesy Spread and Greek Salad with Arla Apetina Feta in Oil
Arla Goodness Station SM Aura
Three Cheese Panini with Arla Mozzarella, Arla Gouda, and Arla Cheddar cheese slices with Arla Butter

[Mr. Eats] Super hearty and filling set! I loved every part of it, from the soup, to the salad, and down to the sandwich. I was already thinking of making my wife and I some grilled cheese sandwich using Arla’s line of extensive organic cheeses. Just too good!

[Mrs. Eats] I love cheese and I love grilled cheese sandwich! This set gave me a great start to a bountiful EATSperience. I enjoyed dipping the super cheesy Three Cheese Panini in the sweet and tangy Tomato soup. And every bite of the Greek Salad with Feta cheese made it even better. Among the 3 sets that we had, this was my favorite.

Set 2: Brown Rice and Caramelized Mushroom Soup + Garden Salad + Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich for only 300 pesos

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura
Brown Rice and Caramleized Mushroom Soup made smoother by Arla Whipping Cream and Garden Salad with Arla Apetina Feta


Arla Goodness Station SM Aura
Homemade peanut butter with jam and Arla Cheesy Spread and Bananas

[Mr. Eats] The salad was lovely and refreshing because of the honey vinaigrette. I loved the richness and texture of the cheese. The sandwich was a different take on a classic yet it worked so well because of the balance provided by the tart and salty Arla Cheesy Spread. My favorite from this set was the smooth and creamy soup. It was filled with earthiness from the mushrooms. Well done, Chef Deo!

[Mrs. Eats] A balance of sweet and savory flavors in one sandwich. Arla Cheesy spread gave that smooth texture while the homemade peanut butter had that crunchy texture, and the bananas made it really filling. The earthy soup and refreshing salad complemented the sandwich really well.

Set 3: Chili Con Carne + Caprese Salad + Corned Beef Sandwich for only 350 pesos

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura
Chili Con Carne with Arla Cheddar and Caprese Salad with Arla Havarti Cheese
Homemade Premium Corned Beef Sandwich with Arla Emmental Cheese
Homemade Premium Corned Beef Sandwich with Arla Emmental Cheese

[Mr. Eats] Probably the meatiest set of all, set no. 3! I loved the Chili Con Carne because it was just right. Not too spicy and not too strong. The addition of Arla Cheddar was perfect in adding a bit of creaminess in every spoonful. The salad was great as well. I enjoyed the strong pesto and balsamic combination which worked well with the sweet and buttery Arla Havarti Cheese. The Corned Beef was the bomb! I still considered it healthy because it was homemade from premium brisket and it was made more special by Arla Emmental Cheese.

[Mrs. Eats] What I loved about this set was that it had a mix of different flavors. The salad had that sweetness from the dressing and creaminess from the cheese. The soup was tangy and mild in flavor, which turned out well. As for the sandwich, the corned beef and the cheese gave that savory flavor that made this set really tasty.

Arla Goodness Station SM Aura

We had a great first time trying out not only the wonderful creations of Chef Deo, but also because of Arla’s amazing line of organic dairy products. Thanks to the Arla Goodness Station for letting us enjoy their delicious, healthy, and budger-friendly meals. Also, thanks for the crate of Arla goodies! We already used some of the cheese for that easy-to-make Arla Three Cheese Sandwich. Our holiday spaghetti recipes were also made more delicious and special because of the cheesy spread. Can’t wait to try out other Arla products in making our meals tastier and healthier. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Arla Goodness Station

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