McDonald’s NEW Mushroom Pepper Steak

mcdonalds new mushroom pepper steak

Because it’s the New Year, we will be sharing with you our first EATSperience of 2017, McDonald’s NEW Mushroom Pepper Steak! Beef patty covered in creamy, peppery gravy topped with button mushrooms,  paired with steamed rice and a drink of your choice. Just in time to welcome 2017. Sounds good, isn’t it? To all the beef, gravy and rice lovers out there, this is definitely great news. We, ourselves, were really excited to try this latest McDonald’s offering not only because it looks tasty but also because it is budget-friendly. Join us as we try this latest bang for buck treat from McDo in this edition of EATSplorations!

Say hello to the NEW Mushroom Pepper Steak!

mcdonalds new mushroom pepper steak

We got the two piece Mushroom Pepper Steak meal with drink for only 89 pesos. They also have the one piece Mushroom Pepper Steak meal with drink for only 55 pesos. Value for money, right? We were pleasantly surprised when our orders arrived. It looked so good! The patties looked thick, juicy and really meaty. There was also mushroom pepper gravy all over the patty which was really amazing.

mcdonalds new mushroom pepper steak

mcdonalds new mushroom pepper steak
Thick, juicy, and meaty beef patties

[Mr. Eats] I was impressed on how good the Mushroom Pepper Steak tasted. I loved the gravy so much! I could have eaten at least two servings of rice just because of how rich and flavorful it was. On the other hand, the beef patty was a tad too salty for me. If it was the beef patty alone, it would have been just right, but since the gravy was already seasoned perfectly, I don’t see the need for the patty to have too much seasoning.

[Mrs. Eats] The beef patty reminded of my staple breakfast favorite, McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin but with an extra dash of pepper. The patties were indeed juicy and the mushroom gravy was good enough for my own taste. This can fill-up one’s tummy without hurting the wallet.

mcdonalds new mushroom pepper steak
Generous amount of the creamy and peppery gravy topped with lots of mushrooms

Great start to 2017, thanks to McDonald’s NEW Mushroom Pepper Steak! If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet tasty meal, you have to try this one out. This one is perfect for a hearty lunch or an after work or school treat! Don’t forget to comment below or write us an email about what you think about this new McDonald’s product. Also, if you have a favorite of your own that you would like us to try, please don’t hesitate to tell us. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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