10 Most Favorite EATSperiences of 2017

2017 has been a year filled with so much fun, friendship, and FOOD. We have met and gained so many new friendships because of what we do. In return, we also gained a lot of new EATSperiences and of course, weight. Kidding aside, we would like to say thank you to all our new-found friends who were a big part of our 2017. This year wouldn’t have been so much fun without you guys. We are also very grateful for all the EATSperiences that we have had. Fast food, home-based businesses, hole in the wall, travel, hotels, fine-dining, and many more. We want to thank you all for taking the time to read and appreciate what we do as EATSplorations. In this edition of EATSplorations, we would like to share with you all about our 10 Most Favorite EATSperiences of 2017. The list may not just be all about the new restaurants of 2017. But, it’s a list of EATSperiences that were truly memorable to us this year, we hope you all like it. Enjoy!


10. 15-course Balearic Grill at Ibiza Beach Club – BGC [CLOSED]


Angus Rib-Eye Steak

Grilled meat and seafood all-you-can! We were pretty excited to find out that they already made their arrival in Manila around mid-2017 because we heard a lot of great things about their famous 15-course Balearic Grill all-you-can. Imagine stuffing yourself with 15 different cuts of meat and seafood in endless supply. Yes, dreams do really come true.Β Sadly, Ibiza BGC has already closed. Ibiza Cebu is still open, though. Hope to visit Ibiza Cebu soon!

Read more about Ibiza Beach Club thru the link below:


9. Palm Grill


The Green Chicken

We have lots of tasty Filipino food. However, it’s very rare that we hear about Mindanaoan dishes, right? Well, Palm Grill just made us realize that there’s more to Pinoy food than just Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata, Sinigang, and Sisig.Β  Because at Palm Grill, they serve up amazing Mindanaoan dishes that a lot of you guys probably haven’t heard of. The Green Chicken or their version of the Chicken Piyanggang is probably the best chicken dish of 2017. Yes, we said it. If you don’t believe us, you better visit Palm Grill right away and try it yourself. Don’t forget to thank us later. Aside from the Green Chicken they also have two other chicken dishes that will surely satisfy whatever chicken craving you have. Never miss their Knickerbocker dessert, too.

Read more about Palm Grill thru the link below:


8. Boutique Burger Kitchen’s Cheeseburger and Burger Steak


Gourmet Burger Steak
(signature U.S. Angus and Wagyu beef patty with garlic rice and homemade gravy)

The BEST NEW Burger of 2017. Yes, Boutique Burger Kitchen (BBK) serves up one amazing burger patty that goes perfectly and stands out even in any topping-filled burger. BBK also serves up a badass Burger Steak! If you are a huge fan of burger steak and garlic rice, visit them right away and be in your happy place. They also have tasty organic chicken nuggets, fried pickles, and homemade ice cream. You are all welcome.

Read more about Boutique Burger Kitchen thru the link below:


7. McDonald’s Secret Menu



This really had to be included in our 10 Most Favorite EATSperiences of 2017. The Mcdonald’s Secret Menu. 4 amazing sandwiches in their own right. If you haven’t tried it yet, please make sure you try it as as soon as you can because you have been missing out big time. Remember, ask the cashier for the secret menu because there are no promo posters posted about it anywhere.

Read more about the Mcdo Secret Menu thru the link below:


6. AirAsia SANTAN Food Fest



This was one memorable EATSperience mainly because of two things. First, it was our first time to fly out to Kuala Lumpur. Second, we met Tony Fernandes. The guy was pure awesomeness. His energy, his drive and his love to promote the ASEANΒ  and AirAsia is truly impressive. Because of his and AirAsia’s vision, SANTAN was born. This is to promote regional Southeast Asian cuisine and products in AirAsia flights. Talk about ASEAN pride, right?

Read more about AirAsia SANTAN Food Fest thru the link below:


5. Meat All-You-Can at GEN Korean BBQ



Anything all-you-can-eat is a sure hit for us, but most especially if its all about meat! This is probably the year that we became Korean BBQ fanatics and because of this, GEN Korean BBQ made it to our list of Most Favorite EATSperiences of 2017. With their assorted meat of good quality, with or without marinade, you sure are getting your money’s worth. Not to mention, their potato salad as one of the many side dishes, is our favorite! Perfect to go with your grilled meat. It may be a bit pricey, but for carnivores like us, it is something worth giving a shot.

Read more about GEN Korean BBQ thru the link below:


4. Boozy Like Sunday Morning at Poblacion Dining Room


Ensaymada, Plaza Ham, and Scrambled Eggs

It is one of the most chill brunches that we have had in 2017. Private dining room, food served course by course, cheese table and friends. This concept behind 4 creative minds (Chef Mickey Garcia – Poblacion Dining Room, Chichi Tullao – HTT Styling, Ken Alonso – Proudly Promdi, and Karla Reyes – The Plaza and La Petite Fromagerie) really impressed us. Boozy Like Sunday Morning has it all. Delectable dishes, well-curated drinks of local ingredients, and a heavenly cheese spread all in one Sunday brunch for all ages. What more can we ask for? We hope to see more of Boozy Like Sunday Morning in 2018 so we can EATSperience it again.

Read more about Boozy Like Sunday Morning thru the link below:


3. Father’s Day EATStaycation at AG New World Manila Bay Hotel



We really value family time. Despite the busyness from work and from events, we make sure that there is lone time for family. Therefore, staycations are always memorable for us. Our Father’s Day EATStaycation at AG New World Manila Bay was a combination of indulging on good food (Market Cafe, Li Li and The Fireplace) and having quality time with the family on a special occassion. Definitely one for the books this year for the EATSplorations family.

Read more about Father’s Day EATStaycation at AG New World Manila Bay thru the link below:


2. EATSplore Naga Food Trip

Crispy Pata at Bob Marlin


We never knew that Naga City has a lot to offer when it comes to local brands and local food. Biggs Diner, Bob Marlin and Red Platter, just to name a few. Each of the said restaurants has their own specialty that made every EATSperience memorable. And it was not just about the food, but also the hospitality that we have received from our gracious hosts. We can’t wait to visit Naga soon and EATSperience more of its beauty and culture.

Read more about EATSplore Naga thru the link below:


1. Teppanyaki at Yurakuen in Diamond Hotel



And our first Teppanyaki EATSperience here in Manila made it to number 1 for our 10 most memorable EATSperiences of 2017.Β  Every dish that we had from appetizers, to mains, down to dessert was pure awesomeness. The view, the staff, the ambiance, our friends and the food is an over-all EATSperience worth remembering. In our opinion,Β Yurakuen is surely at the top when it comes to giving diners that complete Teppanyaki EATSperience. Can’t wait to EATSperience it again!

Read more about Teppanyaki at Yurakuen thru the link below:


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That’s it for our 10 Most Favorite EATSperiences of 2017! 10 out of around 140 EATSperiences in 2017, that’s how special every EATSperience in this list is for us. It was indeed very tough to come up with a list like this because we rarely have a bad EATSperience. Each and every EATSperience comes up unique and special in its own way.Β  Thank you, 2017! We look forward to what 2018 has to offer, and we are excited to continue sharing all of our EATSperiences to all of you. Let’s EAT and EXPLORE our way to 2018! ‘Till our next post. A Blessed 2018 to you all!


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