[Greenhills Shopping Center] Takaw by Chef Tatung


I, admittedly, am matakaw. I love to eat. Especially, if the food is really really good. I can never say no to different flavors and textures that Filipino cuisine has to offer. And yes, all those superb Filipino dishes with LOTS OF RICE. In this edition of EATSplorations, I, Mr. Eats, will be sharing about a recent EATSperience in a newly opened Filipino restaurant called Takaw by Chef Tatung in Greenhills Shopping Center. Yes, Chef Tatung’s specialty Filipino dishes can now be enjoyed in the bustling Greenhills, San Juan neighborhood. Hungry shoppers, foreigners, and balikbayans will surely enjoy a filling lunch or dinner in his very colorful and pun-filled eatery. I hope you are hungry because my Takaw EATSperience will surely fill you up!

Takaw by Chef Tatung in Greenhills Shopping Center!


Takaw Filipino Eatery is located just at the corner of the famed Theater Mall in Greenhills, San Juan. It’s vibrant red and yellow signage will surely catch any hungry person’s eye. If you are coming from the Promenade Mall, it’s just across the parking area.


Chef Tatung’s newest baby is far from its predecessors. The atmosphere at Takaw is more relaxed, welcoming, and nothing intimidating, so that a lot more people can get to enjoy it without feeling like they would spend a fortune out of the experience. Takaw looks like it can accommodate around 50-60 persons. The chairs are in different colors, well-lit, and filled with so much pun. Yes, the place is truly pun-filled. You’ll find out more about it as you read along.


See what I mean when I said the place is pun-filled? This is just one of the walls at Takaw.


The man behind Takaw, Chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou! Chef  Tatung was there all throughout the sampling of his recommended dishes. He was there explaining and telling us on what’s the best way to enjoy each dish. I, aside from eating a lot, also learned so much from each and every dish’s story told by Chef Tatung himself.

Time to EATSperience Takaw’s treats!


Fresh and Fresh, Bes! (Php 190) – Takaw’s very own version of the classic Lumpiang Sariwa

I believe this is one of the best lumpiang sariwa that I have ever eaten. Yes, I’m calling it now, one of the best in town. The veggies were cooked and seasoned perfectly, the wrapper was just right, and the creamy garlic sauce was HEAVENLY! This is technically good for sharing but to avoid fighting over it, please order at least one per person when you visit Takaw.


I Caught You Laing (Php 160) – Laing with Crispy Dilis

As it stated in the menu, you really “Gata” have this one, too! The laing was rich, creamy and smooth and the addition of the crispy dilis gave a great contrast in texture and taste. I remember not wanting to eat rice when I visited Takaw with my KTG friends, but because of Chef Tatung’s laing, I ended up eating rice.


Nagbabagang Manok (Php 380) – Sizzling Chicken with Takaw’s Special Spicy BBQ Sauce

Spicy, sweet, and garlicky! You can never go wrong with a chicken dish like this one. It’s half a chicken and it can either be good for one if you are extremely hungry or good for sharing if you sill want to try out other dishes.


Kaldereta ni Lolo (Php 380) – Old School Beef Kaldereta

This was one of the dishes that I “hated” because it made me eat rice, hehe! Kidding aside, Chef Tatung’s kaldereta is another top-notch signature dish that a lot of diners will surely love. The sauce is already a star in itself. The meat was super tender. And yes, there’s still cheese to make things even tastier. Awesome job on this one, Chef Tatung!


Escabetcha by Golly Wow (Php 400) – Crispy Fried Tilapia with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Crispy and flaky tilapia doused with a more traditional Filipino sweet and sour sauce. I loved the balanced of flavors in the sauce and also the perfect cook on the fish. If you don’t like pork, chicken, or beef, this one’s definitely a dish that you must try!


Kare pa ‘Teh? (Php 320) – Tail, Tripe, and Brisket Kare-Kare

Nothing beats Kare-Kare made from scratch! Yes, this one’s another dish that I really really loved at Takaw simply because I can never say no to kare-kare and this one tasted like it was really cooked with lots of love. The meat was tender and sauce was really creamy and oh so tasty! Extra rice, please!


I Love You, Pangga (Php 350) – Chicken Pianggang

A traditional dish from Mindanao, this chicken dish is cooked with blackened coconut curry that gives the dish its color and smoky, spicy, sweet taste. This was one of those dishes that’s too good to share! If you haven’t tried pianggang yet, you better visit Takaw as soon as you can!


Pata Don’t Preach (Php 550 regular / Php 680 special) – Crispy and Spicy Pata

The main of all mains here at Takaw! Dubbed as the dish you order when #THEGUTOMISREAL because of its sheer size. Takaw’s crispy pata was as good as advertised. Super crispy, tender and spicy. I love that it’s been brined first before going into the fryer because it has already absorbed so much flavor. It comes along with its own dipping sauces, but for me, it’s perfect as it is.


Quezo de Bola, Chocnut, and Kamote Q Homemade Ice Cream (Php 110 each)

Takaw also makes their own ice cream! After all the savory dishes that are all so rich in flavor, I really needed something sweet and their house made ice cream was perfect. Out of the three flavors that I tried, I loved the chocnut the most! It really tasted like 50% chocolate and 50% peanuts. Awesome stuff!


Turones de Laguna (Php 80) – Turon with Buko Pie filling

It’s definitely my first time to try turon with no bananas inside because this one has buko pie filling in it. To my surprise, it was really good and not as sweet as I expected it to be. The perfect palate cleanser after a Takaw feast!


This wall art is so fitting because you will surely gain weight when you dine at Takaw, hehe! The location and ambiance, the names of the dishes, and how everything tasted were all great. Takaw Filipino Eatery by Chef Tatung looks really promising in a time when Filipino cuisine is on the rise. My Takaw EATSperience was amazing! I really hope that a lot more Filipinos get to try Chef Tatung’s creations now that it is more accessible to everyone. Next time you shop or stroll around Greenhills Shopping Center, make sure to drop by Takaw especially when #THEGUTOMISREAL! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Takaw Filipino Eatery by Chef Tatung

Ground Floor, Theatre Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City

+632 903 4580

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 800-1000 php for two

Takaw! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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