[The Podium] Luxury Buffet at Niu by Vikings


If you have been following us for quite sometime already, you guys will know that aside from being a food-loving family, we also are fans of eat-all-you-can restaurants. Yes, including Baby Eats. When asked where she wants to eat, she’d normally answer buffet restaurants. Haha. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about a buffet restaurant that offers a luxurious experience. We have been hearing about this restaurant for a long time already, both from families and from friends.  That’s why when we learned that it opened a new branch, we were so excited to try it, for the first time! Wanna know more about the newly opened Luxury Buffet at Niu by Vikings in The Podium? Keep on reading and…. enjoy!

Luxury Buffet at Niu by Vikings in The Podium!


Opening its second branch in the Metro, Niu by Vikings recently had its debut at the newly renovated Podium Mall in Ortigas.



Upon entering, the table set-up, the accents, the interior and the ambiance gave us an impression why Niu by Vikings offers a luxury dining buffet experience. We loved how spacious it was, considering that there were a lot of diners at that time. And how fancy and lovely the whole restaurant is.

Things We Loved About Niu by Vikings in The Podium!

Open Kitchen and Live Cooking Stations



As we went to see the buffet spread, we were happy to find out that Niu boasts of an open kitchen with a good number of live cooking stations. They have the Japanese station that cooks tempura on the spot. A pasta station that will prepare your choice of pasta on the spot. A carving station that has 4-5 kinds of meat, and will be seared to your own liking. A grilling station with a wide array of raw meat waiting to be grilled. A shabu shabu station with a good variety of toppings for your preferred soup base. A dimsum station with freshly made dim sum. And a dessert station with some on the spot cooking choices. We liked seeing how our food is prepared, and how our food can be catered to our own preference Hence, Niu’s open kitchen and live cooking stations is a big plus for us.

Japanese Station



There were a lot of sushi creations, fresh fish, and classic Japanese dishes in the Japanese station. We enjoyed the quality and number of fresh seafood dishes, like the salmon and tuna sashimi, and the shrimp tempura. Niu by Vikings even has a really busy teppanyaki grill that serves super tender beef! Baby Eats probably had the most number of shrimp tempura during this EATSperience, hehe!

Dim Sum Station


If you love dim sum, Niu’s dim sum station has a lot of dim sum to choose from. We found the penguin, pig and chicken buns or pao too cute to eat and it definitely got Baby Eats’ attention. And we went for our staples like the siomai, hakaw, and even xiao long bao. Never ever underestimate Niu’s dim sum treats, they’re really really good!

Shabu Shabu Station


In the shabu shabu station, there are a lot of toppings to choose from to put in your choice of broth. We had a tom yum based broth and had this at the beginning of our meal. Together with the various seafood balls and freshly slice meat, we loved spicy flavor of the broth because it tasted just right and it was really tasty and comforting. TIP: This is one of the many stations that will require you to remember your table number. Please make sure that before you order, you already know your table number.

Carving Station


Of course, we will not miss the carving station. Being our meat-loving selves, we definitely enjoyed Niu’s meat selection in the carving station. We made sure to have a slice or 2 of each meat, and our favorites were the Angus chuck eye and the Angus belly, seared to our own liking and drizzled with the sauce of our choice, our meat cravings were indeed satisfied!

Grilling Station


Another option for protein intake is their grilling station. Marinated meat and seafood then grilled perfectly. Their pork belly was our top pick that time in this station. If you want to get your money’s worth, make sure to try out a lot of the offerings from stations like this one. Food is cooked when you order and the quality is top-notch, too!

Drinks Station


One thing that makes Niu worth it is that the drinks are included in the price already. And we are not just talking about 2 or 3 choices, but a whole spread on its own for the drinks station. Mr. Eats personally loves their tamarind iced tea, while Baby Eats loves their watermelon juice and Mrs. Eats enjoys the four seasons. So many drinks to choose from. Did we say that wine is included? Yes! You read that right, unlimited wine! Coffee, tea,sodas, and sake, too! Sooooooo many, right?!

Desserts Station



Now for the dessert station! At first we thought that the ice cream station was the last part for desserts. But to our surprise, there is still a lot to satisfy one’s craving for sweets. We really loved the freshly cooked puto bumbong, the surprisingly good sapin sapin, the wide selection of cakes and ice cream! Talk about ending a meal on a sweet note!

Watch our Niu by Vikings video right here!

It was a NIU kind of Vikings EATSperience for us and we really enjoyed it. For its price, the food and drink choices in their buffet will definitely make you get your money’s worth (make sure to scroll down and click on the Rates and Promotions link to check out how much it’ll cost to dine at Niu). Perfect for celebrating special occasions or to just have a lunch or dinner gathering with family or with friends. Filipinos love buffet, and Niu by Vikings can definitely be on the list of the must-try buffets in the Metro. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Niu by Vikings – The Podium

Fifth Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

+632 845 4647

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Rates and Promotions

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