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Dreams really do come true as the already loaded McDonald’s Philippines menu has become even more exciting, as the McDo Secret Menu is already available starting today, November 17, 2017. Just simply go to your nearest McDonald’s branch, ask the crew/cashier for the Secret Menu, take your pick or picks, make it into a meal, pay, and enjoy. Not only that, the McDo Secret Menu is also available via Take-Out, Drive Thru and 8-McDo (8-6236) deliveries. You must be really excited to find out what secret sandwiches can you order from McDonald’s. We won’t keep you waiting so, sit back, relax, and enjoy this one of a kind EATSperience as we share McDo’s FOUR Secret Menu sandwiches in this edition of EATSplorations. Enjoy!



We visited McDonald’s Forum BGC branch first thing in the morning to find out about the McDo Secret Menu for ourselves and of course, McDonald’s did not disappoint. The cashier immediately knew about what we came for and she told us about the four secret sandwiches. We were glad to find out that all four options were really worth ordering. That’s why we went all out and ordered them all. So, without further ado, here comes McDo’s Secret Menu…

Say hello to McDonald’s Philippines’ Secret Menu!




Filet-o-Fish patty with an all beef burger patty with all the special sauce and other condiments, sandwiched in a Big Mac bun. This sandwich is definitely a secret worth sharing! It has that great balance of texture and flavor in one humongous McDonald’s sandwich. Imagine all the good stuff in a Big Mac but made even better by the fish patty. This one is definitely a must-try sandwich! Avail of the Surf ‘N Turf for only Php 159 (a la carte), Php 189 (small meal), Php 209 (medium meal), and Php 226 (large meal).



An extremely juicy and cheesy burger with THREE 100% pure beef patties,  with all the good stuff that a typical McDonald’s Cheeseburger has. Every single bite out of this thing was pure beef and cheese awesomeness! Get this beautiful tower of cheeseburger for only Php 149 (a la carte), Php 179 (small meal), Php 199 (medium meal), and Php 216 (large meal).



It’s the same McChicken burger everybody loves, but with twice the McChicken patty goodness! Mrs. Eats. who loves McChicken so much, was so happy when she found out about this McDonald’s secret. Finally, she can enjoy it with double the McChicken in one hefty sandwich. Avail of the Double McChicken for only Php 149 (a la carte), Php 179 (small meal), Php 199 (medium meal), and Php 216 (large meal).



Your favorite Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but with TWO 100% 1/4-pound beef patties and two slices of the tastiest American cheese. If you are a huge fan of the original Quarter Pounder, you will surely thank the burger gods for this McDonald’s creation and love this even more. Another pure beef awesomeness sandwich from the McDo Secret Menu! Get this extremely meaty sandwich for only Php 215 (a la carte), Php 245 (small meal), Php 265 (medium meal), and Php 282 (large meal).


After trying out all four of the McDo Secret Menu sandwiches, here are our thoughts: 1.) We loved the Surf ‘N Turf the most because of the great balance of flavors from the marriage of two premium McDonald’s patties. 2.) The Triple Cheeseburger is so much better than the double because it is simply cheesier and meatier. 3.) The Double McChicken is packed with so much flavor and we recommend this to all the McChicken lovers out there. 4.) The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is the perfect reward after a long day at school or at work because of the extra meaty goodness. So, which one of the four McDo Secret Menu sandwiches will you get first? Don’t forget to ask your McDonald’s Philippines crew/cashier/operator for these Secret Menu items. Remember that these items are available nationwide from 10:30am to 4:00am through dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, and 8-McDo delivery. Please take note though that prices of the four Secret Menu sandwiches and meals may vary. That’s it for this top secret edition of EATSplorations. ‘Till next time!

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