IHOP is back in Manila!

Yup, you read that right! IHOP is back in Manila. This is wonderful news for breakfast food-loving people like us because we love Pancakes, Waffles, French Toasts, and Omelettes. Basically, BREAKFAST FOOD! Breakfast food is HAPPINESS. Have some extra dose of happiness by ordering your favorite IHOP breakfast menu items via foodpanda! Yes, IHOP is on foodpanda and you may check your foodpanda app right now to see if you have an IHOP kitchen near you. Keep on reading to find out more about IHOP on foodpanda!

IHOP, the home of breakfast and everything delicious, is back to serving Manila, thanks to foodpanda’s cloud kitchens and reach! Right now, they are available in Makati (link) and Pasig (link) (from 6am to 4pm) but they are already on the lookout for other key locations so that they can serve more customers. Make sure to check your foodpanda every now and then to know if they already have a location near you!

Even though our address is already in Pasay City, we were still able to order from their Makati City branch at C. Palanca. In a little over 40 minutes, we got our orders!

Breakfast Sampler at Php 425

This is one fully loaded breakfast plate! Sausage, Luncheon Meat, Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns, and Pancakes. If you don’t like to choose, this one’s for you. We find this very reasonably priced as its serving size is big enough for two and you’d still be full.

Belgian Waffle Combo at Php 330

Another heavenly treat from IHOP! Crispy and fluffy golden brown Belgian Waffle served with Bacon, Eggs and their signature Golden Hash Brown. This got our daughter dancing while eating, thanks to the super delicious Belgian Waffle and Bacon combo. Yum, yum, yum!

French Toast Combo at Php 330

Same as the combo above but with a different breakfast favorite and choice of protein, this one appealed to us more than the waffle combo. I guess it came more with age, haha. The French Toast was as good as we expected it to be. The sausage was surprisingly good! Great snap and really aromatic, too. 🙂

Bacon Temptation Omelette at Php 425

One hefty piece of Bacon Omelette that’s oozing with cheese in every single bite! This one can feed 3 to 4 people. It’s that BIG! Is it good though? YES! Omelette was cooked to perfection. Crispy and chewy chunks of bacon. Cheese to complete this breakfast monstrosity. DELISH!

Strawberry Banana & Nutella Waffle at Php 245

This is probably one of the best breakfast dessert creations we’ve ever had! IHOP’s waffle is already so freakin’ good and it was made even more delicious by  having whipped cream, strawberry compote (to die for!), bananas, and Nutella. Love, love, love the balance of flavors on this one. Oh my goodness! At 245 pesos, this one’s definitely a steal. 😀

That’s all for our IHOP EATSperience! If you ever find yourself craving for some all-day breakfast food, make sure to check out the foodpanda app and you might just find an IHOP near you! Don’t forget to share this good news to your friends and family, until next time, EATSplo Fam!

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IHOP Makati – https://prf.hn/l/7YxlYjY

IHOP Pasig – https://prf.hn/l/6lWWenl


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