Boodle Fight at Isdaan Floating Restaurant – Gerona, Tarlac


In our recent road trip post, we have shared our EATSperience and our stay at a famous hotel in Tarlac. And on our second day, before heading back to Manila from La Maja Rica Hotel, we had a bountiful stop over at the famous Isdaan Floating Restaurant. We have experienced this restaurant twice during our road trip. First was when we had a dinner feast in their newest branch, Isdaan Floating Restaurant – Talavera. And the second was when we had lunch in their first branch in Gerona, Tarlac. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you our Boodle Fight at Isdaan Floating Restaurant – Gerona, Tarlac EATSperience. Enjoy!

Isdaan Floating Restaurant – Gerona, Tarlac!




With its gigantic statues, huts floating on a large pond, interactive activities and Asian-inspired interior, Isdaan Floating restaurant is indeed a place built to give their diners a recreational experience.

The Singing Cooks and Waiters

The famous Singing Cooks and Caiters can also be experienced here. While we were having a great meal, these talented servers were hyped up to entertain us. With all the singing and dancing, we surely had fun watching them.

EATS time to Boodle Flight!

Championship Round Boodle Fight!
Php 3,169 for 4 / Php 6,476 for 8 / Php 8,963 for 10 / Php 12,856 for 15
Setting up the boodle fight
Championship Round Boodle Fight – Bulalo Soup, Mixed Adobo, Lechon Tinupig Manok, Pritong Lapu-Lapu, Spicy Crab, Lumpiang Bukid, Bagong Saing sa Kaldero, Ensalada, at Tacsiyapong Gulay

As they were setting up our tables, we knew that we were in for a sumptuous feast. With the variety of food, our hands were ready to get dirty. Complete with soup, meat, seafood and vegetables this Championship Round Boodle Fight is fit for diners who have a big appetite and who are set to eat messy.

Our Favorites!

Lechon Tinupig Manok

This Lechon Tinupig Manok is Isdaan’s creative take on the conventional lechon manok. This was indeed an absolute favorite of ours. The whole chicken simmered in coconut milk then wrapped in banana leaves and roasted to a perfect grill. The meat was really juicy and tender and eating with our hands made our EATSperience even better.

Spicy Crab

What’s a feast at Isdaan without seafood? This crab was cooked in spicy and creamy sauce that made us eat lots of rice. With the right level of spiciness and the tender meat, these spicy crabs are a must-try for crab-lovers out there.

Patang Tinupig
(marinated pork leg in coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves, then roasted)
Php 690

Rod Ongpauco being known to be the inventor of Crispy Pata, did not just settle for a deep-fried pork leg. He continued what he started by innovating his famous Crispy Pata dish. This Patang Tinupig dish is a must-try! We loved the Lechon Tinupig Manok, and we definitely fell in love with this as well! The extremely soft and tender meat was really flavorful and aromatic. No need for any dipping sauce because the pork leg itself was packed with flavors already.

The Famous Tacsiyapo Wall!


The famous Tacsiyapo Wall has been a trademark of the Isdaan Floating Restaurant since the early 2000s. It is known for letting people release their anger by allowing them to throw different objects like plates, mugs, saucers, television on the wall while shouting, “Tacsiyapo!”. So if you are thinking on how to better release your angst, head on to Isdaan Floating Restaurant and experience their Tacsiyapo Wall.


We indeed had another fun experience. It was a recreational dining experience spent over good food and with good friends. If you are planning to have a road trip up to the North, make sure to include Isdaan Floating Restaurant to your intinerary, try their bestsellers, or have a boodle fight feast like what we just EATSperienced. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. Until next time!

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Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Gerona, Tarlac




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