Raw Beef and Tomahawk Steak at The Fireplace – New World Manila Bay


The Fireplace at the New World Manila Bay has easily become one of our top choices for anything and everything about BEEF. More specifically, STEAKS. Yes, The Fireplace has turned us into carnivores not just because of their great-tasting steaks, but also because of how they do it. You know, the overall EATSperience. If you are looking into taking your special someone out on a date, The Fireplace is the place for you. As you may have seen in our previous posts (Burger and Free-flowing Beer, Endless Wine and Ribs Night, and Saga Beef and Sake Dinner) about this place, the ambiance is perfect for intimate meals and special occasions. Your special someone will surely be impressed. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing our Raw Beef and Tomahawk Steak at The Fireplace in New World Manila Bay. At first, we were really hesitant to try out the raw beef dishes, but after some convincing done by our host, we decided to try a couple of dishes with raw beef and of course, their famous Tomahawk Steak.

Welcome to The Fireplace!



What makes The Fireplace so special for us is the outstanding service. Everyone is just extremely friendly and attentive, especially to our baby. The servers always make sure that she always has the best soup or their amazing mashed potatoes. Moreover, we always love watching the action from their open kitchen. It’s always such a delight watching their chefs prepare and cook something off the grill. Dining in The Fireplace is always an EATSperience to remember.



French Onion Soup
Php 450

Before we begin sharing our raw beef EATSperience, let us share with you an excerpt from an article in Esquire.com and it says this, “But living strictly by the rules, living at medium and well done, you miss out on raw. And raw can be so tender. It melts. Scallops like ice and butter. Tuna, al dente. Beef, clean and slippery on crusty piece of bread, tacky on your finger tips. Cooking may be the only absolute insurance, but raw is worth its little risk, especially when you break the rules right.” Is The Fireplace’s raw beef delights worth the risk? You will find out now.

Let’s have some Raw Beef!

(soy marinated sirloin, wakami, toasted sesame, nori egg roll, and lime mayo)
Php 1,400

This was AMAZING! Yes, absolutely loved this raw beef dish. The sirloin tasted almost like or even better than raw tuna. It was sweet and super tender. We enjoyed the crunchy and savory wakami (seaweed) together with the zesty lime mayo. This is definitely a dish that you must try!

(diced seared beef, tuna loin, calamansi, patis, sili, ginger, onion, and tomato)
Php 1,200

Sinuglaw is a famous dish in Cebu and in Davao. It’s a combination of sinugba (grilled) and kilaw (Filipino dish similar to the ceviche). This dish was one of the dishes that truly signify what New World Manila Bay wants to do. That is to highlight local and regional dishes by using ingredients that’s readily available in the market. The marinade had a great balance of zesty and spicy flavors. It did a wonderful job in bringing out the best in both the tuna and the seared beef.

Saga Beef
(premium Saga beef, pickled plum, shredded daikon, and sesame vinaigrette)
Php 2,150


This beautifully presented dish was one of the highlights of this EATSperience! The Saga beef was just melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It was rich and creamy. The shredded daikon (radish) gave this dish a much-needed crunch. All in all, a superb risk that’s truly worth taking. Well done, Fireplace!

The Tomahawk Steak…


After the tasty raw dishes, we can finally marvel at this ginormous piece of steak. Yes guys, this is still considered a piece of steak. A 1.2kg piece of steak, the Australian Long Fed Tomahawk. It was really so beautiful to see. From the preparation, to the grilling, down to the slicing. Huge slices of perfectly cooked medium rare, just the way we like it.

Oil on top for good measure!
Tomahawk Steak
Php 6,100
The good stuff!

Among all the Tomahawk Steaks we have tried over the past year, this no doubt was the best. Yes, in our own opinion this was the juiciest, most tender, and most flavorful piece of Tomahawk Steak we have ever had so far. No disrespect to the great line of sauces at The Fireplace, but their Tomahawk Steak doesn’t need any kind of sauce to make it taste great. Whatever sauce we put on top of it, its taste still remains superb. The cook on the steak was simply perfection. The chef did everything right. TIP: Make sure to eat it all the way down to the chewy bone trimmings. It’s where all the flavor is.

Finishing things off with DESSERT!

Matcha Cheesecake with Mango and Ice Cream
Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream

After having a very filling meal, our host was gracious enough to offer us dessert. Even if we were already full, when these desserts came out, we knew we still had room for it. Both cakes were moist, creamy and smooth. And the flavors of both match and chocolate were really there. The level of sweetness was just right which made us enjoy having a few scoops more.


It was yet again another great EATSperience at Fireplace at the New World Manila Bay. The ambiance, the staff, and of course the well-executed dishes always makes our time here very valuable. If you love high quality steaks or if you want to try tasty raw beef dishes, head on over to The Fireplace and have a mouthwatering EATSperience. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Watch out for more of our future EATSperiences!

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The Fireplace

1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar Manila, Philippines, 1004

+632 252 6888

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