Saga Beef and Sake Dinner at The Fireplace – New World Manila Bay


Hello everyone! After a few days of not writing anything, we are back once again to share about a one-night-only event that we recently EATSperienced. The event featured Japan’s prized premium Saga Beef and Sake from no place else but the Saga Prefecture. Located at Japan’s Southern Kyushu Island, the Saga Prefecture is one of Japan’s best quality beef and sake rice-producing regions. Many of Saga’s water sources have been selected as part of Japan’s top 100 water sources for their mineral content and purity. As a result, sake from Saga is rich and mellow that matches perfectly with the much heavier cuisine often encountered in Southern Japan. Just simply imagine first how great this evening was because of Saga’s beef and sake. Join us as we EATSperience a one of a kind Saga Beef and Sake Dinner at The Fireplace in New World Manila Bay.

Saga Beef and Sake Dinner at The Fireplace




The Fireplace was filled with excitement that night. The kitchen was so energized because of their talented cooks and hardworking staff lead by their Guest Chef, Chef Akio Shimoyama and New World Manila Bay’s very own Executive Chef, Chef James Williams. We just couldn’t wait to get a hold of all the six great-tasting Saga beef dishes that they have prepared.

Chef Akio Shimoyama and Chef James Williams
The premium sake from Saga Prefecture

We have to be honest with you guys, we didn’t really have much of the premium sake from Saga. We are simply not that good at drinking anymore. However, we still made sure that we had a few sips of each and everyone of them to simply taste what makes it so special. Our favorite among the 5 would be the second one which is the Amabuki because of its clean and elegant taste. It was the perfect complement to the flavors of the tartare.

Let’s have some Saga Beef!

Saga Beef Tofu ‘Ginza Kira Style’

This dish may not look that appetizing but it was a great start to an amazing dinner. The frothy and sweet broth was simply magical, perfect complement to the rich and savory Saga beef.

Asian Tartare

Sweet, tangy and buttery! We didn’t expect so much out of this dish since we were not big fans of tartare but this one definitely turned us to believers. Another glass of this, please!

Saga Beef Shabu Shabu

A hearty bowl of light broth with thin slices of perfectly cooked beef. This was one of the best shabu shabu EATSperiences that we have ever had, thanks to the extremely tasty Saga beef!

Roast Saga Beef cooked inside a baked pie wrap
Chef Shimoyama in action
Roast Saga Beef with Fondant Potatoes and Onion Soubise

A huge chunk of Saga Beef roasted inside a baked pie wrap! It was already an extraordinary EATSperience seeing Chef Shimoyama slice his masterpiece down to single servings. Every slice was sweet and savory, thanks to the lovely onion soubise. However, the hero of this dish is still the perfectly cooked roast Saga beef!

Saga Steak! Just look at that marbling…
Saga Beef Steak with Nori Risotto

This was probably the best dish of the evening. Melt-in-your-mouth steak made even more awesome by the superb Nori Risotto. All the components of this place worked really well in giving us an EATSperience to remember. Well done, Chef Shimoyama!

Tonka Bean Panna Cotta with Sakura
Japanese-style Nama Chocolate

After all the superb savory dishes, here comes dessert! The panna cotta was super refreshing. A great mix of bitter (sakura) and refreshingly sweet (sponge cake and panna cotta). The decadent Japaneses-style chocolate was probably the best way to end this memorable one-night-only event.


We had a great time at The Fireplace once again! Thanks to the expertise of guest chef, Chef Shimoyama, Executive Chef James Williams, and staff for serving up some of the best Japanese food that we have ever had. If there will be a repeat of this EATSperience, please sign us up right away! We would gladly EATSperience this night over and over again. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Watch out for more of our future EATSperiences!

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The Fireplace

1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar Manila, Philippines, 1004

+632 252 6888

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