Gram Cafe & Pancakes – SM Megamall Fashion Hall


It’s finally here! Gram Cafe & Pancakes is finally in the Philippines and it’s opening its first branch right at one of the largest malls in Metro Manila, SM Megamall. Calling out all fluffy pancake-lovers out there, this EATSperience of ours is for all of you! In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about our first EATSperience of the newest cafe franchise from Japan, Gram Cafe & Pancakes – SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Gram Pancakes is known for its FLUFFY and JIGGLY Premium Pancakes. Of course, they have other menu items that are also worth checking out so make sure to finish this EATSperience of ours to know what those items are!

Gram Cafe & Pancakes – SM Megamall Fashion Hall!


Gram Cafe & Pancakes is located on the 3rd Floor of SM Megamall Fashion Hall. It’s a really fresh cafe concept that’s been made famous by its Japanese-style fluffy soufflé pancakes! Make sure to check them out right away as they open their doors tomorrow, February 9, 2020.


Gram Cafe & Pancakes started back in 2014 at Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan. After 6 years, it is now in 6 other countries all over the world including the Philippines. Let’s now move on to their menu to know more about what kind of dishes they offer!


Their Pancakes Menu! Items range from Php 300 to Php 445. The Gram Pancakes Bestseller is the Premium Pancakes at only Php 385! They only serve 30 servings of Premium Pancakes every 11am, 3pm, and 6pm (only 90 servings a day!) because it is very tedious to make and to keep it at a really high quality.


A few more pancake dishes on this side of the menu together with Gram Pancakes’ Toast and Sandwich Menu (Php 300 to Php 415)! We tried a few of these so keep on reading to find out what we think about them.


Toppings Menu (Php 50 – Php 80) and Drinks Menu (Php 100 – Php 140) for your reference! After taking a look at Gram Pancakes’ menu, we can now show you around their first-ever branch here in the Philippines. Let’s go!


A huge window through Gram Pancakes’ kitchen and a preview of the restaurant’s homey and relaxing ambiance.


A look at some of their savory pancake offerings and comfortable seating with lovely pillows that are maybe as fluffy as their premium pancakes!


A few more tables and couch seating that’s just lovely and Instagrammable, too! Are you ready to see what we tried over at the Philippines’ first Gram Pancakes? Let’s eat!!!


Bacon & Scrambled Eggs (Php 425)Classic Pancakes served with Savory Smoked Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Side Salad.

One huge breakfast plate! We enjoyed the thick-cut smoked bacon so much. It had a great balance of fat and meat in every bite! It was also pleasantly smoky. The bacon goes well with the classic pancake and the creamy scrambled eggs. All in all, a really filling breakfast pancake!


Chilibeans & Sausage (Php 445) A Mexican take on Pancakes with Melted Cheese, Chili Sauce topped with Sausage, served with Breakfast Potatoes and Side Salad.

The Chili was AMAZING! We know it’s not usually served with pancakes but it surprisingly works. It was well-seasoned and well-balanced. A little spicy, a little sweet, and a little savory. That’s why every bite of it on a pancake was simply delightful! The sausage is a great sidekick to the chili and pancake combination. We absolutely loved this one, probably our favorite among the two savory pancakes we’ve tried at Gram Pancakes!


Mixed Berries French Toast (Php 415)Classic French Toast topped with Fresh Mixed Berries, Whipped Cream, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

One of the best French Toasts we have ever had. Yes, the Mixed Berries French Toast of Gram Pancakes is THAT GOOD! The sweetness and tartness of the berries together with the buttery sweet French Toast was just pure happiness in every bite. Hands down, one of the best dishes of our first-ever Gram Pancakes EATSperience! You must try this one out when you visit them!


Tiramisu (Php 395) Mascarpone Tiramisu cream between pancakes, topped with Dark Rich Cocoa and Chocolate.

Another lovely sweet pancake dish out of the Gram Pancakes kitchen! The Tiramisu’s taste was just as beautiful as it looked. It was rich, sweet, and just a little chocolaty. Make sure you get all the components of this dish in one bite so that you can appreciate it in its entirety. A modern take on a classic dessert and it works so beautifully!


Apple & Tea Cream (Php 445)A distinct combination of Poached Apple with Earl Grey Tea Cream served with Pancakes.

This one’s another sweet pancake that you must really try! If you are a fan of stewed apples, tea, ice cream, and pancakes, this dessert pancake is the one for you. Each individual component is already good on its own but it is way better when combined in one flavor bomb bite! Awesome stuff, Gram Pancakes!


Premium Pancakes (Php 385)A Classic Premium Pancake stack with a fluffy texture that melts in your mouth (served only at 11am, 3pm, and 6pm every day).

Yes, it is probably the FLUFFIEST, JIGGLIEST, and FRESHEST soufflé pancakes ever! Gram Pancakes’ Premium Pancakes is really really good. It’s really really light, heavenly, and truly, melt-in-your-mouth goodness! There’s something in its simplicity that makes it so irresistibly good. Try it yourself to find out! If you want something that’s both Instagrammably cute and tasty, this stack of Premium Pancakes will never disappoint! TIP: Make sure to come in early at your chosen serving time because they only serve 30 servings of these bad boys per serving time.


Following its popularity in Japan and other locations around the world, the first Gram Cafe & Pancakes here in the Philippines looks really promising. Its pancake-first concept and its limited menu will probably work to their advantage as quality surely be maintained at a really high standard. If we had to choose just 3 items to try, again and again, it would be the Mixed Berries French Toast, Apple & Tea Cream, and Premium Pancakes! Each one was special in its own unique way, and each had a great balance of flavors and was beautifully plated making it perfect for the gram. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Don’t forget to tell us about your own Gram Pancakes EATSperience! Until next time!

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Gram Cafe & Pancakes

Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours: 

10:o0am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: Php 1000 for two

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