NEW McDo Spicy Chicken Burger & Spicy Shake Shake Fries


After more than 2 months of not writing anything here, yes, WE’RE BACK! EATSplorations is very much alive. We just got too preoccupied with the whole Community Quarantine thing here in Metro Manila. Well, who isn’t, right? Since March 14, it’s been pretty much just Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for EATSplorations Family and we just took a long hiatus on this site of ours. To those who missed us, we’re very sorry and we hope to write more about Manila’s NEW Normal Food Scene in the coming days, weeks, and months. We hope all of you are doing alright and we will keep on praying with everyone that this pandemic will soon be over. Now on to the subject of this article, McDonald’s Philippines has a couple of new menu items for all the spicy food lovers out there! YES, finally, some good news! In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about the NEW McDo Spicy Chicken Burger & Spicy Shake Shake Fries! Keep on reading to find out what we think about these two McDo newbies, enjoy!

NEW McDo Spicy Chicken Burger & Spicy Shake Shake Fries!


Available only in selected Luzon outlets, Drive-Thru, Take Out, and No-Touch Delivery, the Spicy Chicken Burger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries combo is expected to make summer even hotter because of its supposed high spice levels. As great fans of the McSpicy, we are really looking forward to the Spicy Chicken Burger to be one awesome and less expensive version of that seasonal McDo favorite. As for the Spicy Shake Shake Fries, we want it to be really hot and spicy so that it will be one unique and delicious Shake Shake Fries variety!


Before we give you our honest review of the two new McDonald’s Philippines menu items, we’d like to let everyone know about its pricing first (based on the McDo PH App). Spicy Chicken Burger Bundle for 3 is Php 399 (3 Spicy Chicken Burgers, 1 BFF Spicy Shake Shake Fries, and 3 regular soft drinks). Spicy Chicken Burger and Spicy Shake Shake Fries combo is Php 150. Spicy Chicken Burger with Medium Fries and Drink is Php 150. Looks good so far?


Spicy Shake Shake Fries (Php 65 for Medium, Php 87 for Large, Php 149 for BFF, Php 89 for Medium with McFloat, and Php 116 for Large with McFloat)

From the packaging, it looked like this one will pack a lot of heat and punch. However, after giving it a try (several tries), it was a bit of a letdown. It had some sort of spice flavor but it wasn’t at all, considering we have a really low tolerance for spicy food. Don’t get us wrong, it tasted really good, but it was just not spicy. It was more of a different flavored barbecue powder. Sad.


Please make sure to tell us about your thoughts on the Spicy Shake Shake Fries. We’d love to hear them!


Spicy Chicken Burger (Php 99 for ala carte, Php 150 with Shake Shake Fries combo, and Php 145 with Medium Fries and Drink)

Yes, yes, and yes! Love at first bite. This baby is one amazing chicken burger. Why? Well, it came in with really crispy batter (a big plus!), it’s REAL CHICKEN, and it is SPICY! As good as advertised. Well done, McDonald’s Philippines! Overall, a really good chicken burger and reasonably priced, too. We hope it stays on the menu for a long time. Awesome stuff, McDo!


That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these two with us. We hope to share more of our most recent EATSperiences with you all! Stay safe and healthy, until next time!

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