[BGC EATS] Cafe Enye at Citi Plaza


It’s always an interesting experience finding restaurants that offer something that will take you on a culinary journey. Colonial Spanish cuisine may be familiar, but it can take one’s taste bud on an adventure when it has an influence from other parts of the world. In one of our EATSperiences, we experienced Colonial Spanish dishes on a different level. Executed with influences from Latin America, Africa and Asia, this hidden gem restaurant gave a refreshing take on the Colonial Spanish dishes that may be familiar to most Filipinos. Did we say hidden gem? Join us as we share with you our latest BGC EATS with Cafe Enye at Citi Plaza. Enjoy!

Welcome to Cafe Enye at Citi Plaza – BGC!



Why hidden gem? Well, because the location of the 2nd branch of Cafe Enye is not usual, like in a mall. It is located in a bank, on the Mezzanine floor of Citi Plaza in BGC. The Citi Plaza building is behind Uptown Mall. It is not that easy to find, but once found it sure is worth it.




Low-ceiling, dimmed lights, and colorful walls, Cafe Enye has that cozy ambiance, fit for a relaxing lunch break or after work dining.

Let’s EAT Cafe Enye’s Colonial Spanish Cuisine!

Tapa Buns (3pcs)
Php 135

These babies are the perfect Spanish-Filipino breakfast buns. Lots of sweet and tender tapa for the win!

Callos Buns (3pcs)
Php 135

One of the more famous Spanish dishes inside a sweet, crusty and fluffy bun. Ulam and breakfast in one bite! Best eaten when hot (we took a long time taking photos again, hehe). Well done, Cafe Enye!

Chorizo Scotch Eggs (Huevos Rellenos)
Php 175

Chorizo-crusted Scotch Eggs! Yes, Cafe Enye took this classic egg dish to another level by making a really dope crust. The chorizo breadcrumb crust made a huge difference in enhancing the layers of flavors.

Gambas Enye Style
Php 350

Plump and juicy shrimps cooked in garlic-infused olive oil, roasted garlic and topped with garlic chips and chives. The natural sweetness from the shrimps was complemented by the very tasty garlic olive oil.

Cochinillo ala Casa
Php 1,400

What is Spanish food without the famous, Cochinillo. Cafe Enye’s Cochinillo ala Casa is one of the best Cochinillo’s that we have ever tried. Super crispy skin with juicy and tender meat paired with 3 different sauces, catered to your own liking. But our favorite among the 3 sauces was the refreshing Chimichurri, that complemented the perfectly cooked roasted suckling pig. A must-try!

Moroccan Curry Paella

And of course, Paella! This Paella is something uniquely done because it is infused with Moroccan spices and simmered in curry. It may be a bit strong in flavor, but it definitely has an interesting fusion.

Lechon Carbonara
Php 250

Creamy pasta and lechon kawali! Yes, it’s the best of both worlds. This dish was one of our favorites!

Handcrafted Garlicky Longganisa
Php 215

One of the dishes that we really liked. If you want your longganisa more on the garlicky flavor instead of the sweet flavor, this one’s for you. Perfect with rice and sunny side up egg, this Handcrafted Garlicky Longganisa is one of our favorites.

Chouxros with Dulce de Leche Cream
Php 170

After all the flavorful and filling dishes, time for something sweet. A traditional dessert prepared in an innovative way. Instead of the commonly used Churro batter, Cafe Enye’s version is a Choux pastry, making it less airy and more packed. Served with Dulce de leche and Tsokolate peanut butter dips, our dessert was indeed heavenly.


Discovering this hidden gem is something that we definitely enjoyed. From finding our way to where it is located, to learning about the different techniques used under different influences, to enjoying the dishes. It was an EATSperience that we would like to have again. If you are around the BGC area and you want to have Colonial Spanish dishes with a twist, visit Cafe Enye and enjoy. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Cafe Enye

Mezzanine Floor, Citi Plaza, 34th Street, Lane D, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

+632 581 1315

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

7:00am to 1:00am (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000 php for two

Cafe Enye Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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