Burgers and Flatbreads at Pound x Flatterie – Greenbelt 3


It’s been a long time since I saw a new and interesting restaurant in Greenbelt 3. I always go there with Bianca and Beanie and we always seem to eat in our favorite restaurants there. We usually go for Japanese, American, and Filipino restaurants. The classics in Greenbelt 3. However, just recently, I was able to try something new! Yup, Greenbelt 3 has a new and interesting restaurant! It’s been a long time, hehe. In this edition of EATSplorations, I will be sharing with you about Burgers and Flatbreads at Pound x Flatterie in Greenbelt 3. Yes, you read that right. Burgers and Flatbreads in one amazing collab from two different restaurants of Foodee Global Concepts. Foodee Global Concepts is the group that brought famous restaurant brands in Manila, like Tim Ho Wan, Hawker Chan, and Tsuta, just to name a few. They have really good taste when it comes to good food that’s why I am so excited to EATSperience Pound x Flatterie for the very first time! Keep on reading to journey along with my hungry tummy. Enjoy!

Burgers and Flatbreads at Pound x Flatterie in Greenbelt 3!


Pound x Flatterie is located at the Second Level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati’s Ayala Center. Pound is famous for its burgers and Flatterie is known for its flatbreads. So if you love burgers and flatbreads, this is definitely the place to be!


The restaurant is kind of small and can get really full during peak hours. I was there with friends during lunch time and it was packed! My advice is to arrive around 11am if you want to have a relaxing lunch or drop by around 3pm when everybody’s already back to work.


If you want to get a little bit closer to the action, try dining by the bar. Sit with friends here or maybe meet somebody new while eating a burger or two.


All in all, I love how Pound x Flatterie looks! It is dark, moody, classy, and inviting. Its interior and lighting definitely made me want to eat more than usual. However, it was just a little challenging for me to get my shots because of the lighting. Good thing, our table was near their entrance and had more natural light than the other tables.


Here’s the food and it’s time to share my thoughts about the most important part of my Pound x Flatterie EATSperience!


Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Php 260)

Creamy and really cheesy dip! It comes with a nice flatbread crostini. One word of advice, don’t skimp on the dip! It tastes way good more than it looks. Enjoy!


Chicken Winglet Sampler (Php 280)

These babies are extremely delicious! Fight me, haha! Seriously, I really enjoyed all three flavors. Sweet Chili, Garlic Parmesan, and Classic Buffalo. I loved that they split up the usual wing part into two and made it so much easier to eat. If I need to pick my most favorite flavor, I would pick the Garlic Parmesan right away followed by the Sweet Chili then the Classic Buffalo.


Beef Pot Roast (Php 450)

Super tender and flavorful slices of roast beef with an equally good mushroom gravy. Simply one of the best roast beef plates in the country. Huge thanks to Chef Carlo Miguel for putting this on Flatterie’s menu! Awesome stuff!


Bacon and Egg Sliders (Php 200 / 2pcs)

Small bites, big flavors! Thick-cut bacon with apple aioli and quail egg on a fluffy toasted bun. Not bad for a couple of deceptively filling sliders.


Amsterdam Burger (Php 280)

Signature beef patty with fried onions, pastrami, gruyere cheese,  sauerkraut, mustard relish, and Pound’s signature sauce in one delectable burger! I loved this one because of its uniqueness and great layers of flavor. I will definitely order this again at Pound x Flatterie!


Pound Foie Gras Burger (Php 700 plus Php 100 for the extra patty and Php 250 for 25g of seared foie gras)

This is as big as it gets in both size and flavor! Two signature patties and two seared foie gras in one ginormous burger. It was good but I think it’s not my kind of burger. It was a little too much for me because of the foie gras (I am not really a fan of foie gras, peace!).


Spicy Frutti di Mare (Php 320 selfie / Php 420 groupie)

I loved this one so much because I am a sucker for spicy tomato sauce! Also, I loved that the seafood was fried for that contrast in texture. I will surely order this again, on my own, and no sharing, hehe!


Truffle Pasta (Php 220 selfie / Php 320 groupie)

A creamy and super fragrant pasta dish! This one was one of my favorites of this EATSperience. Really delicious and affordable, too! Value for money truffle pasta dish. Well done, Pound x Flatterie!


Carbonara Flatbread (Php 200 selfie / Php 300 groupie)

Never had carbonara-flavored pizza before! Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It really tasted like carbonara. It was creamy, savory, and meaty, thanks to the generous amount of bacon slices! 300 for sharing is also very affordable. Another value for money dish in their menu that’s truly a must try!


Sausage and Pesto Flatbread (Php 190 selfie / Php 290 groupie)

I’ve never been really a huge fan of pesto before but, surprisingly, I enjoyed this pesto flatbread creation! I honestly loved it big time. The flatbread was perfectly thin and crispy. The pesto was flavorful but not too much. The spiced sausage was just right. All in all, a great flatbread!


Indulgence Flatbread (Php 890 / one size only)

What makes this flatbread so special? Well, this one has truffled steak, foie gras, parmesan cheese, and onions! If you want to really indulge in steak, foie gras, and a really indulgent flatbread, you will surely love this. This one’s a little too much for me. I would rather go for simpler toppings and a perfectly cooked crust. It’s good but it’s not for me.


Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 120)

I probably got the name wrong but that’s how it really is, alright? Hehe! The cookie was really really good! Chunky, chewy, and not too sweet. The ice cream and caramel sauce were perfect with the cookie. Make sure to get everything in one bite for a complete EATSperience!


Banoffee Flatbread (Php 240)

Interesting take on a banoffee pie but a little too much dough for me. It could have been better if the dough was a little more toasted for a crunchy bite.


Ice Cream Puff (Php 220)

One huge piece of cream puff made more decadent with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a douse of thick chocolate sauce! Yum, yum, yum! Great flavors and variety of textures. This one’s a great dessert!


I had a great carb-filled time at the Pound x Flatterie collab restaurant in Greenbelt 3! It was refreshing to try something new in the area. Also, I enjoyed the creativity of the various dishes on the menu. The place was great. The staff were awesome, too. All in all, a great burger and flatbread EATSperience for me! Will I go back and dine here with my ladies? Of course! I will surely return for their burgers, spicy frutti di mare, probably try out another pasta dish, and end the meal with the skillet cookie and ice cream puff! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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Pound x Flatterie

Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City


Budget: 1000 php for two

Pound X Flatterie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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