Unlimited KBBQ at Jin Joo Korean Grill


Korean BBQ places are popping up all over Metro Manila. Almost everywhere we go to, there’s a restaurant with long lines and most of the time it would be a Korean BBQ place. As foodies, we have also been on the look out on where to have a great Korean BBQ EATSperience and good thing recently, we have found one of the most suggested KBBQ places in town. Our hungry tummies have brought us to Mandaluyong City to try out a famous Korean BBQ restaurant at The Podium Mall in the Ortigas business district. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about the Unlimited KBBQ at Jin Joo Korean Grill! Yes, a couple of Jin Joo branches are now serving UNLIMITED eats for their meat-loving patrons for a very affordable price. Keep on reading as we share more information about this bang for buck treat of Jin Joo Korean Grill!

Jin Joo Korean Grill at The Podium Mall!


Jin Joo Korean Grill is located at the 2nd floor of The Podium Mall. The place looks like a modern Korean restaurant with colorful walls and with bright lights.


Jin Joo is perfect for both big group and intimate meals. As you can see, they have big tables perfect for families and friends. They also have high chair for kids which is a plus in our books! On a parental side note, we have always been on the look out for restaurants that provide things like this one to make sure that our baby is comfortable whenever we are dining out.


The spot to be when you dine at Jin Joo Podium! Yes, we love natural light and this spot is perfect for photography especially during lunch time. Enjoy the view of Ortigas while enjoying the meats!


That huge neon light looks pretty cool, right? That’s just one of many wall accents we loved at Jin Joo Podium! Pay them a visit to see the others. You know, eat while appreciating some art, too!


Enough talk for now! It’s time to EAT some UNLIMITED KBBQ at Jin Joo!


For only Php 499 (lunch) and Php 549 (dinner), Korean BBQ lovers can now enjoy unlimited servings of 10 flavors of good quality meats (chicken, pork, and beef) at Jin Joo Podium and Eastwood. We repeat, only at Jin Joo Podium and Eastwood branches only, okay? Together with the unlimited meats, diners can also enjoy unlimited banchan, kimbap, and cheese dip for 2 hours! Also, for every group of 4, they are giving away FREE 1.5L Coca Cola! Great deal, right?!


Start things off with some banchan (a selection of Korean side dishes) to amp up your appetite!


The meats above are Dak Galbi (marinated chicken thigh), Yalb Eun Samgyup (thinly sliced pork belly), and Dan Wusam (sweet glazed beef belly). Among the 3, we enjoyed the Dan Wusam the most because of it’s fat and meat ratio and it’s sweet glaze. It also goes really well with the spicy gochujang dip!


Look at how beautiful the Dan Wusam is at Jin Joo Korean Grill! TIP: If you want to fill yourself up quick, cook up a lot of these bad boys! It’s super easy to cook in a short period of time because it’s beef. Less time cooking, more time eating!


Just look at that char on the thinly sliced beef… Awesome, right? This meat is easily our favorite of our Jin Joo EATSperience!


Samgyupsal with Dry Rub! Thick cut pork belly with a variety of dry Korean seasonings. If you like your pork belly with just a little kick and lots of bold flavors, try out this one!



Gochujang Samgyup! This one’s the real deal, the spicy pork belly of Jin Joo! The generous amount of gochujang is just right in making this beautiful pork belly a delight to have. Even if you don’t like spicy food, make sure to give this one a try! You might end up liking it.


Yalb Eun Samgyup! This one was so lovely to watch while it was grilling. It looked literally like bacon when it was cooked to crispy perfection. TIP: Together with the thinly sliced beef belly, you got to order a lot of this one, too! It’s super quick and easy to cook. You can easily have lots of these.

Again, Jin Joo Korean Grill already has UNLIMITED KBBQ! If you have been wanting to try out Jin Joo but are afraid to spend so much, this is your chance. Make sure to visit Jin Joo Podium and Eastwood to try out the UNLI KBBQ promo (starts September 22, 2018)! We really thought that it’s great for Jin Joo too finally have this promo so that they can attract more customers to try out what they have to offer at a very reasonable price. Unlimited KBBQ, banchan, kimbap, and cheese dip at Jin Joo Korean Grill for only Php 499 (lunch) and Php 549 (dinner), what more can you ask for? That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’til next time!

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Jin Joo Korean Grill

Second Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

+632 246 9069 ext. 595

Facebook / Instagram

Unlimited KBBQ Promo Details:

  • Php 499 for lunch and Php 549 for dinner (subject to 10% service charge)
  • Duration is only 2 hours
  • Includes unlimited banchan, kimbap, and cheese dip
  • Free 1.5L Coca Cola for groups of 4
  • Only valid at Podium and Eastwood branches

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