Food Trip at Vanderlust Bistro and Patisserie – Quezon City


Every EATSperience of ours has its own story. It may come from the restaurant itself, from the owners, from the food, and many more. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you about our food trip at Vanderlust Bistro and Patisserie in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Vanderlust’s story revolves around how we, as diners, can travel with our taste buds together with the food that we are eating. The owners of Vanderlust came up with this concept because of their insatiable appetite for adventure, culture, and of course, food. And they did not want to keep all these to themselves only but they also have the desire to share it with other people. Thus, the birth of Vanderlust Bistro and Patiserrie. Read on to find out how the owners share to their diners their European experience and how we EATSperienced a taste of Europe through Vanderlust’s food.

Ready for a Food Trip?


Vanderlust Bistro and Patisserie is located at Scout De Guia corner Tomas Morato. It is just a few steps behind Mini Stop to be exact.

Let’s have a look inside Vanderlust!






Vanderlust has 2 floors that can seat approximately 30-40 people. The first floor has a window side bar table with high stools and a few tables. It is also in the first floor where you can find their luscious desserts and it is where you get to place your orders. The second floor can accommodate more diners and the interior gives a relaxing vibe.

Let’s travel with our taste buds!


Vanderlust features dishes from 3 European countries. From appetizer, mains and desserts, all these items were derived from Italy, Germany and Spain.

Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup
(tweaked especially for Baby Eats)


It was really nice of the owners to prepare something for our baby. She absolutely loved the soup and the pasta altogether. Aside from the good food, she also had lots of fun playing around Vanderlust with none other than the owners’ son.

Eggplant Caponata Bruschetta
(Sicilian eggplant dish on melted mozzarella and toasted baguettes)
Php 148 for 3pcs / Php 268 for 6pcs

An appetizer is always a good idea for hungry diners. We liked how the mozzarella cheese complemented the sweetness from the eggplant and olives toppings. The baguettes gave that much needed crunch to the creamy topping. Best eaten while it is still hot and fresh.

Cacio E Pepe Mushroom Truffle
(classic Italian pasta dish which means cheese and pepper)
Php 388

Simplicity at its finest. One of our favorites among all the dishes that we have tried. We loved the strong flavor from the truffle oil and the earthy flavor coming from the mushrooms. The cheese gave a good salty taste to it and the pepper balanced all the flavors well.

Catalan Baked Fish with Potatoes and Asparagus
(baked white fish with herb crust served with olives, sauteed potatoes, asparagus and roasted tomatoes)
Php 378

If you want to have something light yet filling, this dish is for you. The natural sweetness from the fish was present and it was tender and flaky. The fragrant and flavorful herb crust was baked to a good toast and crunch. The vegetables on the side made this dish really filling.

Schweinekotelett with Mustard Cream Sauce
(German pan-fried pork chop with creamy mustard sauce, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes)
Php 428

If you want something heavier for lunch or for dinner, try their pan-fried pork chop. Not to mention, the fat and skin on the side was fried to perfection! Really crispy without being oily. The mashed potato and sauerkraut were perfect sides for this tender German pork chop dish.

It’s now time for a dessert and drinks tour!

(we got: white chocolate lemon, earl gray, and chocolate pistachio)
Php 125 for 3pcs

Good thing that one serving of cannoli for P125 composes of three different flavors. They have quite a number of cannolis to choose from and we’re glad we were able to try their 3 best sellers. Their cannoli has a thick pastry crust and a really creamy and thick filling. The earl gray had a light and not so sweet flavor. The white chocolate lemon had a good balance of sweet and citrus flavors. And the chocolate pistachio had a strong chocolate flavor but not overly sweet.

Tradicional Churros
Php 98 for 6pcs / Cinnamon Sugar Dip Php 25 / Chocolare Dip Php 50 / Chocoespresso Php 125

Love at first bite! Their churros were not oily at all! From the presentation to the dips, this dessert is something worth coming back for. The churros were fried perfectly and the light and sweet cinnamon sugar dip was a genius alternative for the usual cinnamon sugar dust. We highly recommend this to all churros-lovers like us.

Chocolate Schneeball – Hazelnut Crunch
Php 145 / Php 799 for 6pcs

Aside from it being so enticing and appetizing, this dessert will make you work first before you can devour into it. The Schneeball dessert comes with a mallet of your choice. Read on the steps to find out how to eat this popular German pastry.



Tip: Don’t be shy to pound as hard as you can and don’t mind the noise that you will create. Because that’s how it should be.

After pounding our Schneeball of choice, we really enjoyed picking up small pieces of it and stuffing each piece inside our mouths. Crunchy and chocolaty. A fun way of having a dessert that can be enjoyed and shared with family and friends.

Signature Hot Chocolate
Php 130 for Small / Php 160 for Medium
Choco Loco Frappe
Php 160 for Large / Php 180 for Extra-Large

We have learned that in Vanderlust, they only use dark chocolate for their desserts and drinks. Which we really liked because they do not give their diners overly sweet treats. Both their hot chocolate and choco loco frappe were creamy and thick. 


In a busy area like Tomas Morato and with all the restaurants located here, Vanderlust may not be one of your top dining choice but is something worth a try. From its cozy ambiance to the well-curated dishes and pastries—families, friends, or couples will surely enjoy dining here. If you are looking for a new, unique, and tasty food adventure, make sure to check out Vanderlust and you will not regret it. Don’t forget to tell us about your own EATSperience. We would love to here from you guys. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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Vanderlust Bistro and Patisserie

Scout De Guia Corner Tomas Morato Avenue, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

+632 954 0401

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

12:00nn to 12:00mn (Sun-Thu)

12:00nn to 2:00am (Fri-Sat)

Budget: 1000-1500 php for two

Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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