[NEW] McDonald’s Fish and Fries


McDonald’s does it again! Just in time for Lent comes the all new Fish and Fries! This British favorite is the latest and most prized catch at McDonald’s. In this edition of EATSplorations, you will find out more about this crunchy and tender combination of fish fillet and their World Famous Fries. Keep reading to find out if we were able to find a good catch!


Ready to have a bite of McDo’s prized catch?


The Fish and Fries starts at Php 139 for ala carte and Php 149 with drink for dine-in and Php 143 for ala carte and Php 153 with drink for delivery. Not bad, right? We were pleasantly surprised when it arrived. With the details and how the box was designed, it was really inviting. The fish looked really appetizing because of its perfectly fried batter. And it was super crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Size-wise, it seemed small to us at first, but we were happy with it because it was really filling.

Fish and Fries with Tangy Thousand Island sauce
The Tangy Thousand Island sauce was more on the sweeter side of things. That complemented the fish well. It was a lovely dip for the fries too.

Fish and Fries with Sweet and Sour sauce
Among the three different sauces, this was our favorite. When dipped, the crunchy fish fillet was coated with citrus and sweet flavors. You must try the Fish and Fries with this one, you will surely love it!

Fish and Fries with Creamy Tartar sauce
The creamy tartar sauce reminded us of the dressing used for McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish. It felt like a deconstructed Fillet-O-Fish minus the buns and with a crispier and heftier fish!

Fish be with you 😀

It was indeed a prized catch! A great addition to McDonald’s menu, especially during this Lenten season. If you are looking for something that can fill you up for lunch, snacks or dinner, try the crunchy and tender Fish and Fries. You will surely love it! Visit the nearest McDonald’s store and EATSperience this fresh, crispy and tasty treat! Fish be with you. 😉

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