Yellow Box Rice Company – Katipunan, Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Hello everyone! Work just keeps getting busier and busier by the minute and it keeps getting harder and harder to write some of our recent EATSperiences. Good thing, we had a bit of a spare time coming off a hectic weekend. A couple of weeks back, we were able to EATSperience an eatery outside of our usual go to dining hotspots. This eatery is located along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City which is 13 kilometers away from where we stay to be exact. It was really far but we made it all the way there because we heard that the food there is really good. Our featured eatery for this EATSperience is the Yellow Box Rice Company. It is located just outside La Vista Village in Katipunan Avenue. Yellow Box Rice Company or YBRC for short is a small restaurant where diners can get a variety of bang for buck rice in a box meal. We can still remember how tasty and affordable rice in a box meals were back when we were still in college. That was like how many *secret* years ago! We had a really nostalgic feeling right when we stepped inside YBRC. Remembering the good old days when we survived long days mainly because it had heaps of rice and lots of flavor. Get your tummies ready for lots of tasty carb-filled boxes in our EATSperience at the Yellow Box Rice Company, enjoy!

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

The entrance of Yellow Box Rice Company is beside the Lapid’s Chicharon stall at the Petron Gas Station outside La Vista. Just simply pull the door open, head up the staircase, and pick your rice in a box meal. Easy right? We didn’t need to order their bestsellers as our friends from Yellow Box Rice Company were the ones who ordered it all for us. Keep reading to find out which ones we had!

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Say hello to the Yellow Box army! We can still remember the awesome aroma of the whole dining area when all these boxes were served. It was just Y-U-M, YUM!

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City
Tapa and Egg

Mr. Eats: This was one of my favorites at YBRC! Bite-sized slices of sweet and sour tapa with perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. The key here was the rice though. I had lots of it even without the tasty toppings. Yes, the rice on its own was simply irresistible! One of the best tapsilogs I have ever had, period.

Mrs. Eats: Tapsilog has always been one of my favorite breakfast food. The tapa at YBRC really tasty and sweet! One of the best tapas I have had. The tender slices of the tapa and the tasty rice made every spoonful really delicious!

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City
Chicken and Squid Mongolian

Mr. Eats: This caught my attention right away! Why? Simply because of how fragrant it was when it came out from the kitchen. It also looked really appetizing because of how colorful it was. I am so glad I was right. YBRC’s rendition of this rice-filled classic was a winner for me. I loved how generous they were with all the ingredients and it really showed how tasty this Yellow Box was.

Mrs. Eats: Symphony of colors and every component of this box were fresh. This for me is like a complete meal because it had meat and vegetables. Really flavorful and the Mongolian sauce was really evident in taste.

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City
Daing na Bangus with Salted Egg Rice

Mr. Eats: I never thought this would be one of my favorites because it’s fish but I ate my words right after I took my first bite. YES! This one was one of the winners of this EATSperience. The crispy Daing na Bangus flakes just made my day and the rice sealed the deal. Good balance of flavors. I would order this over and over if only YBRC was near our place!

Mrs. Eats: Another breakfast food that can be eaten anytime of the day. An innovative take on having a Salted Egg flavored rice. The Daing na Bangus was really tasty and my favorite about this box was the crispy bangus skin! I definitely would love to have this again!

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City
Beef Salpicao

Mr. Eats: I could smell this one until now! Super fragrant and equally delicious. The tenderness and flavor of the beef was just to die for. I can’t believe how much rice this made me eat but it’s all worth it!

Mrs. Eats: This is one of my favorite among the variety of rice meals YBRC offers. The sweetness from the mushrooms, the tender beef slices and the flavorful rice made this box worth the calorie-intake.

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Mr. Eats: Last but not the least, the Tinapa with Aligue Rice! It’s really sinful but super tasty. I knew it was bad for me but damn, it was just too delicious not to try. Well, I had more than I was supposed to but it really had that “linamnam” that we, Filipinos, are looking for! Two thumbs up, YBRC!

Mrs. Eats: I never thought rice box meals could be this good until we tried YBRC. They give their customers an array of delicious and creative combinations. And this Tinapa with Aligue Rice is a testimony to it. Big in size and in flavor.

We also tried the Sisig and Binagoongan at Yellow Box Rice Company (spot them in the flatlay photo above). Both were winners too! The Sisig was simply one of the best in town and will give your favorite a run for their money. The Binagoongan on the other hand was full of flavor because of the bagoong (prawn paste) and will sure have its own crowd of supporters because of its authenticity.

Yellow Box Rice Company Katipunan Quezon City

Sorry to say that our Yellow Box Rice Company EATSperience has come to an end. But their own journey in the ever-growing food industry here in Manila has just begun. We can’t wait for them to grow and hopefully have a few branches around Makati or BGC area so we can get a regular fix of our very own YBRC favorites! Don’t forget to drop by YBRC whenever you are around Quezon City or specifically in the Katipunan area. Fill up your tummies with great flavors and generous servings of awesomeness at Yellow Box Rice Company. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Yellow Box Rice Company

2nd floor Petron La Vista, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

+632 781 1668 or +632 572 2858

Facebook / Instagram

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: below 500 php for two


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