Oishi Great Lakes – Fruit Juice

Oishi Great Lakes Juice

A couple of weeks back, we received a beautiful package from our friends from Oishi. We were surprised at first because we know Oishi as a famous brand that makes all sorts of tasty chips we have grown to love. But juice? Hmmmm…. Yes, it did sound strange at first but, Oishi really does have a line of juices by the name Oishi Great Lakes. We received LOTS of grape and apple juice in both big and small packaging. LOTS—meaning good enough to share with our families and friends. With just the way it was packed, it got us really excited to try it out to see what makes it different from other local juice brands. What do you think will Oishi Great Lakes’ edge be? Just keep reading to find out, enjoy!

Oishi Great Lakes Juice

The juice came in a wooden crate with some additional treats like a plant and a magnetic white board that says, “What’s great about today?” The juice and treats were really well thought of and it just tells a lot about how much Oishi Great Lakes wants to make their product stand out in the market. Two thumbs up!

Oishi Great Lakes Juice

Light yellow for the pure pressed apple juice and red for the red grape juice. The Oishi Great Lakes juices in 250ml is priced at p20 and the 1liter pack is at p70. Looks pretty affordable, right? Let’s find out how it tastes, keep going!

Oishi Great Lakes Juice
Oishi Great Lakes Red Grape Juice

Mr. Eats: Surprisingly good! It tasted way better than most of our local juice brands in the market. I was really able to taste the red grape flavor and it was not overly sweet which was a big plus for me. For its price point, I am sure lots of people who love grape juice will get excited once they try this one out.

Mrs. Eats: Among the 2 flavors, this was my favorite. The grape flavor was really evident and the level of sweetness was just right for me. I found it refreshing when I had my first sip. I would love to go to the grocery and but this affordable grape juice by Oishi.

Oishi Great Lakes Juice
Oishi Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple Juice

Mr. Eats: This one was my favorite! I have always been a big fan of apple juice but sometimes only the expensive ones taste like REAL apple juice. Well, Oishi Great Lakes will surely change the game because of their Pure Pressed Apple Juice. Taste 100% pure apple juice. I am not joking. It is unlike any other local apple juice that I have had for the longest time. At p20, YES, to all the parents out there, make sure you let your family try this one out. You will love it!

Mrs. Eats: If you want a juice that does not have a trace of artificial flavoring, try this. This really tasted like pure pressed apple and it was not that sweet. For those who want a healthier and affordable juice drink, Oishi Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple Juice is for you.

Thanks to Oishi for sending over these lovely juice drinks! The Oishi Great Lakes surely gave us lots of flavor without being overly sweet. Drop some comments in the comments section and tell us what you think about these Oishi Great Lakes juices! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

Visit their WEBSITE for more information about the Oishi Great Lakes and many more!

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