The Great Eatscape: Tamarind, SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura

Hello everyone! We are finally back to finish our five part series about SM Aura Premier and ForkSpoonManila’s The Great Eatscape. After 4 fantastic restaurants, we were really really FULL. We were nearing the point of no return when we were on our way to the last restaurant of the day. The last of five Sky Park restaurants that we visited that day was Tamarind: Taste of Thai. As the name says, this place serves Thai food which means lots of different flavors from different Southeast Asian herbs and spices. We momentarily forgot that we were already stuffed when we entered Tamarind. The aroma coming from the freshly cooked dishes in their super busy kitchen was enough to remind us that we can still do it. We can still hang on for the last restaurant of the day. Find out if we made the right decision or not as you keep on reading our Tamarind EATSperience. Here it goes, enjoy!

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura

Tamarind was packed when our group came in. Good thing our tables were already reserved, thanks to their wonderful staff. The food was also ready just after a few minutes of waiting. The place was cozy and was really perfect for a feast. However, it was a bit challenging for us to snap up some shots because the place was dimly lit. Let’s now move on to the last leg of eating in the Great Eatscape. Here it goes, enjoy!

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura
Crispy Pork Salad with Cucumber and Lime Dressing

Mr. Eats: My kind of salad! I never thought that there was a salad like this but thanks to the salad gods for making pork as an acceptable salad dish. Kidding aside, this dish is perfect for me because the pork skin were really crispy and the dressing really worked perfectly in creating a good balance of salty and tangy flavors. Awesome stuff, Tamarind!

Mrs. Eats: The saltiness from the crispy pork complemented the sour and sweet flavors from the cucumber and lime dressing. A refreshing start to a great meal.

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura
Pla Manao
(Poached Seabass in Lime Broth)

Mr. Eats: The fish was cooked beautifully. However, it was a tad too spicy for my own taste. If I wasn’t full yet, this would have been perfect with lots of rice to balance out the spice and to just simply enjoy the natural sweetness of the fish.

Mrs. Eats: The seabass was poached well. It tasted fresh and the strong flavor from the broth awakened my senses. This dish made me want to pair it with a cup of rice. If you are a seafood lover, try this.

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura
Sea Salt Crusted Grilled Pla Pla

Mr. Eats: This was one of the dishes that intrigued me the most in this EATSperience. It looked strange at first but when the crust was removed, it was all good. The fish was super fragrant and it was cooked beautifully. My first bite though was a different story. I think the juice of the salt crust penetrated the fish and it was just too salty for me. Good thing I gave it another try and I got lucky the second time around. I honestly liked this one more than the Pla Manao.

Mrs. Eats: If Mr.Eats had a chance to have a another bite, I was not able to. My memory of this dish is exactly how it was named. I remember dominantly the taste of the salt. I would love to try this again to enjoy the fish.

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura
Glass Noodles with Prawns in Clay Pot

Mr. Eats: I loved this one so much! The prawns were big, fresh and were cooked well. This dish is similar to the Crab Sotanghon dishes from Chinese restaurants. I think this was better though because I love prawns more and Thai dishes tend to give more depth of flavor. A must-try for all the noodle and prawn lovers out there!

Mrs. Eats: The sweetness from the prawns made me enjoy this dish. The sauce was really flavorful. The glass noodles and the prawns made a good combination. Something to try again when we eat at Tamarind.

The Great Eatscape Tamarind SM Aura
Crispy Pork Knuckles

Mr. Eats: Love at first sight! Yes, I was really really full before coming to Tamarind but this baby was just too lovely to ignore. I just felt that I had to try it and yes, I did. This is a Thai version of the Crispy Pata for me. It was tasty in its own right. I was just not a fan of the sauce. I think the simple Filipino sauce made up of suka, toyo, sibuyas and chili is still a better partner.

Mrs. Eats: Crispy Pork Knuckles will always be a delight for Mr. and Mrs. Eats. It was still crispy after a certain period of time and it was really flavorful. The sauce was sweet and it had a bit of kick that made the crispy pork really tasty. This is for all the pork lovers out there.

Tamarind gave us a different Thai food EATSperience. They served us dishes that were not our Thai staples, which we really enjoyed. They had colorful dishes that were packed with lots of flavor. That’s it for the Great Eatscape series! Once again, we would like to thank SM Aura Premier and ForkSpoonManila for this one of a kind food crawl. Till next time!

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Tamarind: Taste of Thai

Fifth Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

+632 556 1156

Facebook / Instagram

Opening Hours: 10am to 12mn (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000 – 1500 php for two


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  1. I’ve been seeing this on DealGrocer, but I always end up not getting the coupon. I’ll give it a try next time! (And remember to bring a flashlight for my photos. Hah!) Thanks!


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