Makirrito by Tokyo Tokyo

Makirrito Tokyo Tokyo Philippines

Life has been so fast paced nowadays that it’s a luxury for us to take our time and enjoy what we are eating. Since we started working and living again in Manila, we have always been on-the-go. In a hurry to have something to eat especially with all the work that we have to do. Also, having something like a quick meal doesn’t always guarantee full and happy tummies. Sometimes taste is also sacrificed because of the quality of fast food available. Good thing, just this week we discovered something fast, flavorful, filling and affordable! The Makirrito by Tokyo Tokyo. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it is the a combination of Maki (sushi rolls) flavors and components with the portability of a Burrito thus, Makirrito! Sounds interesting so far? Keep reading to find out more about Tokyo Tokyo’s NEWEST creation, enjoy!

Because we were really hungry, we decided to get one of each Makirrito available, the California Tempura and the Samurai Karaage!

Makirrito Tokyo Tokyo Philippines

The Makirrito is priced at a very affordable 100 pesos. Yes, it’s just a hundred pesos given the fact that it is fast, filling and flavorful. Having a Makirrito for a hundred pesos each was just a perfect match not only for our grumbling tummies but also for our budget.

Makirrito Tokyo Tokyo Philippines
California Tempura
(Kani Tempura, Ripe Mangoes, Shredded Cabbage and Sliced Carrots with Japanese Special Sauce and Mayo)

Mr. Eats: I was really really hungry when we decided to drop by an outlet of Tokyo Tokyo on the way home. This baby caught my eye right away because I love love love kani tempura. I made no mistake ordering this one because it had kani tempura from the first bite down to the last. The other ingredients were a thing of beauty too because everything was just super fresh. The combination of the special sauce and mayo was a hit for me too. I honestly wanted to just keep this one to myself. Well done, Tokyo Tokyo!

Mrs. Eats: I’ve always loved maki rolls and this Makirrito got my attention. I found it interesting to have maki rolls that aren’t sliced. I enjoyed every bite because it was so manageable to eat. I’ve EATSperienced the crunch from the kani tempura and the vegetables, the sweetness from the mango and the tasty sauce all in one bite. A recommendation for all California Maki lovers out there!

Makirrito Tokyo Tokyo Philippines
Samurai Karaage
(Japanese Fried Chicken, Shredded Carrots and Cabbage with Japanese Special Sauce and Mayo)

Mr. Eats: Of course, we can’t just have one roll, right? So we decided to get the Samurai Karaage too. Good thing we did because this was tasty in its own right too. I can never say no to fried chicken, more so if it’s Japanese Fried Chicken. This Makirrito was crunchy, juicy, sweet and it had a little bit of spice coming from what I think is a touch of wasabi. I can safely say that I was stuffed after having my share out of the Samurai Karaage. Must try for maki, fried chicken, and burrito lovers out there!

Mrs. Eats: What I loved about these rolls was that it had a good proportion of the Japanese rice and the filling. For the Samurai Karaage, it had a bolder flavor because the the Japanese special sauce was more evident and it had a slight kick from the wasabi. I liked how the chicken was spread out evenly. If you want something with a bit of kick, try this one!

Makirrito Tokyo Tokyo Philippines
Which one would you like to try? Or is it both?

The Makirrito was such a pleasant surprise addition to Tokyo Tokyo’s classics. In our honest foodie opinion, it’s a great addition to cope with fast paced times of the 21st century. For those who are always on-the-go, we recommend the Makirrito to satisfy not only your craving for Japanese food but also, to fill up your empty stomach and to please your budget too. For 200 pesos, a filling and tasty meal for two has just become a reality with Tokyo Tokyo’s Makirrito. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

Tokyo Tokyo


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Budget: 200 php for two


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