The Great Eatscape: Yabu, SM Aura

The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura

Hello everyone! Here’s the last installment of our recent Great Eatscape EATSperience with ForkSpoonManila and SM Aura. This EATSperience is about Yabu, a restaurant that has become a household name for all sorts of great-tasting katsu and more. We had a great run for the first few restaurants but we were glad that we still had room for what Yabu had in stored for us. This is also our first time to write about Yabu. Surprising, right? We are really excited to share our thoughts about what we EATSperienced and we hope you are excited to read about it too. Before the katsu gets cold, here goes our Yabu EATSperience, enjoy!

The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura
Korokke Tamago
(jumbo potato croquette, stuffed with soft-boiled egg)

[Mr. Eats] This was probably the biggest croquette that I have ever had. It was really ENORMOUS! It wasn’t just huge, it was also very tasty. I loved the perfectly fried panko bread crumbs shell on the outside, the rich center because of the soft-boiled egg (could have been runnier though), and the creamy tartar sauce just brought the EATSperience to a whole new level.

[Mrs. Eats] The croquette EATSperience that I had in Yabu was different from the croquettes that I have had before. Aside from the size, this had a soft-boiled egg in the middle and it was laid on a bed of tartar sauce. I enjoyed the crunchy and creamy textures that it gave and the tasty flavor from the potato, egg and the tartar sauce.

The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura
(grilled US beef rib cap in honey soy sauce, sauteed onions, topped with poached egg on a bed of white rice)

[Mr. Eats] This was one of my favorites of this EATSperience! I loved how the honey soy sauce perfectly complemented the thin slices of beef. I just wish it had more beef or an option to add more of it was available. TIP: Make sure you mix it all really well before taking your first bite. This is to help all the ingredients work their magic and also to save your tongue from any unnecessary punishment from the hot stone bowl.

[Mrs. Eats] Every spoonful was a delight. The beef was tender and drenched in sweetness from the honey soy sauce. The poached egg added creaminess to this dish and the white rice just made it even better. I agree with Mr.Eats, mix all the ingredients to have a better EATSperience of it.

The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura
Hire and Tori Menchi Katsu Pair
(pork loin katsu and minced chicken katsu with ham and cheese)
The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura
Hire and Salmon Katsu Pair
(pork loin katsu and salmon katsu)

[Mr. Eats] The New Katsu Pairs! I have always been a fan of lean meat especially when it comes to pork because I find it healthier. The Hire Katsu is two thumbs up! The Tori Menchi was simply just not my type of katsu. Why? Because I love my katsu to be either pork or salmon. Speaking of Salmon Katsu, Yabu’s Salmon Katsu was superb! I loved how thick the cuts were and how well it was cooked, as you can see in the photo. If I were to choose between these two pairs, without a shadow of a doubt, I would choose the Hire and Salmon Katsu Pair simply because it has the best of both worlds.

[Mrs. Eats] I love fried food and katsu has been a consistent favorite of mine. Among the two pairs that we have tried, I liked the Hire and Salmon Katsu Pair. Two of my favorites in one serving. The pork was tender and the salmon was cooked beautifully. Yabu has always served their customers a good portion of their dishes, which is one reason why I like to dine here. Try this out if you want to have your pork and salmon katsu fix.

Aside from all the Yabu menu classics, they also have the Bento Katsu Set (exclusive only for weekday lunch). We repeat, the set below is only available during weekday lunch (10am to 3pm, store hours may vary per branch). If you have been craving for Yabu on a weekday, make sure to take advantage of the Bento Katsu Set and go back to work, to school or even to your home with a happy tummy.

The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura
Bento Katsu Set
(crispy golden katsu, served with veggie katsu, white Japanese rice and miso soup, plus a single serving of mixed salad, fruits, and an appetizer of your choice: agedashi tofu or potato salad)
The Great Eatscape Yabu SM Aura
Bento Katsu Set
(crispy golden katsu, served with veggie katsu, white Japanese rice and miso soup, plus a single serving of mixed salad, fruits, and an appetizer of your choice: agedashi tofu or potato salad)

[Mr. Eats] These bento sets not only look good but are also very filling and tasty. I will never survive a week without having anything fried and this set was just the perfect meal for me. Veggies, fruits, rice and almost all the fried food I can imagine in one tasty set. I would surely order this if I can have lunch at Yabu on a weekday and choose the Agedashi Tofu as an appetizer and the Rosu as my main protein for an EATSperience like no other.

[Mrs. Eats] This, without a doubt is recommended for people who would want to have a filling meal. You have a complete set that can really make your hungry tummy satisfied. When we dine again in Yabu, I would love to have their bento katsu set and choose Agedashi tofu as an appetizer and Hire katsu as my main. Try this when you dine at Yabu!

We have finally come to the end of our Great Eatscape EATSperience! We would like to thank Yabu for giving us one enjoyable EATSperience. We were so glad we left space for Yabu because they simply never disappoint. If there was one thing that they can improve on, it’s the consistency of the service. We believe that each staff deserves to be fully trained not only to give a great EATSperience to the diners but also give justice to the quality of food that the restaurant serves. Aside from that minor comment from us, we still love Yabu and the great katsu EATSperience it provides every single time. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Fifth Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

+632 556 1001

Facebook / Instagram

Opening Hours:

10am to 11pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000 – 1500 php for two

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