Epilogue Fine Bistro – S Maison, Conrad Manila


If you are a bookworm, the term epilogue is something you are familiar with. It is the part wherein a character’s journey comes to an end, and the story is concluded. At Epilogue Fine Bistro, their aim is to let their diners have the most satisfying and enjoyable experience. With 4 Japanese chefs, each a master of their own craft, Epilogue has a well-curated menu that is presented in such a way that it likes reading through the different parts of a book. Epilogue serves dishes that have the basic ingredients that are elevated to the next level. Join us and read through our Epilogue in S Maison, Conrad Manila EATSperience.

Welcome to Epilogue Fine Bistro at S Maison – Conrad Manila!




Located at the ground floor of S Maison, Epilogue brings their diners to a place of intimate dining. With its dimmed lights and casual interior, this is a great place for couples who are out on a date or for families and friends who opt to have a nice and quiet dinner. As we made our way inside, an array of pastries placed at the entrance was what welcomed us. Which made Mrs. Eats giddy as she loves sweets. Then a few steps after is a bar, perfect for diners who are in the mood for some drinks. Then comes the main dining hall with an open kitchen, set to make diners like us, even more excited on what will fill our hungry tummies.

Let’s begin our Epilogue EATSperience!

Seafood Tablet
Php 440
Php 580
Php 480

As these dishes made its way to our table, we knew that we were in for something good. The seafood tablet is couscous topped with juicy calamari and plump prawns, finished with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. Then the other 2 dishes were pasta dishes. Yup, we already had a filling start to this feast. Veneto is Epilogue’s version of hand-tossed Gnocchi with Prosciutto di Parma and fresh cream. And then there’s Amatriciana, red sauce based pasta with basil, tomato confit and artisan pancetta. It was hard for us to pick a favorite because all were uniquely good in its own right. But what stood out for us was the Veneto. Perfectly hand-tossed Gnocchi pasta, with generous slices of Prosciutto di Parma.

Foie’s Gold
Php 1,100
Wagyu Beef Pizza
Php 670

As we were getting hold of the first 3 dishes, more dishes were delivered to our table. First was the Foie’s Gold, 50g pan-seared Ernest Soulard Foie Gras on top of an earthy mushroom risotto with portobello. Then came the Wagyu Beef Pizza. Wagyu beef, fresh mozarella, sriracha, haricot vert and mushrooms. Then the minimalist yet tasty Margherita. Mozarella di Buffala, stewed tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, balsamic glaze. Our favorite was the Margherita. Basic ingredients taken up a notch higher to the next level.

Yuzu Dori
Php 620
Confit de Canard
Php 775
King’s Cut
Php 1,690 / Php 3,990
Php 1,550

Even if we started feeling full, we made sure that we still had room for Epilogue’s mains. Yuzu Dori consists of crispy chicken flavored with Shio-Koji, quinoa with sun-dried tomatoes and Yuzu Kosho. Confit de Canard is a dish that has a slow-cooked leg of duck with potato Lyonnaise, sauteed Haricot Vert, walnuts and Sherry Jus. To make our feast even more special, we had King’s Cut, a US Angus Prime Ribeye steak with potato gratin, creamed spinach, Kobucha, handcrafted steak demi-glace and wasabi. And the Maestro, a steak Rossini of US Prime Angus Tenderloin with seared Foie Gras, handcrafted demi-glace and gratin Dauphinoise. Among the 4 mains, our favorite was the Maestro. It was the best of both worlds. Juicy and tender steak topped with a perfectly seared Foie Gras.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

To finish things off, we had this creamy and rich Dulce De Leche that has the right amount of sweetness. Also, we were able to try their Matcha cheesecake which was as equally good as this. We definitely ended our feast on a sweet note.


Just like in any other books, a happy ending will always be a great way to end a book. And as we end our Epilogue EATSperience, we can say that we indeed had an amazing time sampling and appreciating the well-executed dishes from their chefs. It might be a little bit pricey to dine at Epilogue but you will surely love what they offer. So if you are in a hunt for a new date place or an intimate place for family gatherings, Epilogue can be a part of your list. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. Until next time!

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Ground Floor, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

+63917 519 8862

Facebook / Website / Instagram

Operating Hours:

10:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 2000 php for two

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