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Almost 3 years ago, the gym used to be our place of serenity especially after a stressful and tiring day at work. It helped us gain strength, confidence and the motivation to be healthy and fit. However, due to certain changes, heading to the gym is not as easy as 1,2,3 anymore. Considering our busy schedule as full-time parents and teachers, making time for exercise can be quite challenging. It took us sometime before we were able to have that motivation back. And as we age and as parents in our early 30’s, we want to gain that healthy lifestyle once again. Not just for ourselves but also for the little one to have parents who can play and get active with her without feeling exhausted easily. Knowing that there is a gym that operates 24 hours and that has a lot of branches, exercising will not be that challenging anymore. At Anytime Fitness, it will be easier for us to find time to exercise because of the convenience of having a branch near our workplace and near our home. Join us as we share with you our FITSperience at Anytime Fitness – #MyHealthierPlace.

Anytime Fitness – ETON Tower, Makati




Hooray for having an Anytime Fitness branch near our home! It was officially our first day back at the gym and we felt like we were newbies once again. Oh and by the way, it was our first time to workout together too! Wasn’t that exciting?! So, as we made our way to the gym, we were quite surprised that we just had to tap our key on the detector of the main door, enter and be ready to workout. They do have a small receiving area but no reception desk which was something new for us. We thought to ourselves that probably that’s how things work in this gym. Then we made our way to the locker rooms to keep our bags. A personal lock is a must to prioritize safety. After feeling that gym vibe, we were so ready to sweat and burn calories from eating…A LOT! From cardio exercises, to muscle strengthening, to having an opportunity to do personal workout, there are a lot of choices that can cater to a members’ needs. They also have a studio where different classes are being held. Seeing all these, we really are back to getting fit again! And having Anytime Fitness as our Healthier Place.



“It feels great to be back at the gym after a long time. I am motivated to just get back into shape and be active once again. Thanks to Anytime Fitness for being available anytime, anywhere.” -Mr. Eats



“From the moment I gave birth, I knew that to be a regular at the gym won’t be as easy as before. Finally after almost 2 years of no regular exercise, I am back to hit the gym on a regular basis. Can’t wait to be fit and healthy again. ” – Mrs.Eats


Every fitness journey is a story worth telling. The Philippines’ fastest-growing co-ed fitness club chain, Anytime Fitness is empowering ordinary people to live healthier lives by inviting members, non-members, and coaches nationwide to share their personal journey to better health on its Facebook page. The Celebrate My Healthier Place campaign is breaking barriers to healthy living by building a community where anyone can be heard. Participants with the best entry also get the chance to win free one-year membership as well as become the brand ambassador for 2018. Finalists will be revealed at the Celebrate My Healthier Place Fitness Festival on October 7 at Bonifacio Global City. Participants can vote for the winner during the event. For more details, visit https://www.facebook.com/AnytimeFitnessPhilippines/.

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