[FITSplorations] Anytime Fitness – #MyHealthierPlace

Almost 3 years ago, the gym used to be our place of serenity especially after a stressful and tiring day at work. It helped us gain strength, confidence and the motivation to be healthy and fit. However, due to certain changes, heading to the gym is not as easy as 1,2,3 anymore. Considering our busy schedule as full-time parents and teachers, making time for exercise can be quite challenging. It took us sometime before we were able to have that motivation back. And as we age and as parents in our early 30’s, we want to gain that healthy lifestyle once again. Not just for ourselves but also for the little one to have parents who can play and get active with her without feeling exhausted easily. Knowing that there is a gym that operates 24 hours and that has a lot of branches, exercising will not be that challenging anymore. At Anytime Fitness, it will be easier for us to find time to exercise because of the convenience of having a branch near our workplace and near our home. Join us as we share with you our FITSperience at Anytime Fitness – #MyHealthierPlace. Continue reading


Father’s Day EATStaycation at New World Manila Bay

From the time that he was just sitting by the window of the nursery room watching over Sabine, I already knew that he’d make a good father. And on his 2nd Father’s day, our loving and caring man-of-the-house deserved to have a special weekend. In this edition of EATSplorations, allow us to share with you our Father’s day weekend, spent at New World Manila Bay, one of the finest hotels in the Metro. With the hotels’ service and the view of the scenic Manila Bay, Mr.Eats had the whole weekend to relax and to unwind. Join us as we narrate our Father’s Day EATStaycation at New World Manila Bay, enjoy! Continue reading…