Pancake House – Uptown Place Mall, BGC

Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC

It’s been almost two months since we arrived back in Manila. Before, when we would come back home it’s usually just for a few weeks of holiday. During those times, we would just binge eat on all of the food that we missed from months of being away. Now that we are back for good, we can slowly enjoy all of our favorites while trying out the new spots in town. One of our old favorites is Pancake House. They serve up all-day breakfast, Filipino favorites and lots of comfort food. Growing up, we have our own memorable Pancake House moments made in one of their outlets in Makati that includes our favorite pancakes, tacos and many more. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will share with you our latest Pancake House EATSperience now as a family in one of their newest branches, Uptown Mall in BGC.


Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Located at the 4th floor of Uptown Mall
Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Glad to be back!
Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Home of the Best Tacos in Town! πŸ˜€
Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Homey ambiance and food await!

Pancake House is a restaurant that would immediately make you feel at home. It’s just downright homey. Food is so simple yet so good! Yes, #ItsNotThatComplicated as Pancake House would say in their social media posts. Because it really is simple. People come here and treat their souls with superb comfort food. This EATSperience of ours is about the Pancake House favorites we have loved over the years. Hope you like it!


Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
EVERYTHING that we love in Pancake House πŸ˜€
Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Best Taco in Town

Mr. Eats: In my most honest opinion, it really is the BEST TACO in town. Simply delicious. Its sweet chili has always been very good and I am so happy it has remained the same over the years. Every bite out of this beautiful taco is an explosion of flavors and textures! This definitely is my all-time favorite taco.

Mrs. Eats: The name says it all. What I love about this is the consistency in flavor. The taste have not changed since the first time I have tried this. The sweet chili always makes me want for more. I can definitely have this either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Club Sandwich

Mr. Eats: This plate of sandwich has been one of my go to dishes in Pancake House because it never fails to fill up my empty stomach. I love the generosity exemplified through its different layers. Imagine crunchy veggies, creamy tuna salad and crispy BACON, in every bite! πŸ˜€

Mrs. Eats: A family favorite! The ingredients were fresh and I was able to taste every flavor used in the filling in one bite. If you want something to fill-up your hungry tummies without having that “guilty” feeling, order this!

Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Classic Pan Chicken

Mr. Eats: Super crispy and juicy! This is one of the dishes that I look forward to devouring when we would come home from Jakarta. Good thing I can now have it anytime I want. *MORE gravy please!!!*

Mrs. Eats: Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Mr.Eats and I both love fried chicken that’s why this is definitely one of the staples that we always have when we dine at Pancake House. The chicken was juicy and tender and the gravy was indeed tasty! Surely a classic!

Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Mr. Eats: YES! Spaghetti with Meat Sauce by Pancake House after almost 6 long months. What makes it special for me is its sweet style meat sauce. I can never have enough of it because it makes me feel like a kid again! πŸ˜€

Mrs. Eats: Their sweet-style spaghetti has always been a childhood favorite of mine. I loved the generous amount of the meat sauce that it made me dip my toasts while simultaneously twirling the al dente noodles. Definitely a must=try!

Pancake House Uptown Mall BGC
Caramel Banana Walnut

Mr. Eats: Of course! A Pancake House EATSperience won’t be complete without pancakes. Caramel Banana Walnut for sharing is the way to go. For me, it’s the best way to cap off a Pancake House EATSperience. Perfectly cooked fluffy pancakes with a touch of sweetness from the sliced bananas, caramelized walnuts and maple syrup. Happiness!

Mrs. Eats: Pancake House indeed is home for pancake lovers like me. Whenever I would dine at Pancake House, I never leave without ordering their pancakes. Their fluffy pancakes smothered with butter cream and maple syrup made my EATSperience complete. What a way to end a good meal!

Pancake House will always be dear to our hearts and of course to our tummies. The food that they serve never fail to satisfy our cravings. It may look simple to some but good food need not be complicated. As long as it pleases us and comforts our soul, it is GOOD food. They will always be one of our favorite go to comfort food restaurants, because of their consistency and value for money. Β That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till our next EATSperience!


Pancake House

4th Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., BGC, Taguig City

+632 7 9000




Budget: 750 php for two

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