[Batangas EATS] Plum Restaurant at Lima Park Hotel


You have already read about our Lima Park Hotel EATSperience, right? If you haven’t read about it yet, just click right here. That was a really fun weekend in an unexpectedly awesome hotel, that is just less than a couple of hours away from Makati City. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing more about Lima Park Hotel’s in-house restaurant and its take on some Filipino and Asian classics. Join us to find out what Plum Restaurant at Lima Park Hotel has to offer! Enjoy!

Plum Restaurant at Lima Park Hotel!


Plum Restaurant is just located right below Lima Park Hotel’s main lobby and it sits comfortably beside the hotel’s lovely garden and patio.


Plum Restaurant is one of the three dining outlets inside Lima Park Hotel. The other two are The Patio Bar and La Terraza. Plum Restaurant features Asian favorites and Filipino classics executed their way: modern, fun, and exciting.


The restaurant looks pretty casual with touches of Filipino and Asian decors. The place is very pleasing to the eyes and very welcoming to diners. To see more of what it looks like inside Plum Restaurant, make sure to watch the video right here!


Did we say Filipino-Asian classics? Yup! Filipino and Asian staples served the Plum way.  We had quite an awesome lunch spread that was perfect upon our arrival at Lima Park Hotel.  After all the check-in SOPs and resting time, Plum had prepared a spread that made our tummies happy and full. Curious what our spread was? Keep on reading!

Here are the dishes that we tried at Plum!


Homemade Potstickers (Php 310)

One of our favorites of our Plum EATSperience! Really meaty, packed with so much flavor and aroma. The two sauces were amazing! Combining the Sweet Chili with the Ginger (very Hainanese-like) Sauce made things over the top for us! Really delicious dish! TIP: One more thing you should check out is Plum’s Cuapao (stuffed steamed buns, Php 260 at 3pcs), too good we forgot to take a photo, hehe!


Tom Yum Goong (Php 320)

A Thai cuisine favorite! We would usually compare this to Sinigang because they’re both sour. However, Tom Yum Goong is usually expected to be sour and spicy at the same time. Plum’s version is more on the sour side and lacks some kick (spice level can be adjusted said one of the chefs). Lovely looking dish that’s perfect for sharing!


Batangas Bulalo (Php 690)

Of course, this Batangas EATSperience won’t be complete without having BULALO (Beef Marrow Stew)! Plum’s version of this Filipino classic dish is definitely a hit! Just look at how much meat, veggies, and bone marrow it has. Soup is refillable, too! Really tasty and comforting. Definitely a must try dish when you dine at Plum!


Beef Rendang (Php 580)

Beef Rendang is probably the most famous dish in Indonesia and while we were there a few years back, we absolutely loved it because it goes really well with lots of rice! Plum’s version, if we remember correctly, is more like how the Javanese do it. It not spicy, it’s just really flavorful because of all the aromatics and spices that they use. If you are into beef dishes and not on a no carb or low carb diet, you must try Plum’s Beef Rendang! 100% recommended!


Chicken Adobo sa Dilaw (Php 390)

Taaleño dish, represent! It’s a good thing that Plum included a famous dish from Taal and gave it so much respect by doing it the right way. It’s fragrant, really tasty, and the chicken was cooked to perfection! Extra rice, please!!!


Turon con Latik (Php 130)

A classic combination of Turon and Ube Ice Cream for dessert! This may look simple for some but this is such a great sweet treat combo when it comes to Filipino desserts and we loved it! A great way to finish off our first-ever meal at Plum Restaurant.

Some more of Plum’s bestsellers!


Thai Beef Salad (Php 360) Mushrooms, Greens, and Beef Tenderloin Salad with Thai-inspired vinaigrette.


Pancit Palabok Japchae (Php 390) Korean noodles, Filipino flavors.


Nasi Goreng (Php 330) Indonesian fried rice with Chicken Satay and Fried Egg.


Butterflied Fish with Pineapple Coriander Salsa (Php 520) Crispy and juicy fish, fried goodness!


Barako Coffee Jelly and Mantecado Ice Cream (Php 220) Affogato-like dessert concocted with Batangas’ famous Kapeng Barako!


After that awesome lunch meal, we sure did feel like napping! Haha! That’s how full we were. We loved Plum’s take on the different Filipino and Asian classics. The execution of each dish and the flavors were amazing! Lima Park Hotel has an in-house restaurant that will definitely make guests not leave to eat out and just dine here. Again, if you haven’t seen our EAT and EXPLORE video at Lima Park Hotel, please check out the link below. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Plum Restaurant

Lima Park Hotel, Lima Technology Center, Malvar, Batangas, Philippines

+63 43 981 1555

Email: reservations@limaparkhotel.com

Website / Facebook / Instagram


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