Flavors of Japan at McDonald’s Philippines


Something NEW from McDonald’s Philippines!!! The Golden Arches have something new for us here in the Philippines with their recently launched Burgers, Shake Shake Fries, and McFloat inspired by the Japanese flavors! I just finished my order from McDelivery.com.ph and in this edition of EATSplorations, I will tell you about my Flavors of Japan at McDonald’s Philippines EATSperience. In case you didn’t know yet, McDo PH launched 2 new burgers namely the Ebi Burger and the Teriyaki Samurai Burger together with the Nori flavored Shake Shake Fries and Strawberry Sakura McFloat. All of the which are now available nationwide and via McDelivery. Keep on reading if you want to find out about my thoughts on these new McDo PH products, enjoy!

Flavors of Japan at McDonald’s Philippines!


When I found out that McDonald’s will be launching their new products today, I eagerly waited for 10:30am to clock in and went to their McDelivery site right away. There, I immediately saw the Flavors of Japan menu items. Without any hesitation, I ordered ALL OF THEM right away!


As you can see, I got the ala carte of the Teriyaki Samurai Burger at Php 133 and the Sakura Meal with Ebi Burger for Php 206. A total of 388 pesos for everything including the Php 49 delivery charge. The value meal for both burgers is priced at Php 159 (regular), Php 179 (medium), and Php 196 (large). For more information, click here.


After a few minutes, my order arrived and it looked like this! The Flavors of Japan by McDonald’s Philippines. Teriyaki Samurai Burger, Ebi Burger, Strawberry Sakura McFloat, and Nori Shake Shake Fries!


It can’t get any more Japanese than this, Nori or Japanese Seaweed Flavor for the Golden Arches fries!


As expected, it really tasted like Nori! Sweet and salty at the same time. It goes perfectly well with the best fries in the world. If you love seaweed flavored chips, you will surely love this version of the famous McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries! Oishi!


The two new McDonald’s Burgers in Japanese flavors in Japanese-inspired wrappers, too!


Teriyaki Samurai Burger (Php 133 ala carte, Php 159 for regular, Php 179 for medium, and Php 196 for large)


I was very excited to try this one out because I am big fan of both the Teriyaki sauce and the McDonald’s burger patty. However, to my disappointment, it looked like there was no teriyaki sauce on my Teriyaki Samurai Burger. It looked like the sauce of the Ebi Burger was in my Samurai Burger. In all fairness, the burger went pretty well with the wrong sauce which was creamy, sweet and tangy. Since there was a mistake, I will surely try the REAL Teriyaki Samurai Burger again anytime soon, hehe.


Ebi Burger (Php 133 ala carte, Php 159 for regular, Php 179 for medium, and Php 196 for large)


As you can see, the Teriyaki sauce is obviously on the wrong burger, hehe! Well, even though it was in the wrong burger, the Teriyaki sauce tastes pretty legit! It tasted pretty good and of restaurant quality. The Ebi Burger Patty was really stuffed with minced shrimp and tasted really really good! Together with the Teriyaki sauce, it was okay, too! It could have been better with the right sauce. I would gladly order this again because of the high quality and fresh tasting shrimp patty!


Strawberry Sakura McFloat (Php 38 ala carte, Php 95 with Nori Shake Shake, and Php 108 with Large Nori Shake Shake)

This was unexpectedly GOOD!!! I really loved how refreshing McFloat is. It goes really well with both burgers and Nori Shake Shake! I loved the balance of flavors and sweetness on this one. Must try drink!


All in all, I pretty much enjoyed my Flavors of Japan EATSperience! If only I was given the correct sauces on my burgers, it could have been a way better EATSperience. I don’t know how long this Japanese-inspired menu of McDo PH will last but all the items are perfect for the upcoming hot and dry season that we will all be having here in the Philippines. Don’t forget to tell me about your very own Flavors of Japan EATSperience! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Disclosure: I ordered on my own and I paid for my own bill. I wrote this article based on my own biases and opinions.


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