[New World Makati] Chinese Feast at Jasmine


Chinese cuisine is and will always be one of my favorites. It’s neck and neck with Filipino and Japanese cuisines, respectively. Chinese dishes has been a great part of me growing up in Chinatown. I had lots of it from different restaurants, eateries, food stalls. It just tastes like home. Now, living 30 minutes to an hour away from all the tasty stuff, I make sure that my family and I still get to EATSperience good Chinese food every once in a while through trips downtown or even just eating at Cantonese restaurants. In this edition of EATSplorations, I, Mr. Eats, will be sharing my first-ever EATSperience at one of New World Makati’s in-house restaurants that specializes in authentic Cantonese dishes. Keep on reading to find out what I EATSperienced during a Chinese Feast at Jasmine in New World Makati! Enjoy!

Chinese Feast at Jasmine in New World Makati!


Jasmine is the in-house Cantonese restaurant of New World Makati in the bustling area of the Ayala Center, just behind Greenbelt 3. It is located at the second floor of the hotel just above the New World Makati’s lovely hotel lobby.





Jasmine looks and feels very homey and familiar as it looks like you are in a classic Chinese restaurant. As you know, Chinese food is all about sharing dishes family-style. That’s why the place is perfect for intimate family gatherings, office lunches, catch-ups with friends, and of course, romantic meals with the love of your life. For my first Jasmine EATSperience, it was all about getting to know the restaurant, the people I was sharing the table with, and of course, the FOOD.


It’s time to EATSperience Jasmine’s FOOD!


My Jasmine EATSperience opened up with Yum Cha aka Dim Sum. UNLIMITED, all-you-can-eat, servings of it! It’s available everyday during lunch time only.  The unlimited dim sum EATSperience at Jasmine only costs Php 988 per person, inclusive of service charge. If you are a dim sum fanatic, you will surely enjoy this offer (All You Can Eat Dim Sum until December 30, 2018)!


Peking Duck cooked two (2) ways (Php 3,188)

First way is slicing of the crispy and juicy skin and wrapping it in Chinese crepe with leeks, cucumber, and hoisin sauce. It was such a delight seeing the server slicing the beautifully cooked skin and prepare it tableside. In my opinion, it was one of the crispiest and juiciest duck skins I have ever had. I think I had quite a number of it, too. It was really really good!



The second way is minced duck meat with lettuce and hoisin sauce. This showcased the flavor of the meat and how tender it is. I really love how the hoisin sauce makes everything better. For me, it’s one of my go to dips in Chinese cuisine.

A Taste of Jasmine’s Chinese Country Style Menu!


Whole Winter Melon with Seafood and Conpoy Soup (Php 1,680)

I haven’t had this in a long long time and it’s good to reacquaint myself to how lovely it looks and tastes. I loved the presentation and how it was prepared. It tasted as beautiful as it looked which was really amazing and comforting. Definitely a must-try when you dine with your friends or family.



Beggar’s Chicken (Php 1,988) – must order at least 4-5 hours before

The legendary Beggar’s Chicken! Another dish that I probably had years and years ago. It was nice to hear the story again on how this dish came about. It probably has around 2-3 interpretations but whatever the real story is, the most important part is that this dish has been part of so many celebrations already. Shared by friends and family. I enjoyed how tender the chicken was and the sauce and the mushrooms inside gave it a more satisfying taste. Just super homey and really delicious dish. Perfect for sharing!



Wok Fried “Kung Pao” Squid with Taro (Php 880)

Extra large taro puff with spicy squid! This was one of my favorite dishes of this EATSperience. Hands down one of the best kung pao dishes, thanks to the perfectly cooked squid, well balanced sauce, and the crispy and creamy bed of taro. My wife and baby, who are huge taro puff lovers, will surely love this dish!


Taro Jelly (Php 168) and Layered Coffee Jelly (Php 168)

I was super stuffed after all the dim sum, Peking duck, and country style menu favorites. However, I still needed some room for dessert. I had to have room because these were not only beautiful, both desserts were also really good palate cleansers. I enjoyed the different textures and contrasting flavors present in both desserts. Why have one when you can have both, right?


My first time at Jasmine was really memorable! I enjoyed the company of my fellow foodies, met new friends, and of course, the food. I will definitely come back with my wife and baby to try out the unlimited dim sum because we are really huge dim sum fans. Maybe if there’s a super special occasion, I would come back with a bigger group, preferably our families, and feast on their Chinese Country Style favorites. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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Level 2, New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza Street Corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, San Lorenzo, Makati City

+632 811 6888

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:30am to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 10:30pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 2000 php for two

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