[Makati EATS] Mediterranean Cuisine at Extra Virgin – Milano Residences


New, different, remarkable. These words pop in mind whenever we are searching for a dining spot. Being a food-loving family, we always like to try restaurants that we haven’t been to or restaurants that are really new. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about this interesting restaurant that we recently discovered. Why interesting? Well, the name, it being a hidden gem, and the story behind the chef is something worth sharing. Keep reading and learn more about Mediterranean Cuisine at Extra Virgin – Milano Residences. Enjoy!

Extra Virgin at Milano Residences!


A hidden gem because it can be found in a not-so-usual dining spot that people are familiar with. Extra Virgin is located at the Ground Floor of Milano Residences. Milano Residences is a residential building at the back of Century City Mall. Who would’ve thought that there is a good restaurant behind the famous mall?





High-ceiling, glass windows and a cozy ambiance fit for families and friends who are looking for a relaxing dining spot. The wife of the chef personally planned the interior of the restaurant. We were also told that they are still planning to add more details to elevate the interior.

The man behind the Extra Virgin… Chef Marky!


As we were devouring the different dishes made by him, we got to learn about his culinary journey as well. He is a robotic engineer by profession but a plate of Cannoli during one of his travels abroad changed his destiny. Since then, he decided to shift into doing what he really loves—cooking. Having French and European cuisines as an inspiration, Chef Marky takes his passion to a different level, hence, opening a restaurant of his own. Extra Virgin, focuses on Mediterranean cuisine with locally sourced ingredients, to support sustainability and incorporating different techniques in preparing every dish.

Time to EATSperience what Extra Virgin has to offer!

Kissable Lips
Php 330

Overnight marinated salmon with dill and beetroot, served with a hint of zest  – This came in surprisingly lovely! It even had an apple smoke to further enhance the EATSperience. The salmon tasted really good and its texture was spot on. Great technique and finesse on this starter!

Wrecking Ball
Php 240

Breaded risotto balls filled with ragù and cheese – Mr. Eats’ hands down favorite! The best arancini ever! Crispy, creamy, and super tasty. Every component worked perfectly in creating these amazing risotto balls. Not to mention, value for money, too!


Lip-Smacking Ball
Php 260

100% pure beef meatballs cooked with secret blend of spices served with red wine reduction sauce – Baby Eats’ favorite! These meatballs were not only delicious and extremely juicy, it was also kid-approved by our Baby Beanie! Awesome stuff, Chef Marky!

Truffle Pasta
Php 400

Truffle mushroom paste delicately cooked with cream – This truffle pasta by Chef Marky was really big in truffle flavor! A certified favorite of Mrs. Eats! If you love anything with truffle, then you will surely fall in love with this pasta dish. No shortcuts here, just pure love and amazing taste! Well done!

Pork Crackling
Php 390

Porchetta with really crunchy skin paired with onion confit and apple compote – This was the star of this EATSperience! Lovely tender meat on the inside and really crunchy and flavorful skin on the outside. This left us speechless. Definitely one of the best porchetta’s in town. Amazing stuff, Chef Marky!


Php 290

Dough tube shells filled with ricotta cheese and a hint of zest – The dish that turned it all around for Chef Marky! We really tasted lots of love in this cannoli. The shell was crispy and flaky. The ricotta filling was sweet and tart at the same time. The hint of zest was really refreshing. All in all, a really great ending to an unexpectedly awesome meal.


Following his passion gives him fulfillment as he is doing what he really loves. And this reflected in every dish that we have EATSperienced. Upon tasting each dish, we felt that everything was prepared from scratch and was indeed, well-executed.  A hidden gem at the other side of Poblacion, that serves up good tasting food. So if you are in the Poblacion area but wants a relaxing time to dine, head on over to Extra Virgin and EATSperience Chef Marky’s great tasting dishes. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Extra Virgin

Ground Floor, The Milano Residences, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati

+63917 526 3702 / +63956 948 2635

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

4:00pm to 12:00mn (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000 php for two

Extra Virgin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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