[Diamond Hotel Philippines] Filipino Culinary Pride by Chef Sau and Chef Miko


We love love love anything all-you-can-eat especially a Filipino-themed one. Just recently, we were blessed to have EATSperienced an all-you-can-eat buffet that has been made extra special by two amazing homegrown chefs, Chefs Sau del Rosario and Miko Aspiras. Two culinary powerhouses in a once in a lifetime feast for everyone to EATSperience. The buffet is called “Filipino Culinary Pride” at Corniche in Diamond Hotel Philippines. This food festival that runs until the 1st of July is a great reminder of how Filipino food and Filipino chefs can actually be world-class. We hope you are all as excited as we are because here goes our Filipino Culinary Pride by Chef Sau and Chef Miko EATSperience, enjoy!

Filipino Culinary Pride at Corniche – Diamond Hotel Philippines!




It was very festive inside Corniche! Lots of different Filipino fiesta decors all over the place and it really showed how we should all be proud about the richness of our culture especially our food.

Chef Sau’s savory dishes!

Chef Sau del Rosario, who is a proud Kapampangan, prepared an extensive spread of famous Kapampangan dishes that combine the traditional and modern techniques and flavors. His savory creations are truly something to be proud of! If you haven’t tried any of his signature dishes, now is the perfect time to EATSperience his culinary awesomeness!


This Arugula with Citrus Watermelon Salad is a great way to start off an EATSperience at the Filipino Culinary Pride. It’s refreshing, delicious, and colorful. Aside from this lovely salad, Chef Sau also prepared a Green Mango Salad and a Paku with Kesong Puti Salad for everyone to enjoy.


Sinigang Flan for a change! This one was really interesting. It was our first time to see our favorite sinigang in this form. Good thing, it still tasted pretty much the same but just in a more beautiful presentation.


The super vibrant, tasty, and silky smooth Tamales Pampangueña of Chef Sau was one of the dishes that we really made sure to try!


Ox Tongue with Mushrooms! This lengua rendition of Chef Sau was one of the best lengua dishes we have ever had. These cubes of tender ox tongue were so superb we had to come back for more. Definitely one of those dishes that would make anyone eat more rice than usual. Awesome stuff, Chef Sau!


The Bringhe, considered to be the Kapampangan version of the Arroz Valenciana, is a famous Kapampangan delicacy that features glutinous rice cooked with meat and or seafood. Of course, we enjoyed Chef Sau’s version of it. We loved that it was still very flavorful without being too heavy. It was just right to fill up one’s tummy!


The savory spread of Chef Sau also featured the Duck Adobo dish. Something new for us pork adobo-loving people. It seemed to be fattier and tastier than the usual pork adobo which was surprisingly delish!


What’s a Filipino feast without lechon, right? Well, Chef Sau prepared not one, not two, but THREE kinds of stuffed lechon bellies to represent the flavors of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! This particular lechon belly is the Visayan Chili Mango. Sweet and spicy lechon belly for the win! For Luzon there’s Lechon Buru and for Mindanao there’s Malagos Chevre and Cocoa Lechon Belly.


Probably THE BEST DISH of the Filipino Culinary Pride Food Festival, Chef Sau’s Crispy Bagnet Macadamia Kare-Kare! It doesn’t get any better than this. The crispy bagnet on its own was already a delight to have. Crispy, tender, and fatty! The macadamia kare-kare is more than just an “extra rice” sauce, it’s an EATSperience on another level. It was creamy, fragrant, rich, savory, and all the good things any foodie can describe. Chef Sau’s innovation of a Kapampangan culinary treasure will surely make anyone just stop and appreciate its greatness.

Chef Miko’s lovely desserts!

Chef Miko Aspiras is one of the best young pastry chefs in the country. His out of this world dessert creations are probably some of the best you can have here in the Philippines. Never ever miss the chance of trying out his fruit-inspired desserts at the Filipino Culinary Pride!


The Dayap is made from coconut mousse with dayap (aka Filipino key lime) curd in praline cocos. Sweet, tangy, and refreshing! A great palate cleanser after all the savory dishes.


The Mangga is mango mousse with passion fruit and mango sauce with mango coulis dipped in gourmet glaze. This was Mrs. Eats’ favorite! The mango-lover in her just couldn’t resist this amazing work of culinary art!


The Grape Choux was like a cream puff made a thousand times yummier and more visually appealing! Awesome stuff, Chef Miko!


Quezo de Bola Macarons! This is definitely Mr. Eats’ favorite. It wasn’t overly sweet, the crunch from the shells was awesome, and the flavor of the filling was heavenly. It was suddenly Christmas in June!


Chef Miko just made this Diamond Hotel favorite a HUGE upgrade! This was probably the most gigantic ensaymada we have ever seen and eaten. We loved it because it was big in both size and flavor. Also, because it had ube!


The Cherry is the crowd favorite! It looks even more beautiful in person. This lovely dessert is made with layers of chocolate sponge, cherry mousse, and cherry Chantilly. In case you were wondering, this was Chef Miko’s version of the Filipino party favorite, the Black Forest. Amazing, huh?

Watch the highlights video of our Filipino Culinary Pride EATSperience!

Are you hungry yet? Well, in our opinion, you really shouldn’t miss this once in a lifetime EATSperience. Chef Sau and Chef Miko working alongside each other to celebrate Filipino Culinary Pride  is definitely a must try. For only Php 2,780 nett per person, you will get to enjoy amazing Filipino culinary creations by the renowned chefs together with Corniche’s staple stations. If you want to save up a few hundreds of pesos, you may purchase online vouchers for only Php 1,900 nett per person. The Filipino Culinary Pride Food Festival is only until July 1, 2018, hurry and book a table right now!

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Filipino Culinary Pride at the Diamond Hotel Philippines

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