10 Ronin – Japanese Food for the Filipino Taste


Hello everyone! It’s great to have another EATSperience with our friends from the Kain Tulog Gang (KTG). It’s been a long time since we last went out on a food trip and it felt great to eat and chat with them again. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing our 10 Ronin -Japanese Food for the Filipino Taste EATSperience. Yes, 10 Ronin prides itself for Japanese food with a Filipino twist. You can expect some really famous Japanese dishes cooked with famous Filipino ingredients and techniques. If you are into exciting fusion dishes and affordable barkada-friendly dishes, make sure you keep on reading because you might find the right restaurant for your next Japanese-Filipino cravings.

Welcome to 10 Ronin!



Thanks to Eric and Jaz Yap of http://ericjazfoodies.blogspot.com/ for inviting us and our KTG family over to have a chillaxing lunch. Moving on to the place, 10 Ronin is easy to find through Waze and Google Maps. If you are an old school driver or commuter, it is just along Chino Roces Ave. corner Montojo. Just look for the black and pink sign on the left side of the street and you are at 10 Ronin.



The place is pretty chill. Japanese decors and anime all over the place. It would be advisable to dine here at night because the place doesn’t have an airconditioning system. We enjoyed watching what’s happening in their kitchen through their open counter. Every once in a while, it’s still nice to see what’s happening to the food that you eat, right? The smell from the kitchen was incredibly appetizing, too. And that leads to the most important part of our 10 Ronin EATSperience… the FOOD!!!

Ready for 10 Ronin’s JaPinoy Food?


Spicy Tuna with Tempura Batter Flakes
Php 175
Ronin Adobo Flakes Maki
Php 125

Look at those toppings! Who wouldn’t want to dig in right away, right? Each sushi roll were huge in size, enough to fill-up a hungry stomach, and both kinds had generous amount of fillings and toppings. The Spicy Tuna with Tempura Batter Flakes caught us by surprise because we felt the heat slowly crawl in our mouths, and the freshness of the tuna was on point. Our favorite, on the other hand was the Ronin Adobo Flakes Maki. Perfectly cooked adobo flakes and a fusion that worked really well. For how much it was priced, their sushi rolls are promising!

Bagnet in Japanese Curry
Php 195
Corned Crispy Pata
Php 450

Two Filipino favorites infused with a Japanese twist. The aroma of the curry from the Bagnet Curry was so strong that it made us want to have a cup of rice to go with it. We loved that the bagnet had more meat than fat, that it absorbed the curry sauce really well. As for the Corned Crispy Pata, a lot of cooking techniques were used to execute this dish. The tender and juicy meat was covered with a perfectly crispy skin. The sauce was a surprise, because we were expecting the usual soy sauce-based dip, but 10 Ronin had one similar to a fiesta ham glaze. Which worked really well for us. Awesome stuff, 10 Ronin!

Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen
Php 240
Mix Tempura Platter
Php 220

We love love love tempura! We liked that their tempura was not greasy and that it had a variety of different vegetables and of course, the plump prawns. The Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen had a common factor that made this fusion work. Kimchi and sinigang are both sour and the spicy flavor added to it was a good complement. This ramen is definitely good for sharing.

Ronin US Beef Tapa Gyudon
Php 145

10 Ronin’s Ronin US Beef Tapa Gyudon was a hands down favorite! Sweet and garlicky gyudon strips cooked perfectly. With a sunny side-up egg cooked just the way we like it—runny yolk that oozingly flowed on the beef and the rice.  This is a must-try and we will surely come back for this! This rice bowl was Baby Eats approved!

Azuki Matcha Cake
Php 150

Now time for dessert! Fluffy and moist cake with just the right Matcha flavor, not too strong and not too sweet. They also have a Japanese Cotton Candy Cheesecake priced at Php150.


It was another fun EATSperience with our KTG family. We loved how good and affordable the dishes are here at 10 Ronin. Given that they serve Japanese food with legit quality, the prices are budget-friendly. A perfect place for barkada night outs, after work gimmicks and lunch or dinner spot with the family. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. ‘Till next time!

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10 Ronin

4357 Montojo Street, Santa Cruz, Makati City

+63925 807 6646

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 800 php for two

10 Ronin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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