[Holiday Inn Makati] Den Lim Takes on the City at Flavors Restaurant


Have you ever heard of the legendary Denlim’s Kitchen in San Fernando, Pampanga? The private dining EATSperience that would normally take months or even at least a year to book? If you have been wanting to EATSperience the magic of Denlim’s Kitchen for a long long time now, we have an amazing news to share with you. You don’t need to wait for a long time anymore. You don’t even need to travel all the way to Pampanga. You are in luck because this most raved about EATSperience is available in Manila from now until October 19, 2017. You will be able to take on this one of a kind gastronomic EATSperience at the Holiday Inn Makati as Den Lim Takes on the City at Flavors Restaurant. Keep on reading to find out more about our memorable EATSperience of Chef Den’s awesome lineup of Kapampangan dishes right at the heart of Makati.

Den Lim Takes on the City at Flavors Restaurant!




Thanks to the management of Holiday Inn Makati, diners in the city will be able to EATSperience their wonderful dishes together with Chef Den Lim’s masterpieces until October 19, 2017 for only price of Php 1,818 nett per person. That’s already a bargain when you think about the quality of dishes that you will be EATSperiencing. Expect a lot of rich Filipino-Spanish dishes that will surely make you forget about whatever diet you are currently in. Whatever you do, make sure you try every dish made out of Chef Den’s playbook. We guarantee that you will surely love them all.

Let’s EAT Chef Den’s Kapampangan Food!

Begukan Binagoongan

The aroma, taste, and tenderness of the pork in Chef Den Lim’s binagoongan had us wanting to have more rice than usual because it was just right. The bagoong (shrimp paste) flavor was strong yet it was not too salty.

Lengua de Crema

A dish of Hispanic origin that was well-executed by Chef Den Lim. His version of Lengua de Crema was simply irresistible (we had at least 5 slices each). Tender slices of ox tongue cooked in a sweet and creamy sauce.


Another dish of Spanish influence. A serving of Chef Den Lim’s Callos was so comforting to eat (perfect with Flavors’ freshly-baked bread). The tripe was cooked perfectly (super tender and smelled really good) and the chorizo gave this dish a lot of flavor and smokiness.

Old Fashioned Beef Mechado

This Old Fashioned Beef Mechado made us feel so at home. A perfect blend of salty and tangy flavors complemented the perfectly cooked beef that really was melt-in-your-mouth. We were so impressed because the enormous chunks of beef were super tender and oozing with flavor. If you ever chance upon having this when you visit, make sure to get loads of this lovely dish because it’s certainly one of the best beef mechados you will ever have.


Pugon Liempo


Hands down the BEST part of this EATSperience. Look at that crispy skin and juicy meat waiting to be devoured. Chef Den Lim has probably perfected the art of roasting pork bellies to say the least. The crunch when they were slicing this baby was echoing across the buffet spread as if it was calling your name saying, “Eat me, eat me…” It was simply too good to be true. The buro (fermented rice with pork but normally with shrimp or fish) was just the perfect complement to the lightly seasoned pugon roasted pork belly. TIP: Get some lettuce, top it off with a thin slice of pork belly, spread some buro, and finish things off with a slice of tomato. Then, thank us later.



Chef Den just cooked pasta for us! 😀
Pasta Corrito

Having a taste of this pasta dish was one for the books! As the chef himself, Chef Den Lim prepared and cooked our Pasta Corrito, which was by the way, named after his wife. A seafood pasta dish cooked in seafood brine, topped with prawns, mussels, squid and capers. The seafood brine made it really really flavorful. A burst of flavors with the natural sweetness from the seafood and a hint of zestiness had us wanting more.


Knowing how hard it is to get a reservation in Chef Den Lim’s restaurant, and having been able to catch him here in Manila was an EATSperience of a lifetime. So, if you have been planning to eat at his restaurant in Pampanga, this is one good news for you. Catch Chef Den Lim and his amazing dishes at the Holiday Inn Makati until October 19, 2017. The food selection in the buffet spread has a rotation, so expect changes. Again, priced at Php 1,818 nett, you will get to have a taste of Chef Den Lim’s dishes together with the buffet spread Holiday Inn offers. Instead of waiting for a few months, take this once in a lifetime opportunity now by making a reservation as soon as you can because tables are filling up really fast. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. ‘Till next time!

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