LUZVIMINDA Gastronomical Fusion at F1 Hotel Manila


F1 Hotel Manila has just recently launched its annual Filipino Food Feast called LUZVIMINDA, with a theme of Gastronomical Fusion featuring guest chefs, Mikel Zaguirre, Dennis Uy, and Kalel Chan. The three guest chefs will cook up some of the best dishes from The Philippines’ 3 major island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Of course, F1 Hotel’s very own Executive Chef, Decker Gokioco is leading the pack in creating amazing Filipino dishes with their own unique twists. Trying out different cuisines will always excite us, but Filipino food always remains first. And this gastronomical fusion had us really excited, as we were looking forward to the creative Filipino dishes of the chefs. Dishes that celebrate the culture and heritage of The Philippines from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Join us as we EATSperience what LUZVIMINDA Gastronomical Fusion at F1 Hotel Manila has to offer in this edition of EATSplorations, enjoy!

Welcome to F All Day Dining of F1 Hotel Manila!




LUZVIMINDA Gastronomical Fusion can be enjoyed by everyone at F All Day Dining for lunch and dinner from June 9 to 30, 2017. This celebration of Filipino food features starters, mains, and dessert from all over The Philippines. Thanks to the expertise of the guest chefs and F1 Hotel’s very own culinary team, F All Day Dining has been transformed into one huge venue for everyone to enjoy all the different flavors of The Philippines. Without further ado, here are the dishes that we loved at LUZVIMINDA, enjoy!

Top 3 Picks from Luzon by Chef Mikel!

Adobong Short Ribs sa Gata

One of the best dishes of this whole EATSperience! We both love adobo so much and this one just made us love it even more. Creamy, aromatic, and the short ribs was super tender. Well done, Chef Mikel!

Crispy Pata Roulade

Boneless crispy pata! Yes, it’s crispy pata but BETTER. An innovative take on one of the staples during a celebration. This is simply a pork-lovers’ delight.

Lumpiang Sisig

The offspring of sisig and lumpiang shanghai (fried spring rolls). This is a fried food genius! We loved the crunch of the sisig and the crispy wrapper from every bite. Perfect for a beer-drinking session with friends.

Top 3 Picks from Luzon by Chef Dennis!

KBL – Kadyos, Baboy, at Langka

First time to try KBL (a popular Ilonggo dish) and we loved it! The huge chunks of tender and smoky pork was complemented perfectly by the nutty kadyos and aromatic langka.

Cochinillo de Cebu

Roast Suckling Pig. Nuff said. That’s how heavenly this pig was! Awesome stuff, Chef Dennis!

Humba Cebuano

One of the top dishes at LUZVIMINDA! We enjoyed the fatty and meaty pork belly slices simmered in an aromatic sea of sweet soy sauce. This lovely dish from Cebu made us say, “Extra rice, please!”

Top 3 Picks from Luzon by Chef Kalel!

Roast Beef Rendang

Fragrant with a little bit of spice. Extremely meaty and juicy. Chef Kalel’s Roast Beef Rendang can give the traditional Malay dish a run for its money!

Chicken Piyanggang

This dish looked pretty spicy and it sure was! However, it also had a great blend of beautiful flavors that truly represent Mindanao. This certainly is one of the tasty surprises of this EATSperience.

Curacha with Coconut Milk Aligue

Of course, curacha from Sulu and Zamboanga! Its sweet flesh was made even better by the creamy and rich combination of coconut milk and crab fat.

Chef Decker and F1’s very own specialties!

Local Seafood (mussels are best eaten when baked with cheese and shrimps are best eaten when cooked in butter and garlic)

The baked mussels we had were so plump, juicy, and extremely cheesy!

Salmon in Phyllo Pastry and Lato Tempura

Lovely cook on the salmon! The lato (seaweed or sea grape) tempura was such a delight to have too.

Inihaw na Liempo at Pusit

Filipino Food won’t be complete without grilled meat and seafood. F1 Hotel’s chefs does the best inihaw na liempo! We love the sweet and salty marinade that they use in making the lovely cuts of pork belly so delicious. No sauce needed.


Ube Otap Napoleones
Grilled Ensaymada
Kamote Fries with Caramel

The dessert spread had a wide variety as well. However, we were only able to take a few photos as we were excited to indulge. Our favorites were the kamote fries with caramel and the brazo de mercedes. The caramel sauce with the kamote fries was not too sweet which was enjoyable to eat, because the kamote fries itself had its own sweet coating already. As for the brazo de mercedes, it was light and fluffy and the cream had a langka flavor that made it refreshing.


That was one Filipino food feast in time for the celebration of Independence Day! It felt like we went on a food tour around the Philippines in a span of 2 hours. We do have our favorites but we loved all the dishes. This LUZVIMINDA Gastronomical Fusion at F1 Hotel Manila is worth raving about. Up until the 30th of June, have your tables reserved and savor the creativity these young chefs have created to serve Filipino food in an innovative way. You still have a lot of time to EATSperience LUZVIMINDA at one of Manila’s underrated hotel buffets, F1 Hotel Manila’s F All Day Dining. We guarantee that your tummies will have a grand time. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Happy 119th year of independence, Pilipines!

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LUZVIMINDA Gastronomical Fusion at F1 Hotel Manila

Inquiries and Reservations: +632 928 9888 or +632 908 7888

Period: June 9-30, 2017, available during Lunch and Dinner

Price: Php 1,699 nett

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