Sunnies Cafe – SM Megamall

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

We are back with a new EATSperience! Another first for us in terms of restaurants to try this 2016. This EATSperience is all about Sunnies Cafe in SM Megamall. This is the second branch of Sunnies Cafe, the first one is located in Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. We were really looking forward to trying out Sunnies Cafe. We have heard and read a lot about it and that made us really interested to find out first-hand what it really is all about. We know Sunnies as the brand that sells lots of different hip and trendy sunglasses. It was kind of surprising for us when they started Sunnies Cafe. At first, we were like why? Will their food be able to measure up to the kind of shades they produce? Or is it just going to be a photogenic cafe with so so food? We found out the answer but you got to keep reading to find out. We won’t keep you waiting because it already took us almost a month to finally be able to write about our EATSperience. So, here goes our Sunnies Cafe EATSperience!

Welcome to Sunnies Cafe – SM Megamall!

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall


Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

Sunnies Cafe Megamall was a feast for the senses! We almost forgot that we were in one of the busiest malls in the Metro. The place was as lovely as it can get. The only thing missing was the beach or a swimming pool to complete the EATSperience. The place reminded us of beachfront cafes, perfect for breakfast conversations and sunset chill out sessions with our favorite drinks.

Baby Eats and Her Bread from Chef Ron

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

Right from the get go, Sunnies’ Sous Chef approached us and asked what can he get for our Baby Eats. We were impressed right away, because if he knew how to attend to a baby, what more to adults like us, right? So, we just asked for any bread that will be soft enough for our teething baby and he delivered within a couple of minutes. Of course, Baby Eats enjoyed their slice of bread as you can see from the photo above. Thanks, Chef Ron!

Let the EATING begin!

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall


Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Prosciutto Burrata
(grilled pears, burrata, garden-fresh tomatoes, prosciutto, and arugula)
Php 330
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Salmon Poke Quinoa
(spicy raw salmon, avocado, mixed greens, quinoa, pickled red onions, seaweed, and citrus ponzu dressing)
Php 280

[Mr. Eats] Both salads were refreshing and super appetizing. I am not a big fan of veggies (Mrs. Eats knows that) but these two were great in their own green way. Surprisingly, even though I love burrata, I prefer the Salmon Poke Quinoa more because of its Asian flavor. I loved the taste of the spicy salmon and citrus ponzu dressing mixed together with all the healthy ingredients.

[Mrs. Eats] After giving birth, one of the things that I looked forward to was being able to eat salads again. These two salads had my favorites in it. One was the burrata cheese and the other was the salmon. I loved that it had different types of fresh greens and each gave me a unique flavor to remember. Definitely a must-try for healthy eating diners!

Small Plates…

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Crispy Tacos
(asada steak, fried quail eggs, homemade crispy parmesan taco shells, and cilantro cream sauce)
Php 270
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Fried Goat Cheese Squares
(basil garlic pesto, chili jam)
Php 280

[Mr. Eats] The Fried Goat Cheese Square looked like huge slices of tofu but extremely cheesy. As for the tacos… I didn’t believe the Crispy Tacos hype until I was able to try it. Thanks for proving me wrong, Sunnies Cafe. I really thought it would be so so but, I was wrong. The Crispy Tacos were the bomb! Yes, from the crispy (a tad salty but still…) parmesan shell down to the sweet and tasty asada steak, up until the rich fried quail eggs and light cilantro cream sauce, IT WAS ALL FILLED WITH AWESOMENESS!

[Mrs. Eats] What I liked about Sunnies Cafe is how innovative their Chef is when it comes to serving good food to their diners. This Crispy Taco using parmesan cheese as a shell was an awesome creation. However, it was a bit too salty for my taste. But the asada steak and quail eggs were delicious! The Fried Goat Cheese Squares were cooked perfectly! The chili jam and basil garlic pesto complemented its cheesiness. Something that I would definitely try again when we come back.

All-Day Brunch…

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Chicken and Pancake
(country-style fried chicken, buttermilk ricotta pancake, truffled sunny-side up egg, and spiced maple syrup)
Php 260
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Steak and Eggs
(sous vide hanger steak, homemade gravy, sunnies taters, tomato, eggs your way)
Php 390

[Mr. Eats] Things got yummier and yummier as we went on this EATSperience. The Chicken and Pancake was huge! The serving size alone was enough to impress a big eater like me. For only 260 pesos, we got a fluffy pancake and a huge fried chicken quarter that was SUPER CRISPY and EXTREMELY JUICY and TASTY. The Steak and Eggs was another value for money Sunnies Cafe dish. 390 pesos for a plate of perfectly cooked steak and more? Yes, yes and yes! You will think it’s way more expensive than what it was priced because of how great it is. Believe me.

[Mrs. Eats] These two dishes will surely brighten you up when you eat it,  at any given time of the day! Fried Chicken is usually paired with a waffle when it comes to one of the breakfast staples. But Sunnies showed their innovative take on it. I’m pretty sure that Pancake lovers, just like me, would love to have this. Juicy and not oily Fried Chicken paired with a soft and fluffy pancake plus sunny side up egg, this—will fill-up a hungry tummy! As for the Steak and Eggs, the steak was cooked perfectly and I loved the potatoes and the tomatoes that went with it.

Pasta and Main Course…

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Spicy Pomodoro
(linguini, mixed seafood, white anchovies, lemon and parsley)
Php 270
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Baked Squid Ink Lasagna
(crispy calamares, creamy cheese sauce, homemade tomato jam, and basil oil)
Php 360
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Pot Roast Short Rib
(USDA braised short ribs, roasted bone marrow, creamy mashed potatoes, and pickled shallots)
Php 380
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Pan-Seared Miso Salmon
(miso-glazed salmon, simple salad, and scallion brown rice)
Php 470

[Mr. Eats] Spicy Pomodoro was indeed spicy, lots of seafood, and filling. I enjoyed it because of its spicy yet still flavorful pomodoro sauce. The Squid Ink Lasagna was great! I loved its uniqueness and CHEESINESS! I wish it had more calamari to balance things out with its crispy and light batter. The Pan-Seared Miso Salmon was perfectly cooked. Loved the sweet and salty miso glaze too. It was a great complement to the freshness of the salmon. In my opinion, the best of all three dishes was the Pot Roast Short Rib. Loved the creamy mashed potatoes together with the almost melt in your mouth braised short rib. Don’t forget the rich and sinful bone marrow! Simply the best!

[Mrs. Eats] Among the 4 mains that we have tried, my favorites were the Pan-Seared Miso Salmon and the Pot Roast Short Rib. The pan-seared salmon was perfectly paired with the scallion brown rice. The naturally sweet flavor from the salmon smothered with the flavorful miso glaze made every bite a delight. On the other hand, the Pot Roast Short Rib, had me at my first bite! I fell in love with it! Tender beef sitting on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes was pure bliss. The bone marrow was indeed a treat! I highly recommend these 2 dishes when you dine at Sunnies Cafe.

Milkshakes and Desserts…

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Salted Caramelsutra, KimYe (Cookies and Cream), and Gingerbread
Php 190 each
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie
(oreo-crusted pie, fresh bananas, silky cream filling, whipped cream)
Php 340
Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall
Sunnies Funfetti
(creamy tres leches cake, whipped cream, salted caramel ice cream, and birthday sprinkles)
Php 290

[Mr. Eats] Thanks again to my wife for opening my eyes to the world of sweets! Yes, I now love desserts and milkshakes. Good thing Sunnies Cafe has lots of them! My favorites of this EATSperience were the KimYe Milkshake and Sunnies Funfetti. The KimYe tasted really like Oreo! Super creamy and delicious. I love Oreo and Sunnies Cafe just made me love it even more because of the KimYe! The Sunnies Funfetti might be scary for the lactose intolerant me, but all it took was one bite. One bite to keep going and going and going! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! One of the best dessert creations of 2016 in my book. It might look really simple for some, but the Sunnies Funfetti was extremely delicious. You have to try it out!

[Mrs. Eats] Thankful that my husband love desserts already. I get to share with him the calorie intake! I have come to a conclusion that Sunnies Cafe serve good food from starters all the way to desserts! Milkshakes make me giddy! All were really creamy and the quality of ingredients used were really good, that made each shake taste superb! My favorite among the 3 was the Salted Caramelsutra. Between the Sunnies Funfetti and Black Bottom Cream Pie, my favorite was the Sunnies Funfetti. Fluffy, flavorful cake, bathed in milk. Amazing!

Sunnies Cafe SM Megamall

We absolutely enjoyed our Sunnies Cafe EATSperience! Thanks to the wonderful crew for the amazing service and food. We loved the fact that they were attentive not just to our needs but also to our baby’s. The bread, the high chair and the simple “hi and hello baby” of everyone made this EATSperience memorable for our whole family. If you are looking for a place where good and reasonably priced food, and beautiful ambiance meet, try Sunnies Cafe! You will surely love it. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Sunnies Cafe

Second Floor, Bridgeway, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City


+632 718 1862

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Operating Hours:

10:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 500-1000 php for two

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