Tokyo Tokyo – Umami Pork Ribs

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs

Hello everyone! It’s the season of giving and eating once again. Every time the Holiday Season is upon us, we always look forward to EATSperiencing things that we don’t usually do on a regular basis. For example, we get to splurge on shopping for new things, have get togethers with friends and family whom we rarely see, and many more. Of course, reunions and gatherings won’t be complete without having something special to eat. However, the price of good food may sometimes stop us from enjoying, right? Good thing for people like us who follows a budget—Tokyo Tokyo has recently launched a special menu targeted towards the goodness of this season without being over the top. That is their newest—Umami Pork Ribs! Yes, Pork Ribs! The name of the dish may intimidate you but in this EATSperience of ours, you will find out what makes it special and if it’s worth every peso that you spend. Let’s keep going so that you can EATSperience Tokyo Tokyo’s Umami Pork Ribs!

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs

We visited Tokyo Tokyo right after work and ordered a couple of sets of the Umami Pork Ribs (yes, we were too hungry to share one). To our surprise, the pork ribs looked really good in person. It really looked like the ones that we have seen all over our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Not to mention, its aroma was super appetizing too! The Umami Pork Ribs had beautiful grill marks to begin with and lucky for us diners, Tokyo Tokyo puts lots of the Teriyaki Glaze to make sure that every single bite is filled with flavor. Before we get carried away, can this special bento set live up to our expectations? Keep reading to find out!

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs
Umami Pork Ribs Set
Php 225 (235 in some stores) ala carte / Php 280 (290 in some stores) complete bento set

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs

[Mr. Eats] The pork-lover in me was so happy when I found out about this latest offering of Tokyo Tokyo! I love anything pork and anything grilled, so when I saw a photo of this on my Instagram feed, I told my wife right away, “We need to try it!” To cut the long story short, I was really happy about the Umami Pork Ribs. Not only because it tasted really good, but it was also super tender and a fall-off-the bone kind of ribs. It was also pretty affordable. At 225 pesos ala carte or like what we ordered 280 pesos for the whole set, I came out with a happy tummy and a happy wallet too. Tasty and affordable, I couldn’t ask for more!

[Mrs. Eats] Tokyo Tokyo has always been a favorite go to place of mine when I want a variety of good food that suits my budget. And they consistently give their diners something new to try. For this holiday season, their Umami Pork Ribs fits those who want to treat their loved ones something special. What I personally liked about this is that the ribs were really tender, juicy and flavorful. And the fact that I love Teriyaki sauce and it was smothered with it and had an extra sauce on the side, it was a plus for me! 

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs

Thanks to Tokyo Tokyo for continuously adding on to their already packed menu! We were really happy on how they were able to execute such a difficult dish and are able to give their diners what they want during this Holiday Season. We can’t wait to drop by any Tokyo Tokyo outlet once again to have a taste of this tasty yet affordable meal! Don’t forget to tell us about your Umami Pork Ribs EATSperience. We are looking forward to hearing about it. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

Tokyo Tokyo


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