Filipino Comfort Food by Bayani Gourmet


Hello, everyone! We hope all of you are doing well, safe, and healthy. Thank you for reading our recent blog posts featuring some of the most recent EATSperiences that we’ve had at home. As you know, we are still being very careful and have not yet tried dining in a restaurant since the quarantine period started this March. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing our Filipino Comfort Food by Bayani Gourmet. Bayani Gourmet is an online comfort food delivery that is based at the Luna Cafe Members Only in BGC, Taguig. They offer a wide array of Filipino dishes that are available for solo, sharing, and party trays. Keep on reading if you are looking for something new to try today or for any family or office celebrations!

Filipino Comfort Food by Bayani Gourmet!


That’s the spread that we got from Bayani Gourmet! Four fantastic dishes and their housemade iced tea. This feast is probably good for 5-6 and we ate all of it for lunch, dinner, and lunch the following day. That’s how much food it was! Very grateful. 🙂


Spanish Meatless Meatloaf (Php 470 solo / Php 750 for sharing)

Loved the flavors and the aroma of this meatless dish! Who says meatless is bland and boring? Maybe some but not Bayani Gourmet’s Spanish Meatless Meatloaf! It’s packed with so much flavor that we didn’t really notice it was meat-free. The texture was perfect, too! It tasted and felt like eating a real meatloaf. Well done, guys!


Baked Salmon with Crusted Aligue (Php 1,350 for 3-5 and Php 1,650 for 8-10)

This is not your usual baked salmon dish. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the aligue (crab fat) crust was just out of this world DELICIOUS! It was so hard not to stuff ourselves with it. Perfect with rice, pasta, or on its own. We don’t really care what it goes with. What’s important is that we got to eat it! Whoever created this dish, kudos to you! This dish should be on every table this Holiday Season. It’s that good.


That’s what DELICIOUS looks like!


Spaghetti Luglog (Php 420 for 3-5 and Php 700 for 8-10)

You have probably eaten or heard of the Pancit Luglog, right? Well, this one’s a first and yes, it works! Bayani Gourmet got creative on this Filipino classic by using spaghetti instead of the usual thick rice noodles. Sorry to the purists but we’re Team Spaghetti! We find spaghetti a better fit especially when it comes to absorbing all the flavors from the sauce. Aside from being really tasty, it seems lighter, too! If you love pasta/noodles and Filipino flavors, you will surely love Bayani Gourmet’s Spaghetti Luglog!


Lechon Belly (Php 1,600 for 3-5 and Php 2,100 for 8-10)

Say hello to the superstar of our first-ever Bayani Gourmet EATSperience. the Lechon Belly! This is by far the best lechon belly we have ever had in our 6 years of blogging. I know we have our old favorites and we probably said the same thing before, too. But man, Bayani Gourmet’s Lechon Belly is not just filled with so many Filipino herbs and spices, it also has an extremely crispy skin that’s to die for! Another thing that we loved about it was that it has been scored before it was rolled. Why? Simply because the seasoning goes inside more which makes the lechon belly even more delicious. This one just has perfection written all over it! Awesome stuff, Bayani Gourmet!


Pause for a moment and appreciate its beauty.


The Holiday Season is coming up and if you are planning to give your family a much-needed feast, do check out Bayani Gourmet! We were really happy with all the dishes that we tried. Every single one of them was amazing in its own way and is worth a try. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, thank you for reading our Bayani Gourmet EATSperience!  Until next time!

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Bayani Gourmet

+63917 165 3389




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