Chinese Feast at Xin Tian Di – Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria


The Mooncake Festival has just ended and we almost forgot to share our most recent Chinese feast EATSperience, hehe! Sorry about that, guys! But, it’s better later than never, right?! We are such huge Chinese food fans especially if it’s Cantonese-style. Cantonese food is probably the most popular kind of Chinese food. In our opinion, it is the most delicious one of all. Do you agree? In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about the Chinese Feast at Xin Tian Di in Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria! It’s a feast good for 10-12 persons with 12 sumptuous dishes. We hope you are hungry because, at the end of this EATSperience, you will definitely be stuffed!

Chinese Feast at Xin Tian Di – Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria!


Xin Tian Di is THE Chinese restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel in the Ortigas Center. It has been one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in town. Xin Tian Di is also home to one of the best dim sum EATSperiences in Metro Manila because of its ALL YOU CAN EAT offering at a very affordable price.


Xin Tian Di is filled with family-style dining tables each with a Lazy Susan that makes sharing dishes a lot easier. The place really emanates traditional Chinese restaurant that is very nostalgic for Chinoys like us.


The Peking Ducks await! Roastings are on display waiting to be sliced and diced. Do you Peking Duck, too?


Here’s a better look of the set up at Xin Tian Di! Red table cloth, fortune plant as a centerpiece, and all the traditional Chinese cutleries.


Before devouring the Chinese feast at Xin Tian Di, we want to introduce you to the restaurant’s main man, Chef Peter Yeung. He is the one in charge of making sure that Xin Tian Di remains consistent to his Hong Kong roots.


Before all EATSperiencing the 12 dishes, they served us some dim sum first! And as expected, it was DELICIOUS! We enjoyed all three but the hakaw or hargao still is our most favorite one of all! Plump and juicy shrimps inside a delicate dim sum wrapper. Can’t wait to try out Xin Tian Di’s ALL YOU CAN EAT dim sum next time!

Xin Tian Di offers various set menus with different dishes at different prices. We were able to EATSperience their Set Menu 1 which is priced at Php 34, 688++. Are you ready to EATSperience Xin Tian Di’s Chinese Feast? Let’s go!


Dish Number 1: Suckling Pig Combination

Right away, all the good stuff! Jellyfish, Century Egg, Soy Chicken, Beef, Charsiu, Peking Duck, and Suckling Pig, all in one huge plate. Talk about starting things the right way! As expected, the star of this dish is the Suckling Pig! Crispy skin and tender meat that’s perfectly seasoned. TIP: Make sure to ask for extra hoisin sauce to make things taste even better. It’s our go-to sauce when it comes to Chinese food!


Dish Number 2: Hot Prawn Salad with Fruit Cocktail

This is one of the best dishes of this EATSperience! Nothing beats perfectly cooked prawns in a light and sweet mayo dressing. Every bite was pure perfection! Lightly crispy on the outside and crunchy and juicy on the inside, the prawns were extremely tasty.


Dish Number 3: Seafood with Shredded Abalone and Bamboo Fungus Soup – Yin Yang Style

Look at that! We’ve never seen soup presented this beautifully. Awesome job on this one, Xin Tian Di! Good thing, it tastes as good as it looks. The soup was silky smooth and it had a great balance of flavors from all its ingredients. It was sweet, savory, and oh so refreshing!


Dish Number 4: Wok Fried Scallops

Gigantic scallops is always a yes in our book! Nothing but freshness and sweetness from the ocean. Yum, yum, yum! We definitely had a lot of scallops on this one!


Dish Number 5: Diced Beef Tenderloin with Goose Liver in Black Pepper and Sesame Soya Sauce

Super fragrant and tasty dish! We are big fans of anything beef and this one’s definitely one of them. The beef is just perfectly cooked. Extremely tender and smoky! We almost asked for some steamed rice because of this dish, hehe.


Dish Number 6: Steamed Silver Cod Fish and Wild Mushroom with Black Bean Sauce

This one’s usually a whole fish that you’d normally have to debone but good thing Xin Tian Di already did the deboning for us! All we needed to do was enjoy and appreciate its awesomeness. It was indeed a better and yummier EATSperience for us not having to worry about swallowing any fish bones, hehe. This one’s another winner! Light, fresh, savory, and earthy flavors in one great fish dish!


Dish Number 7: Stewed Sea Abalone, Sea Cucumber, and Pork Tendon with Black Mushroom and Abalone Sauce

This one’s all about textures! A little gooey, a little crunchy, and a little chewy. We, surprisingly, loved this one. Thanks to the pork tendon and abalone!


Dish Number 8: Fried Stone Crab with Salt and Pepper

Beautifully fried crabs with lots of garlic and chili! We didn’t mind getting our hands dirty on this one because it was DELICIOUS! The crabs were really fresh and the crispy garlic and fried chili were the perfect complements to it. Awesome stuff!


Dish Number 9: Braised Home Style Stuffed Chicken in Glutinous Rice

This one was so amazing! It probably took the most time to prepare and cook and it sure did pay off. Nothing but love and praise for this classic Chinese dish! The rice was perfect. The chicken and its sauce were amazing, too! We could have probably finished this dish on our own, hehe!


That’s the stuffing! The hero of this dish.


Dish Number 10: Stir-Fried Misua with Shimeji Mushroom and Veal in XO Sauce

Just in case you were wondering, a Chinese feast need not necessarily include rice. Why? Well, it’s because it has a ton of other dishes that will surely fill you up. Also, it has a noodle dish that takes the place of the rice. Why noodle? Well, we believe it’s more flavorful and filling at the same time to have it. This one’s indeed very tasty! The misua was made more delicious by the mushroom and veal, plus the spicy XO sauce.


Dish Number 11: Aloe Vera Jelly with White Fungus & Coconut Milk

After all the savory dishes, all ten of them, it’s now time for DESSERT! The first dessert of this EATSperience is this palate-cleansing cold dessert that was truly refreshing and surprisingly, not that sweet. You can choose between this or Mango Sago, and our group chose this one.


Dish Number 12: Masachi

In place of the usual Buchi, we had this! It was great to have something more interesting and unique as our last bite out of our Chinese feast at Xin Tian Di. These balls of sweet glutinous rice with crushed peanuts were pretty good! A perfect way to end a satisfying meal at Xin Tian Di! If you are looking for a place to celebrate any occasion with friends and family, make sure to check out Xin Tian Di at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel in Ortigas. They will surely satisfy each and every one of your Chinese food cravings! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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Xin Tian Di

Level 4, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas corner ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Quezon City

+632 633 7222

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm (Mon-Sat)

6:00am to 10:00am, 11:00am to 2:30pm, and 6:00pm to 10:00pm (Sun)

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