Cheesy Beef Donburi by Tokyo Tokyo Philippines


CHEESY. BEEF. DONBURI. Cheesy Beef Donburi! Yes, those three words go together, in fact, they go perfectly well together in one NEW amazing menu item from Tokyo Tokyo Philippines! There’s a new rice bowl or donburi in town and it can only be found at ALL Tokyo Tokyo branches nationwide. In this edition of EATSplorations, you will know more about the Cheesy Beef Donburi by Tokyo Tokyo Philippines! How much, what’s in it, and many many more about it, are you ready to keep on reading? Let’s go!

Cheesy Beef Donburi by Tokyo Tokyo Philippines!


Say hello to Tokyo Tokyo’s NEWEST rice bowl, the Cheesy Beef Donburi! If you are a fan of Tokyo Tokyo’s rice bowls, this might just be another super hit for everyone as it has components that a lot of us love!


Priced at Php 155 ala carte and Php 195 with a drink of your choice, Tokyo Tokyo’s Cheesy Beef Donburi is pretty affordable for a rice bowl of its kind. Diners can also avail certain upgrades like California Maki and Small Drink add Php 70, and Dessert, Soup, and Small Drink also add Php 70.


Tokyo Tokyo’s newest donburi has three highlights! On a bed of rice, it has Beef Yakiniku, Creamy Cheese Sauce and Cheese Slice, and Crispy Tempura Onion Rings. Sounds good so far?


Let’s take a closer look at one of the stars of this NEW Tokyo Tokyo offering, the Creamy Spicy Cheese Sauce! The cheese sauce with a hint of spiciness is made with one of our all-time favorites, Sriracha. Thanks to the Sriracha, the richness of the cheese sauce was cut through very nicely, giving it a great balance of amazing flavors!


For that much-needed crunch, Crispy Tempura Onion Rings on top of the cheese slice and Beef Yakiniku! We’ve always been huge fans of onion rings and anything tempura so this topping was such a delight for us.


Tokyo Tokyo’s Cheesy Beef Donburi won’t be complete without the star of this dish, the Beef Yakiniku! Sweet, savory, and really tasty beef slices that go perfectly well with the Creamy Spicy Cheese Sauce and Crispy Tempura Onion Rings. Make sure to have all three important components in one bite to EATSperience the symphony of flavors! That’s it from this edition of EATSplorations, we hope you enjoyed reading about the Cheesy Beef Donburi by Tokyo Tokyo!

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