[Dream Cruises] 5 Nights on board the World Dream


To take a little break from all of our food-related posts, I will be sharing about my Dream Cruises EATSperience last month! In the first week of June, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to go and EATSperience 5 Nights on board the World Dream by Dream Cruises. This 5-night cruise trip starts off in Hong Kong and travels all the way to Okinawa, Japan and back to Hong Kong again. In case you didn’t know about it yet, Dream Cruises is under the Genting Group together with Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises. Dream Cruises has a total of 3 cruise ships under its brand, the Explorer Dream, the Genting Dream, and the World Dream. All three ships have different routes and cater to different clienteles. Since I went on board the World Dream, I was able to visit Naha and Miyakojima in Okinawa, Japan with mostly Chinese and Southeast Asian guests. Keep on reading to find out how’s life on board the World Dream, enjoy!

Dream Cruises – 5 Nights on board the World Dream!


Say hello to the World Dream! This mega-ship has a capacity of 3,000 plus passengers and over 2,000 crew members. This currently services the Naha-Miyakojima cruise from Hong Kong and the 2-Night High Seas Cruise from Hong Kong. Since its base port is in Hong Kong, I needed to fly in first before going on board the World Dream.

World Dream Ship Tour!

Of course, I took a look around the ship so I wouldn’t get lost and also so that I know where to grab a bite, where to relax, and where to have fun. The ship was really huge and I do recommend that you book yourself a slot at one of the ship tours offered on the first day. One of the highlights of my first day was my gorgeous Stateroom with Balcony! It was really spacious, new, and has a great view of the high seas and all the ports that we stopped at.

First Full Day on board!

Time at the high seas can be a little bit boring or scary, depends on how big the waves are. Good thing for me, the seas were pretty calm and the World Dream has a lot in store for guests like me. I made sure that I enjoyed eating at the inclusive restaurants. Also, I was able to EATSperience their Hotpot Restaurant which was really awesome and comforting. I also experienced the ESC Experience Lab! It is World Dream’s VR and Gaming center. I had so much there and I recommend that you try it out yourself!

Naha, Japan Excursion!

After two nights at the high seas, we finally reached Naha, Japan. This shore excursion was all about sightseeing, shopping, and eating. It was quite rainy at first but it stopped as the night went on that’s why I was still able to eat some delicious Japanese food and buy some “pasalubong” for my loved ones. Even though Naha is a small place, it still pretty much looked like the more modern cities in Japan. It was well-developed, busy, and very beautiful. All in all, a great first Japan shore excursion EATSperience, thanks to the World Dream!

The exact opposite of my Naha EATSperience, Miyakojima was sunny all throughout! It was very hot and tropical. The highlight of this excursion was the natural beauty of the islands and nature in Miyakojima. It was such a beautiful and clean place. All in all, a very relaxing shore excursion for me!

Now, heading back to Hong Kong after all the amazing excursions, delicious food, beautiful sceneries, and so on. I had a wonderful time on board the World Dream and my EATSperiences on board were really memorable. I would like to thank my friends from Dream Cruises for having me over and for letting me EATSperience a 5-night cruise on board this majestic mega-ship! Make sure to watch all 5 videos of my World Dream EATSperience, enjoy!!!

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4 thoughts on “[Dream Cruises] 5 Nights on board the World Dream”

  1. Hello! Thank you for creating this review! Do you need to get Japan Visa to exit Naha and Miyakojima if you’re a Filipino Citizen? How did you apply for Japan Visa? Or will World Dream process it for you?


    1. Hi, Mitch! When I traveled, we didn’t need to apply for a visa to get down for the shore excursions because they have an agreement with the Japanese authorities. Best to check with your travel agent or with Dream Cruises about this as it may have already changed. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the review. I eat quite a restricted diet (very low carb). So Chinese / Asian food don’t usually work for me (no sugar, starch/thickener or any kind of flour). Are there other options at the complimentary restaurants / buffet? i.e. fried or boiled eggs (they sometimes add starch to scrambled and omelette), bacon, at breakfast, steamed/roasted/grilled meat or seafood for lunch and dinner? I am doing a 3 day chinese new year cruise with family, I will pack my own food if there is nothing for me. Thanks!

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