Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat at Novotel Manila Araneta Center


Masarap Ba? Masarap Nga! Yup, I am talking about the one, the only, Philippine Instagram sensation, MASARAP BA! Masarap Ba together with Novotel Manila Araneta Center has come up with a great collaboration that showcases some of Masarap Ba’s top local food businesses in a once in a lifetime food festival called “Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat” at Novotel Manila Araneta Center.  Just in case you haven’t heard about Masarap Ba yet, he/she/it is the account that has over 200 thousand followers on Instagram and is adored because of her honest and witty reviews of various dishes and products in and out Metro Manila. Masarap Ba’s identity is still unknown but the account is so influential that a lot of products and dishes are so famous and loved because of he/she/it. Because of the accounts strong influence, the word “Ka-kulto” or cult followers has been coined for its followers. In this edition of EATSplorations, I will also be sharing my thoughts about my favorite dishes that were created by Novotel’s chefs using the  phenomenal food products made by small and medium entrepreneurs. I will be sharing the list and some information about Masarap Ba’s Top Picks. You will also know some important things like the price of the buffet, its duration, and some promos. I hope you’re hungry because here goes my Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat EATSperience! Enjoy!

Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat at Novotel Manila Araneta Center!


I was really excited when I saw this signage, I knew right away that I was in the right place and that it was really happening, Masarap Ba x Novotel Manila Araneta Center!


There she is! Nope, not really, hehe! To my disappointment, Masarap Ba was there but nowhere to be found. Did that sound right? Hehe! Everyone, myself included, was looking for him or her in and around Food Exchange. I was really hoping to at least have a glimpse of Masarap Ba but there’s really a mystery behind it all. Who knows, we may have crossed paths during this EATSperience anyway.


The heroes of this food festival, the phenomenal local products that were included in Masarap Ba’s Top Picks! The products had peanut butter, adobo flakers, chili oil, crispy garlic, cheese, chips, cakes, sauces, and so on. Too many to mention right now but I will try to introduce them all to you later. You just need to keep on reading so that you can get to know them all, alright? Let’s keep going!


The whole Food Exchange was decked out and ready for the numerous foodies, media, bloggers, and of course, the ka-kultos! I saw lots of families who were really excited to try out various dishes that has been incorporated with the featured products. There were really a lot of people there for the Meet and Eat!


Here’s an example of Food Exchange’s really cool table set up during the event! I think all tables will be sporting their own set of Masarap Ba character reminding everyone to enjoy the food and company of fellow ka-kultos. Before I forget, the price of this once in a lifetime buffet EATSperience is only Php 1,588 nett for lunch and Php 1,688 nett for dinner. It also has various promos for ka-kultos (5% discount), graduates (FREE buffet for the graduate with two paying guests), senior citizen and PWD discount (20%), and BDO debit and credit cardholders (40%).


Food Exchange is Novotel Manila Araneta Center’s main restaurant and it serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner to both in-house and walk-in guests. It is the venue of Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat food festival from March 29-April 7, 2019. Its chefs are in-charge of cooking up dishes that will make the featured products shine even brighter. Spoiler alert: They did such an amazing job!


Chefs and cooks are ready! I am ready to show you the various dishes, too. Let’s go!

First off, Cheche’s Gourmet! I met the owners and they were really really nice. I told them how much I loved their products and how versatile and easy to incorporate everything is in our everyday kitchen lives. Salad, pizza, or pasta? Cheche’s Gourmet Tuyo creations can surely make eating more fun and delicious!


The Napolitana-style Pizza with Cheche’s Gourmet Tuyo was such a crown pleaser! It kept the chefs in the pizza station extremely busy. Awesome stuff!

Next up is Papa Bear‘s Chili Oil! The chefs of Novotel really impressed me on this one because they incorporated it with grilled barramundi and still made it oh so tasty, juicy, and with a little kick. Hands down one of my favorite collabs of this EATSperience!


This is what I was talking about previously! Just take a minute and appreciate how beautiful these skewers of fish and chili oil are.

Moving on to Beth’s Chicken Galantina! I thank the foodie gods for this because I discovered it by accident. The dish was covered and didn’t really have a name at first. But when I opened it, I was immediately struck by it’s awesome aroma and lovely looks. Didn’t think twice even though it had raisins, my mortal enemy, hehe! Glad I tried it, the best embutido I have ever had, MASARAP NGA!


Don’t pass on this Filipino fiesta favorite! It’s EXTREMELY DELICIOUS.

Finally, the famous Daddy Mikk’s Chili Crunch and Garlic Crunch! Been seeing a lot of this on Instagram but haven’t really gotten the chance to try until now and boy it is indeed worth the wait! Aglio Olio pasta with Chili and Garlic Crunch FTW! One of the best of its kind and damn I can’t wait to put it on top of anything and just enjoy its awesomeness. MASARAP NGA!


Make sure to visit the Live Pasta Station and try out Daddy Mikk’s products!

Oh yes, one of the most popular cheese spreads in town, La Petite Fromagerie‘s Truffle Cream Cheese! I don’t know how to make this one even more delicious but Novotel’s chefs pulled it off. This one was barely on display because guests from all over just kept attacking it. Yes, it was definitely one of the best of day one. Hands down. MASARAP NGA!


Forgive me for focusing on the name of the dish, hehe! But yeah, it’s the one out of focus, the Salmon Roulade with Truffle Cream Cheese. So good!

The other pie in the Pizza Station was made special with Mad Meats Bacon! Another dish that’s been flying off the heating trays every minute or so. The chefs were really racing to make Bacon and Cheese Pizza all day because a lot of guests, myself included, were just clamoring for more. Pizza is better with Mad Meats’ Bacon! MASARAP NGA!


I told you it looks and tastes so good! Great work, Mad Meats and Novotel.


The hardworking chefs at the Pizza Station of Food Exchange! Make sure to commend them and all the other chefs at the food fest. They all worked so hard in coming up with dishes that would give justice to the featured products and to Novotel’s high standards. Kudos, chefs!

FINALLY! Benedicto Kitchen‘s Roast Beef in the flesh. Hands down, the best dish of the Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat food festival. It was just so tender, fatty, fragrant, juicy, and all the good stuff. It’s good on its own, with bread, veggies, or rice. It’s just really really good! Tama si Masarap Ba, “Delubyo sa Sarap!” ang Roast Beef ng Benedictio Kitchen. MASARAP NGA!


Make sure to get this first! Believe me, you will surely love this. The best!


Sinful and delicious! Of course, a Filipino food fest won’t be complete without Sisig and Chicharon that’s why the chefs of Novotel came up with Sisig Paella and topped it with Eddy’s Old Style Chicharrones. The chicharrones were really crunchy and tasty. It was a perfect cherry on top of the delicious Novotel Sisig Paella!


Kare-Kare with Gng. Bukid‘s ZERO SUGAR Peanut Butter! Sounds so good and less guilt, right? Hehe! The taste of this dish is no laughing matter. Novotel’s Kare-Kare was made more delicious because of the creamy and natural flavor of Gng. Bukid’s Peanut Butter. Extra rice, please!


Visit the Live Asian Cooking Station for this, the Hot Indie Sauce of Buenlago Kitchen! This one is probably my number 2 or 3 dish of this EATSperience. Why? First, the Indie sauce was really really delicious. Second, the chef who stir-fried my chosen veggies and beef did such an amazing job cooking the beef to perfection while making sure that it tastes awesome, too! Please, please, please. Don’t ever leave Food Exchange without trying this out.


One of many dishes that will surely test whatever diet you are doing right now, Pumpkin in Coconut Milk with Mishee’s Binagoongan Flakes! It screams, “Extra rice!!!” I almost got rice but good thing I was able to eat this one as is. The dish was definitely enhanced by the flakes. I wish I could have added more of it, though. I think Mishee’s Binagoongan Flakes and rice alone can make a seriously deadly combination.


Tamagochips Salted Egg Potato Chips! This one has a lot of hype surrounding it on social media. I haven’t really tried it yet, hehe! But in the Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat, it was used by Novotel’s chefs as a maki topping. If you’d like to try out UNLI Tamagochips, come on over to the Food Exchange in Novotel until April 7!

The Most Famous and probably The Best Cassava Cake in the Philippines, MANGO GRILL MANILA‘s Big Cheese Cassava Cake is also included in the all-you-can-eat spread of this food festival! Yes, after all the amazing savory creations of Novotel’s chefs, guests can enjoy this really cheesy and creamy cassava cake of Mango Grill Manila. UNLIMITED!


Chocolate Dreamcake of Le Sucre Lab in the flesh! This one’s another product that took the Instagram world by storm last year. People have been having a hard time ordering this because it was really really sought after. I hate to admit it, IT’S REALLY THAT GOOD! I loved it! The top felt and tasted like ice cream and the bottom was really decadent sponge. Overall, one amazing dessert!


64% Dark Chocolate Tart from Half Saints! Sorry, Mango Grill Manila, I think I loved this by just a little bit more because I am really a chocolate-lover. SOBRANG SARAP!!! Pure chocolate awesomeness, thanks to the Auro Chocolate (another local product used and featured in this food fest, make sure to try the Auro Chocolate Mousse, sarap din!). Creamy, rich, and super decadent without being too sweet. MASARAP NGA!!!

Tiramisu from Cake Shots! If you like your cake spiked with alcohol, you will surely love this. This one’s got a little too much alcohol for me (well, I am really not a drinker) but the Tiramisu flavor is still there. Make sure to keep this away from your kids because it’s only for adults.


My Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat EATSperience has finally come to end! I had so much fun sampling all the wonderfully prepared dishes by Novotel’s amazing chefs. It was my first time dining here and I was really impressed with how good their spread is on its own. The local products from our hardworking SMEs made it even better! I hope I was able to write about each and every one of the products featured in this amazing and inspiring food festival by Masarap Ba and Novotel Manila Araneta Center. Make sure to drop by Food Exchange from now until April 7 only! Again, this all-you-can-eat EATSperience is just priced at Php 1,588 nett for lunch and Php 1,688 nett for dinner. There’s a 5% discount for ka-kultos, a FREE meal for graduates with two paying guests, and 40% off, if you are a BDO credit or debit cardholder. Punta na sa Novotel Manila Araneta Center and together, let’s support local at the Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat at Novotel Manila Araneta Center

Novotel Manila Araneta Center, General Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City 0810

For reservations, you may call: +632 990 7888

Masarap BaFacebook / Instagram

Novotel Manila Araneta CenterWebsite / Facebook / Instagram

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