Ramen Sets at Uma Uma Philippines

In a span of almost 3 years of being back here in Manila, the restaurant scene has grown a lot. People who love to eat have more options. However, not all diners are willing to spend for a certain amount for food, while some are willing to go overboard. It would really depend on the diners’ preference. But what we noticed is that most diners prefer to eat smart. What does eating smart mean? Well, from what we’ve observed, some people would like to eat good quality food that is budget-friendly. If you are keen on following a budget when eating out, restaurants with set meals or family-friendly sets are a usual go to. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about EATSperience of the Ramen Sets at Uma Uma Philippines!

Uma Uma – S Maison at Conrad


We love Uma Uma! It’s one of our go to restaurants whenever we stroll around the Mall of Asia Complex, more specifically S Maison at Conrad. Why do we love Uma Uma? Keep reading to find out!


Uma Uma gives a casual-dining vibe with interiors is mainly composed of wood and hues of red.


Uma Uma in S Maison has like a special room that is separated by a black curtain from the dining area. This special room is very interesting because this is where their Karaage Bar sits in.


We came to Uma Uma because of their ramen! But… they have other items on the menu that makes the EATSperience even more special. We learned that they have sets perfect for families or friends who come in groups.


This is the newly launched Uma Uma Family Feast at Php 1,980! This one’s good for four or even more. It will depend on how hungry your family or group is when you visit Uma Uma. The key components of this set are the 2 full-sized bowls of ramen (of your choice) and the 2 half-sized donburi (of your choice). The rest are appetizers and skewers with green tea and dessert to cap it all off.


Uma Uma RamenChasiu, Spring Onions, Black Fungus, Spicy Miso, Egg

We have been big fans of Uma Uma Ramen ever since we have tried it. We love the rich and creamy broth of their ramen. The broth is made from pork bones that goes through slow cooking for hours, with an added flavor from dried sea kelp. This Uma Uma classic is such a comforting bowl of soup. 


Garlic RamenGarlic, Chasiu, White Onions, Beansprouts, Egg, Fried Shallots

The Garlic Ramen on the other hand, has a lighter flavor yet the garlic complements the broth really well. We love their chasiu because of its flavor and because how tender and juicy their chasiu slices are.


Karaage Don

If their ramen bowls are good, their other items are surely a hit as well. Crispy, juicy and tasty Karaage drizzled with wasabi mayo, topped on hot Japanese rice. The whole EATS family enjoyed this one so much!


Chasiu Don

Since we love the chasiu slices from their ramen, the Chasiu Don was a hit for us too. This time the chasiu had a sweeter flavor to it and a dominantly char flavor as well. We also love that the chasiu has a good ratio of fat that absorbs the flavors too.


Uma Uma Ramen Weekday Set (Php 290) – Choice of Main Course (Half portion): Ramen or Donburi, Choice of Side Dish (Half portion): Signature One-Bite Gyoza or Yaki Chasiu(Grilled Pork Belly), Ice Cream with Azuki, and Green Tea

And guess what, Uma Uma has a set good for those who are out during their lunch break. The Uma Uma Ramen Weekday Set is available Mondays-Fridays from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. For only Php 290 one can have a choice of Ramen or Don Buri with a choice of side, dessert and green tea. Affordable and filling, right?


We will always be big fans of Uma Uma. Great ramen bowls, great food and good service from the staff. And we are more than excited to come back to try out the new Karaage Bar. So much to look forward to when dining at Uma Uma. So if you are in S Maison or at The Podium Mall, and you are in the mood for some ramen that is value for money, drop by Uma Uma. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Uma Uma

Branches at: S Maison and The Podium Mall

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)


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